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Welding skills are in high demand, and now, they’re accessible to everyone. With a free online welding course, mastering the art doesn’t require expensive classes any longer.

Curated by Insiderbits, this list is designed to help you find more opportunities. We’ve looked into many options to bring you the best courses available without costing a penny.


Why settle for just any course when you can choose the best? Read on and uncover classes that will not only fit your schedule but will also spark your passion for welding.

Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies

Duration:1.5 to 3 hours.

Start your learning path with a very sought-after free online welding course in the market: Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies by Alison. 

Explore different welding processes and techniques with ease. Learn to wield arc-welding power sources effectively, a crucial step in achieving seamless, quality results.

The course offers a clear comparison between brazing and welding, unveiling the unique aspects of brazing that contribute to achieving the perfect weld, and enriching your skill set.

Navigate the advantages and limitations of soldering, get exclusive insights to improve your approach, and discover practical bonding strategies to strengthen your welds and joints.

Additionally, understand the critical role of metal transfers in welding. This segment delves into their importance, enhancing precision and skill in your welding endeavors.

This is a top-notch free online welding course if you’re looking to acquire a versatile skill used across different industries. Enhance your capabilities and embrace new opportunities.

What you’ll learn by enrolling

  • Explain what ‘welding’ and ‘joining’ mean.
  • Highlight how vital welding is in production.
  • Sort welded connections into groups.
  • List several methods of welding.
  • Understand the logic in welding/joining work.
  • Recognize various kinds and specific forms of welding.
  • Detail five joint styles and three welding methods.
  • Remember how metals merge in welding.
  • Talk about the difficulties in welding and joining.

How to enroll in Alison’s free online welding course

Signing up for the Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies course is as simple as it gets, and we are here to give you complete step-by-step guidance.

Begin by heading over to Alison’s website. Then, locate the search bar on the top left of your screen, type in “Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies” and hit the search button.

Click on “More Info” to get a detailed overview of the course, and then “Start Course Now” once you’re ready to begin. If you don’t have an Alison account, you’ll have to create one.

Once you have an account, follow the on-screen instructions to advance through the modules. Alison offers a wealth of learning material such as videos, quizzes, and more.

Fundamentals of Welding Processes

Duration:1h 17m total.

Udemy is a website with a wide variety of courses spanning almost every topic imaginable. While most of them require a purchase, there is a free online welding course available. 

With Fundamentals of Welding Processes, you’ll dive into an intensive one-hour exploration of welding essentials without having to spend a single dime. 

Critical topics such as power density, heat balance, and various welding types are thoroughly discussed, offering a rich learning experience.

Understanding the underlying physics is key to efficiency and precision in welding, and this course spotlights power density’s role, preparing you to discern between welding methods.

Attention turns to mastering heat balance in fusion welding, a crucial skill to prevent common yet detrimental flaws like warping and cracking, ensuring each weld’s durability.

You’ll also be able to explore a variety of welding forms, each with unique benefits. The course explains types from arc to gas welding, enhancing your know-how.

This free online welding course is tailored for learners at all stages, aiming to strengthen both foundational knowledge and advanced techniques for high-standard welds.

What you’ll learn by enrolling

  • Grasp power density’s role in welding heat rate
  • Compare welding types by power density strengths/limits
  • Recognize heat balance’s importance in welding
  • Learn to compute heat intake and release during welding
  • Know the basics and pros/cons of Arc, Resistance, Oxyfuel, and Pressure Welding.

How to enroll in Udemy’s free online welding course

Udemy makes it easy to enroll in this course as well. The first thing you need to do is to visit their official website and create a free account using an active email address.

Then, look for the search bar on the top of your screen and type in “Fundamentals of Welding Processes”. Hit “Search” and a new page should open with the course’s details.

Take a few moments to absorb its content and make note of what you’ll learn. Once you’re ready, click on “Enroll Now”, and then “Go to Course”.

The video instructions for your free online welding course should start right away, and you can also download a PDF file to complement the lessons. 

Welding Basics Theory and Safety Precautions

Duration:3 to 4 hours.

Next on our list is another gem from Alison. The Welding Basics Theory and Safety Precautions is one of their most comprehensive courses to date.

For those eyeing a welding career, this free online welding course is the perfect gateway, offering deep insights into essential techniques and safety protocols.

More than a simple guide, this course is a thorough journey through the welding world. It’s divided into modules covering everything from basic concepts to intricate welding methods.

The lessons extend beyond theory, providing a practical angle on working with metals like steel and aluminum. You’ll learn to navigate various welding types as well.

Safety should always be a priority in welding, so the course dedicates a complete section to recognizing and reducing health risks, ensuring your welding practice is safe and proficient.

Ideal for beginners, this free online welding course captures the latest in welding innovation. It’s an investment in your future, improving your skill set in a marketable trade.

By emphasizing both fundamentals and safety, the course prepares you for real-world challenges. Step forward as a skilled, confident welder, ready to make a mark in your field!

What you’ll learn by enrolling

  • Outline key welding methods extensively
  • Explore steps to master welding skills
  • Identify metals in welding and their traits
  • Learn metal prep techniques for welding
  • Understand how constructing metal frameworks
  • Spot health risks in welding/cutting tasks
  • Evaluate dangers from gas equipment
  • Implement safety rules in line with laws
  • Define a welder’s duties
  • Discuss tools for welding, cutting, shaping
  • Detail ARC, TIG, and MIG welding processes
  • Clarify protocols for ARC, TIG, and MIG welding.

How to enroll in Alison’s free online welding course

As we mentioned above, signing up for Alison’s free online courses is a breeze, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Begin by visiting their website and creating an account. 

Next, look for the search bar on the top menu and write down Welding Basics Theory and Safety Precautions, hitting the magnifying glass right after.

This search will take you to the course’s dedicated page, in which you can explore and get acquainted with the modules and lessons. Once you’re ready, click on “Start Course Now”.

Hit the left and right arrows on your screen to advance through lessons. Make sure to pay attention to the videos, as there are a few hidden quizzes to test what you’ve learned.

From sparks to skill: closing our welding adventure

Developing a new skill is exciting, and what better way than with a top-notch free online welding course? These are all gateways to a world of new possibilities and knowledge.

This comprehensive course list by Insiderbits is here to make sure you’re always accessing the best resources to help you sharpen your skills and ignite a new passion in life.

Each course, carefully selected, promises a blend of theoretical know-how and hands-on practice so you can excel in a new field, or improve skills you’re already familiar with. 

But don’t stop here! Dive into our other articles and course lists, each designed to guide, inspire, and elevate your learning journey. Your next skill is just around the corner!


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