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With the surge of Information Technology, we have easily overlooked the importance of hardware over software. However, it is hardware that powers electronic devices in the first place.

Thus, if you look around, you will find many amazing creations in the field of electronics – TVs, fans, air conditioners, fridges, etc. So, do you want to learn the science of the electrical world which has made our lives so much easier?


Then we, at Insiderbits, are going to tell you about a free electronics course in this blog post. Read on to more about it and the steps to enroll.

Why Learn Electronics

Electronics offer a lucrative career opportunity all over the world as its fundamentals expand into various modern fields such as engineering, robotics, and IoT. Thus, upon learning its fundamentals with this course, you can then easily branch out to these growing modern technologies and be valuable in the job market.

But that is far into the future. Its value is also existent in the present because we are always around electrical items. So, knowing about them gives you an idea of using, fixing, and handling them better.

Introduction to Electronics: Course Overview

Introduction to Electronics course is hosted on Coursera – a learning platform that brings you over 5800 courses from world-class universities and companies to help you grow your career.

It was created by two professors of Georgia Institute of Technology which is currently rated as the 88th best university in the world as per the QS World University Ranking 2023. Thus, you can rest assured of the quality and value you get.

To give you an idea of its depth, understand that the course duration is approx. 46 hours even though it calls itself just an introductory course. But don’t worry. You won’t have to hurry through such a huge material because it is self-paced and can be watched at your convenience.

Another relief you would have is that it is a free electronics course for you if you only want to watch the course content. In other words, it is paid only for those who want to take its assessment and get certified.

That is why it is enrolled by over 200 thousand students all over the world and rated on average 4.7 out of 5.

This free electronics course is divided into 7 modules. Have a look at them to get an idea about what you will learn in it:

  1. Introduction and Review
  2. Op Amps Part 1
  3. Op Amps Part 2
  4. Diodes Part 1
  5. Diodes Part 2
  6. MOSFETs
  7. Bipolar Junction Transistors

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Steps to Enroll in This Free Electronics Course

Step 1: Click on the below link to go to its course page.

Enroll in this free electronics course

Step 2: Click on Enroll for Free. You can enroll anytime but start taking this course only from the mentioned start date.

Step 3: Now you will be asked to create an account. It can be done using your email, Gmail account, or Facebook account.

Step 4: Once you create an account, you will have an option to purchase the course or browse it for free.

Purchasing it will get you a certificate at the end of it and give to access to 70 assessment tests spread throughout the course.

It is affordable. But just in case you are still short of money, you can apply for financial aid. But don’t scratch your head much. You are allowed to purchase it even during your course. So, select Audit only and click Continue.

Step 5: You have got access to this course. Click on Start Learning. You may then be asked some questions about you so Coursera can provide you with better recommendations.

Step 6: Now you will be at the course dashboard. Start learning.

Free Electronics course

Free Electronics Course from Top University – Conclusion

This free electronics course has great value even if you don’t want a certificate. So, follow the steps we have just mentioned and enroll in it now.


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