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Time management courses today offer specific, handy tools for different areas of life. Whether in the work, academic, or personal sphere, these will help you manage that invaluable resource: time. This way, you can avoid wasting it unnecessarily on banal and unimportant things.

In that sense, today we compare the three most outstanding free courses on the subject on the market. We are talking about instruments developed by Alison, Great Learning, and Coursera, famous platforms in the training area, for free. So, stay with us and see what Insiderbits offers you.

Comparison between time management courses (Alison, Great Learning, and Coursera)


Generally speaking, time management courses allow you to develop an essential skill in the modern work environment. It is especially true when the demands, distractions, and interruptions are constant and can make you waste your time. In that sense, to address the matter, we will analyze the three platforms mentioned and how much they offer you.

Alison’s Course

Alison’s course focuses on helping professionals manage multiple work demands. This way, it offers practical suggestions for developing efficient routines and effectively addressing external demands. Among its critical systems, we have:

  • Organization. Study the benefits of being organized to improve your productivity.
  • Prioritization. It discusses techniques for organizing work activities, enabling the prioritization of tasks based on their importance. Mental state. They discuss the importance of maintaining an adequate mental state to be efficient.

This program is perfect for individuals applying time management to various work environments. It is also advantageous for professionals who want to enhance their time organization skills and become more efficient. And every workday.

Great Learning Course

The Great Learning course has a wide-ranging line. In this, the user’s personal and professional lives are addressed. Thus, among its foremost topics to develop, you will appreciate:

  • The definition and profits of time management. It comprises comprehending what you do and why time management is essential.
  • Smart goals. Here, specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant goals are established within a defined period.
  • Parkinson’s Law. Learn to use this law to work faster and more efficiently to complete tasks.
  • Prioritization. The Pareto principle (80/20) and the CBCDE method are applied to establish priorities.
  • Multitasking. Demystifying multitasking and techniques to avoid it.
  • Productivity tips. Suggestions for increasing flexibility and production.

This path is for you if you want a structured, real-world approach to managing your time. It provides tools and methods that can be applied personally and professionally.


Coursera course offers an excellent tool for broad and detailed insights through time management content. It focuses on the acquisition and application of knowledge aimed at improving productivity, and among its key points, we have:

  • Effective planning. System to design and realize your personal and work goals.
  • Overcoming barriers. Identification and subsequent overcoming of difficulties that avoid successful time management.
  • Tools and practices. Effective use of precise time administration tools.
  • Resource management. Efficient upgrading approaches on the resources available to you for better time administration.
  • Crisis prevention and management. Preserve an appropriate viewpoint to avoid and manage crises that may arise.
  • Effective delegation. You will learn to delegate tasks proficiently to distribute your time.
  • Expectation management. Techniques for dealing with harmful expectations and learning to say “NO” when necessary.

This method is especially suitable for those who want to understand time management. Different practical tools and techniques are used in life to do this.

Prices of Time management courses

Something of interest for those who want to take any of these time management courses is their prices. Well, although these are generally free, they also involve certain payments that must be taken into account, as you will see immediately.


Here, you can have access to all learning materials at no cost. However, if you opt for a certificate, you must pay for it. Consequently, we talk about an approximate price of:

  • Digital certificate ($22).
  • Printed certificate ($31).
  • Printed diploma ($43).

Great Learning

Great Learning offers free or paid paths. The latter have more extensive content and additional resources, and their prices vary depending on the course content and the certification requested.


Likewise, this platform offers a wide variety of free courses. However, as in the previous cases, it involves certain payments to access qualified tasks and obtain certificates. The starting point for the most uncomplicated cases is $49, while it can involve much more for specializations and professional certificates.

User opinion

Knowing what users think is also relevant when choosing between the three time management courses discussed. In that sense, we will immediately summarize the students’ opinions on each platform.


As favorable points of this path, its users point out:

  • Variety of study topics.
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • It allows access through mobile phones or the website itself.

Among its negative aspects are performance problems with the application and intrusive ads in its free version. Finally, they also point out that the need for accreditation through certificates for free courses is inconvenient.

Great Learning

Among the positive points that its users observe are:

  • It is complete and high-quality, especially on technical and professional topics.
  • The platform is compatible with beginners and advanced students alike.
  • It presents an interactive nature.
  • The instructors are of high professional quality.

Additionally, there have been no negative reviews about this platform’s program.


As positive elements, users of this sequence point out:

  • It has partnerships with excellent universities and institutions.
  • It has high-quality content.
  • The platform is easy to use.
  • It can be operated from multiple devices.

Even with what has been said, some users consider the cost of their certificates somewhat high.

Some extra details about the free courses

There are other points of interest when choosing the three most appropriate training plans. We at Insiderbits address some highlights to help you choose correctly.


Alison’s free path is designed to improve personal and professional organization through several practical approaches. The main components of the content of it include:

Module 1

Here, you will address topics such as:

  1. Manage time.
  2. Results derived from learning.
  3. Benefits of an organized life.
  4. Time management tips.
  5. Preservation of the appropriate mental state.
  6. Work with procrastination.
  7. All about the Sisyphus effect.
  8. Do it tomorrow.
  9. How to be more effective?
  10. Learn to get things out of your mind and review your commitments

At the end of these study segments, you will be able to make summaries of each lesson.

Module 2

You will be subjected to the evaluation process to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired.

Knowledge and skills to acquire

Some natural derivatives of taking these methods, as a student, consist of acquiring skills about:

  • Personal development.
  • Correct time management.
  • Good mentality.
  • Productive effectiveness.
  • Correct goal setting.

As a consequence of everything mentioned above, you will be subject to notable moral, social, and personal development. In addition, you will have a professional and technical education at home.

Great Learning

Great Learning offers a free lifetime access course, allowing users to learn at their own pace. The benefits include:

  • Flexible access: Available anytime, anywhere, making it easy to learn according to personal schedules.
  • Certification: Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate that can enhance their professional profile.
  • Duration: The course consists of 1.0 hours of videoconferences, providing a concise and focused format.


The Coursera path is divided into four modules, each lasting 2 hours. We are talking about one of the most complete time management courses. It is more extensive and covers a wide range of topics related to productivity and time management:

  • First Module: This module covers the difference between productive and unproductive work, setting priorities, and time planning. It includes two videos, eight readings, one questionnaire, and two discussion forums.
  • The Second Module focuses on balancing work and personal life, time/money compensation, and task delegation. It includes two videos, five readings, one questionnaire, and two discussion forums.
  • Third Module. Time management, communications, and monitoring of energy levels. It includes two videos, five readings, one questionnaire, and two discussion forums.
  • Fourth Module. Focus and multitasking, identification of distractions, and conclusions. It includes two videos, eight readings, one questionnaire, and two discussion forums.

Which of the three courses will you choose?

In summary, consider what is covered when choosing between these time management courses. Overall, Alison is ideal for those looking for flexibility and adaptability in their work routine. At the same time, Great Learning provides a clear structure and practical tools to manage time in all areas of life.

Finally, Coursera offers a comprehensive, detailed vision focused on practical application and overcoming obstacles. If you also work online and want to save even more time, here is a link to earning money by writing using voice. We at Insiderbits hope that it is of benefit to you!!


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