Free Electrician Course: Online Course With Certificate

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Have you imagined the possibility of taking a free electrician course and obtaining certification? The advancement of the internet and other communication methods makes it possible. Today you can expand your skills as an electrician and add value to your business services.

At Insiderbits, we want to make it easy for you. For this reason, we provide you with the best possible information and tell you how to train for free.

Take a good free electrician course


The online study extends and updates the learning experience and provides immediate access to informational content. This free electrician course offers a self-study experience and access to structured, specialized information.

SkillCat is the platform responsible for this proposal. It is an application with study programs, business schools, and virtual simulations in different professional specialties.

All of its training programs are designed to offer theoretical teaching with practical 3D simulations. It allows the student to have academic preparation closer to the work reality.

Study modality

Like any online training, this study program has the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility and autonomy. The student learns at her own pace. Throughout the program, he decides when to study and do homework and how much time he will devote to it.
  • Accessibility from anywhere. Participants can study and access program content anywhere in the United States and the world. Well, each topic of the free electrician course is anchored to the platform. You only need an internet connection from any electronic device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Free of charge. All training is free for electrical technicians, students, or apprentices who, in particular, wish to train. On this platform, certain payment conditions only apply to companies.

Undoubtedly, Insiderbits highlights those digital proposals that generate value and contribute growth to society. For this reason, we wanted to provide you with these details.

Steps to enroll in this course

Starting the course is very simple since you only need access to the application. It would be best if you did the following:

1. Download the app

On devices with the Android operating system, the download is done from the Google Play Store. For iOS operating systems, download from the Apple Store. And, on Mac computers or Windows PCs, it can be accessed from the SkillCat platform.

2. Complete the registration form

Complete the requested information, such as name, surname, email, login password, and telephone number. Registering this data will allow you to “log in” to the app whenever possible.

Fortunately, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use application. You can choose the free electrician course and plan your study modality by browsing it.


What you will learn in the free electrician course

The content addresses knowledge at different levels of complexity. Initially, you will learn basic trade skills such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), trade math, tools, and electrical skills.

You can understand basic concepts at an intermediate level, such as established electrical codes, reading and drawing up plans, circuit elements, and residential electrical wiring. You will also know how to perform basic electric charge calculations.

The next level of the course focuses on advanced training in understanding power circuits and power equipment. In this phase, you will learn concepts about the distribution, wiring, and installation of commercial electrical services.

This free electrician course also offers content on occupational safety, service-oriented skills, and customer service. These last two contents highlight the integral nature of the training.

Practical learning

All the theoretical content is complemented with practical activities to affirm knowledge. In this program, practice is done with the help of dynamic and interactive 3D simulations. It makes the learning experience more relevant.

Plus, benefits

In addition to helping you expand your knowledge and skills as an electrician, training with SkillCat allows you to:

  • Have direct access to your employment platform. At the end of the training, you can opt for jobs in recognized HVAC companies in the country.
  • Acquire theoretical and expert knowledge to start a professional career as an electrician.

It is a valuable opportunity for those wanting to start or expand their business skills as electricians. The best thing is that you can skip paying money to participate.

Valuable information

Find out which applications are helpful for your learning, how to access free tutorials and courses, and receive information about technology. At Insiderbits, we offer you valuable information and ensure you can access it easily. Please take advantage of the content we have prepared and updated for you.


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