1000 Hours Outside: Family Trails & Tales Await!

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Embrace the great outdoors with the 1000 Hours Outside app, a friendly tool aimed at encouraging families to spend more quality time surrounded by nature’s wonders.

This review by Insiderbits dives into how the app enhances nature exploration, offering insights into its features that inspire users to connect more deeply with the environment.


Highlighting the best in outdoor activities, our review uncovers how the app makes every moment outside count. Keep reading to see how it can enrich your family’s adventures!

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An in-depth 1000 Hours Outside examination

The 1000 Hours Outside app is designed to motivate families to embrace the beauty around them. It makes tracking time spent in nature simple and fun for everyone involved.

With just a simple click, you can start documenting your outdoor activities. Whether it’s a hike in the woods or a day at the park, every little moment counts.

Nature exploration becomes a shared adventure, thanks to the app’s journal feature. Capture photos, jot down memories, and watch as your outdoor hours grow over time.

Adding family members to the app is easy and lets you monitor each person’s connection with the outdoors. It’s a great way to inspire healthy competition between loved ones.

Additionally, celebrating milestones is part of the 1000 Hours Outside experience. Unlock badges for hours spent exploring, and share your achievements on social media platforms.

Pricing:$3.99 on Android and iOS. There are extra features available with in-app purchases starting at $0.99.
Available For:Android and iOS.
Android & iOS

1000 Hours Outside app features

Discover the real pleasure of the great outdoors with the 1000 Hours Outside app, your new go-to guide for meaningful nature activities and exploration.

The app is crafted to inspire families to reconnect with the world, offering a suite of tools that make tracking and enjoying time spent outside effortless and enjoyable.

  • Easy Timer Functionality: Start the timer with a simple click and the app tracks your outdoor time, letting you focus on the fun and forget about the clock.
  • Journal Feature: Document your adventures by adding notes and photos. A perfect way to remember each special moment spent outside with your family.
  • Family Profiles: Add up to nine additional profiles for family members, making it effortless to track everyone’s outdoor hours and encouraging friendly competition.
  • Milestone Badges: Earn badges as you reach new milestones in your outdoor activities. It’s a motivating way to celebrate your progress and achievements.
  • Adventure Maps: Discover new places for outdoor activities with detailed maps highlighting family-friendly spots, complete with reviews from the community.

In essence, the 1000 Hours Outside app works as a bridge between families and the natural world, offering a distinctive way to engage with and appreciate the environment.

Through its user-friendly features, it promotes the cause of outdoor exploration, making every hour spent outside a step towards a more connected and adventurous life.

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1000 Hours Outside app limitations

Embracing the outdoors has never been more straightforward than with the 1000 Hours Outside app, designed to upgrade your natural activities and nature exploration.

However, the app does come with its limitations that users should be aware of. Here’s a closer look at some of the challenges and constraints that come with using it.

  • Limited Offline Functionality: The app requires a consistent internet connection to access some of its key features, making it less useful in remote outdoor locations.
  • Subscription for Full Features: Essential features like Adventure Maps are locked behind a subscription paywall, potentially limiting access for users not willing to pay.
  • Battery Drain: Running the app, especially the timer and location-based services, can drain your smartphone’s battery, which is a concern during long excursions.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: With the requirement to upload photos and journal entries, users might be cautious about how their data is handled and shared within the app.
  • Initial Purchase Cost: The app costs $3.99 to download, which may stop potential users looking for a free tool to assist with their nature exploration adventures.

So while the 1000 Hours Outside app offers a promising platform for families to track and escalate their outdoor activities, it’s not without its drawbacks.

Users should weigh these limitations against the benefits to determine how the app can serve their needs. This is crucial to maximize the app’s potential for outdoor experiences.

How to download 1000 Hours Outside

1000 Hours Outside

Ready to make the most of your time outdoors? The 1000 Hours Outside app is here to transform your nature exploration into a well-documented adventure.

Available for both Android and iOS users, downloading this app is the first step towards a richer outdoor experience. Here’s your simple guide to getting started.

Android devices:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • In the search bar at the top, enter “1000 Hours Outside” and tap the search icon.
  • Find the app in the results and select it to see the app’s detail page.
  • The price of the app will be displayed. Tap on the price button to proceed.
  • Confirm your payment method. You might have to enter your Google password.
  • After the purchase is confirmed, the app will automatically start downloading.
  • Once downloaded, open the app from the Play Store or find it on your home screen.

iOS devices:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the search tab and type “1000 Hours Outside” into the search bar.
  • When you see the app in the search results, tap on it to go to the app’s page.
  • You’ll see the price of the app instead of a get button. Tap on the price.
  • Authenticate the purchase with your Apple ID password.
  • The app will begin to download immediately after purchase confirmation.
  • Once the download is complete, tap “Open” or locate the app icon on your device.

Now that the 1000 Hours Outside app is yours to use, you’re equipped to transform how you and your family engage with the outdoors interactively and innovatively.

This app is all about creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world around us. Start your adventure and see the difference it makes in your life.

Android & iOS

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How to navigate the 1000 Hours Outside app

The 1000 Hours Outside app enriches every second spent in the wild, tracking, documenting, and celebrating your nature exploration.

Follow our detailed guide to fully harness the app’s capabilities so that your outdoor adventures are as rewarding as they are memorable.

Getting Started

Opening the 1000 Hours Outside app, you’re greeted with a setup process that’s both quick and user-friendly, asking for some basic details to personalize your experience.

After entering your information, you’ll access the main dashboard. This is where your adventure begins, with clear options to start tracking your outdoor hours.

Tracking Time

The app’s timer is a seamless way to log hours spent outdoors. With a simple tap, you start recording your adventure, allowing you to immerse fully in the moment, worry-free.

Stopping the timer is just as effortless. Whether you’re hiking, picnicking, or bird watching, the app captures the duration, making every minute count towards your goal of 1000 hours.

Journaling Your Experiences

The journal feature stands as a digital diary for your outdoor memories. Here, you can encapsulate the essence of each adventure with photos and notes.

Creating a new entry is easy. Reflect on your day’s exploration, the wildlife you came across, or the trails you discovered. This becomes a collection of your family’s outdoor legacy.

Adding Family Members

Adding family amplifies the fun. The app allows adding profiles for each family member, so everyone’s progress is celebrated together, making nature exploration a team effort.

Setting up a profile for each family member encourages them to log their own time spent outdoors. It’s a fantastic way to motivate each other and share the joy as a family unit.

Celebrating Milestones

Achievements in the app are badges of honor, marking your dedication to outdoor exploration. These milestones are also motivators, pushing you to explore further.

Each badge, from your first hour to your 1000th, tells a story of adventure and love for the outdoors. They serve as proof of your family’s commitment to embracing the natural world.

1000 Hours Outside a path to family adventure

Exploring the 1000 Hours Outside app, we’ve uncovered its potential to make outdoor activities more accessible and enjoyable for families everywhere.

The app is compelling evidence that tech and nature can go together, encouraging users to document their adventures and cherish the time spent under the open sky together.

This thorough review is courtesy of Insiderbits, illuminating the app’s capabilities and how it can transform your nature exploration into cherished family memories.

Curious for more articles like this? Explore further with Insiderbits for other engaging content that inspires your next adventure and broadens your horizons in the digital and natural world.


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