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Android features never stop evolving. With each new version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system comes innovations that optimize the user experience.

From Insiderbits, we will thoroughly explore these new Android features and how to get the most out of them. We will show you how to update your device. Keep reading! 

Win accessibility among new Android features


Android 14 integrates interesting new aspects designed to optimize the receptiveness of the operating system. You can see everything from tools for the visually impaired to features that make it easier to use hearing devices. This version seeks to reduce barriers so everyone can benefit from mobile technology.

Improved pinch magnifier and intelligent font scaling

The well-known magnifying glass that allows you to zoom by tapping the screen three times has been improved in Android 14. It now offers more magnification levels, reaching 200% for those with severe visual difficulties.

Complementing this feature, the new intelligent font scaler automatically optimizes the layout of web pages when text is enlarged. This way, formatting problems are avoided, and reading becomes more pleasant.

Even if you don’t use Magnifier, you can still benefit from intelligent scaling by increasing the default font size. It applies to the entire operating system from the accessibility settings. These two new features offer a helping hand to people with reduced vision to make the most of Android features.

Flash notifications and shortcuts for hearing devices

Deaf and hard-of-hearing users also get helpful new features in Android 14. For example, turning on “Flash Notifications” will cause your phone to flash colorful lights to alert you about calls, messages, and other notifications.

These flash notifications are customizable. Touch the “Screen Flash” option, and the colors you have available to configure the flash will appear. You can also select whether you want the screen to flash, the camera to flash, or to activate both simultaneously.

Additionally, a shortcut has been integrated into the quick settings to pair Bluetooth hearing devices easily. This way, there is no need to enter the configuration menu whenever you want to connect the headphones to the phone. Simply activate the hearing device shortcut, and you can use the hearing aid symbol that appears on the screen.

Between improved visual notifications and simplified connectivity for hearing aids, Android 14 seeks to break down communication barriers for people with disabilities.

Enhance security with the new Android features 14

Security is a crucial priority in developing each new version. With Android 14, interesting new aspects arrive to protect your personal data better and give you greater control. 

Enhance PIN privacy and other security settings

Android 14 introduces “Enhanced PIN Privacy,” a feature that turns off animations when entering your PIN to unlock your cellphone. This way, a person nearby will not be able to see the characters that are highlighted on the screen. It prevents it from identifying the digits entered or the length of the password.

Another new option is to customize the time before the screen automatically locks when the device is not in use. It allows you to balance security and comfort according to your needs.

For even more convenience without compromising protection, Android 14 will enable you to skip pressing the “Enter” button when entering a PIN of 6 digits or more. You must activate the Android function “Unlock with automatic confirmation.”

These new settings provide better control over user privacy and device security. In addition, these new Android features allow you to unlock the phone faster when you need it.

Health Connect: Control all your health data from your cellphone

Health Connect is a new platform integrated into Android 14 to centralize your health and physical activity data. This data is what you have collected from different compatible apps.

This way, you can view and manage all this sensitive information in one place. It will no longer be necessary to access each application separately. You can do it through Health Connect.

In addition to simplifying health data management, Health Connect allows you to control which applications have access to which specific data types. For example, you can allow an exercise app to access only information about steps taken or heart rate, but not medical records.

Thus, Health Connect maximizes user convenience by centralizing health data. These new Android features also give you complete control over the privacy of your personal information.

Android features

Discover the hidden space minigame.

The traditional “Easter eggs” are part of Android features 14. In this version, an entertaining hidden game is waiting for users to find it.

To activate this hobby, go to the “About phone” section in the system settings. Once there, locate the “Android Version” option and quickly tap it three times. Doing so will change the screen to a galaxy background with a spaceship in the center. Next, hold down the circle in the middle of the ship.

With that last step, you will load the game. It consists of avoiding meteorites and obtaining as many points as possible through simple controls. Left and right to move the ship and up to jump. Besides entertaining, this Easter egg demonstrates the attention to detail that characterizes Android development.

And how many points do you think you can make in this challenging space game? Dare to find it on your phone updated.

Update your device to get all these Android features

To enjoy the security, accessibility, and entertainment improvements covered in this writing, you may update your phone. Next, we explain how to update to version 14 simply and enjoy the new Android features.

How to check the latest version of Android

The first thing to review is any pending updates. Go to your device settings for the “Software Update” or “System Update” option. Then click on “Check for updates”.

If version 14 is available, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen. The instructions are different and depend on the brand of your device. You may be asked to restart your phone to complete the update once the download is complete.

Please note that not all models receive important Android updates simultaneously. So, you may have to wait a few weeks or months if your phone does not show the new Android features 14.

You can check regularly in the updates section to be aware of when the update arrives on your device. You can also look for announcements or news from your phone’s manufacturer. Keeping Android updated allows you to enjoy the latest features, but it is also vital to obtain security patches.

Get the most out of Android features 14

As we have seen throughout this work, Android has interesting new features that optimize the user experience, from valuable security and accessibility enhancements to practical tools for managing health data and a fun hidden game.

At Insiderbits, we recommend updating your device to Android 14 to enjoy all these improvements and more. And if you want to discover even more about your phone, we recommend the following post: How to Find Hidden Apps on Your Home Screen. There, you will find several methods to discover apps you do not see on your Android screen.


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