How to Find Hidden Apps on Your Home Screen

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In case you don’t know, some applications are not displayed on your mobile home screen. It can have various causes, such as the manufacturer preferring to keep the icons of some apps hidden. It could also be that your boys intentionally hide it, so you don’t know how they handle them.

These could range from social networks, games, and more, the discovery of which you may be interested in carrying out at a particular time. Therefore, at Insiderbits, we show you different ways to do it, both on Android and iOS devices. So, we invite you to continue until the end to know them in detail to understand how to apply them when you need them.

Reasons that prevent applications from appearing on the home screen


As we said before, the reasons why some applications do not occur on the home screen are varied. However, the most common are the following:

•      Deletion of apps. It may happen that, for some reason, certain apps have been deleted, perhaps accidentally due to improper handling of the device. But it could also happen that a third party has done it intentionally, for example.

•      Disablement. Similar to the case of elimination, the same assumptions can also occur here. It could be the product of an intentional or accidental act.

•      Automatic hiding. It is the case for some devices such as the Xperia, Xperia™ with Android™ version 4.2, or even later. These have the option to hide apps on the applications screen.

Below, we show you how to overcome this obstacle. At Insiderbits, we are sure you will achieve your goal with one of the methods we will give you.

Five methods to discover apps that are not displayed on your Android home screen

Regardless of the Android device model, here we give you some methods for your phone with this operating system.

Method 1: From the settings section

It is a reasonably simple method, but it should still be used as a starting point to track your apps. It consists of:

Step 1. Display the icon drawer corresponding to the apps that your phone has. Look for the one identified as “Settings” and press it.

home screen

Step 2. Depending on the phone, you may be directed directly to the apps section. It may also happen that you need to press the three vertical points present above and on the right side. You encourage them and then click on “See all Applications.”

This way, you can see which are hidden from your home screen.

Method 2: Use Android File Manager

All devices that use the Android operating system have some file manager. Use it as follows:

•      1. Deploy the preferred file manager, go to the internal memory section, and press it. Well, that’s where the apps are installed.

•  2. Go to the three vertical points at the top and on the right side, press them, and go to “Settings.”

•  3. Once in settings, select the “Show Hidden System Files” option and activate it if deactivated. You will probably be able to see items not previously displayed on the home screen when you return.

However, phone models may vary slightly in the layout of their operating menus.

Method 3: By using the Google Play Store

It is a reasonably reliable method that you can use if you wish. You have to complete the following steps:

1. Proceed to open the Google Play Store app.

2. Select your respective present account above and to the right.

3. Then you go to the first option, called “Manage apps and devices” or “Manage devices and apps,” and press it.

4. Click on the word “Manage”.

5. Go to “Summary” or, failing that, “General Description” and click on this option.

6. Finally, click “Manage,” and all the applications installed on your device will appear there.

Method 4: Use a unique app as a hidden app detector

The procedure here, as in previous cases, is also straightforward. To do this, you only have to do the following:

1. Go to Google Play Store.

2. Place “Find Hidden Applications” in the search engine of this space and press the search magnifying glass.

3. You will immediately have several options; you must choose the one you prefer and install it on your device.

4. Use the newly downloaded app to scan your device and detect all its apps. It includes those that are not displayed on the home screen.

Method 5: Use mSpy

It is a parental control application that will help you prevent certain risks. In addition, it will help you discover content on your Smartphone. To do it, do the following:

1. Once you have installed the application in question using “Trial,” press where it says “Free Account.”

2. Choose the best plan for you.

3. Once this app is completely installed, you can see all the other applications on your device.

This app is unique for your children’s cases. Well, perhaps you want to monitor them regarding the content they manage on their devices. After you install it on their phones, you can watch them remotely from your cell phone, among other things.

Five methods to find apps that are not showing on the home screen on your iOS

If you have an iPhone or iPad with the abovementioned situation, we can also help you. If you think you have apps that are not visible on your device’s home screen, don’t worry. Here, we give you five options to verify it.

Method 1. Track your apps from the App Store

A fairly safe method to locate apps that do not appear on your home screen is with the App Store. To do this, you must do the following:

1. Proceed to open the application store.

2. Go to your profile section and press it.

3. Click on the line with words under your name, and it will take you to another area.

4. Slide the screen down and press “Hidden Purchases.” Once It is done, the hidden apps will appear

home screen


5. To appear in the purchases section, click the “Show” option corresponding to the one you want to recover.

6. Then you go to the purchasing section, and there you will be able to see the application you selected before.

Method 2. Use Spotlight to discover your hidden apps

A reasonably effective way to find applications that are not displayed on the home screen is with Spotlight. To do this, you only have to do the following:

1. Locate your home screen, and then proceed to slide down from the center of it.

2. The Spotlight search field will appear immediately.

3. Write the full name of the application you are looking for, and when you see it, click on it to open it. If it is in a folder, its name will be shown on the right side of the app icon.

Method 3. Use Siri

It may be the most straightforward method discussed here, but it is still very effective. It’s about giving Siri the name of the application you are looking for, and it will be provided to you. It is a simple act, but it will not show you details of the folder where the application is hidden.

Method 4. Reset your home screen layout

You can reset the home screen if you have exhausted the above methods without positive results. This act only requires doing the following:

1. Go to the “Settings” section on your device.

2. Click on the section called “General”.

3. Click “Reset” and then “Reset Home Screen”.

4. Look on the home screen to restore the application.

Despite the simplicity of the act, the home screen will only show the apps that initially came on your mobile. Those are the ones that he brought from the factory. In addition, you will also lose the folders you have on your mobile. So, you must be willing to recreate them.

Method 5. Use the shortcuts section in iTunes

You can also go to the “Shortcuts” section in your list of installed applications. There, you can check if what you are looking for is found. But if It does not yield positive results, you can try iTunes from your computer. You must connect your iPhone to the computer to check which ones are installed.

What do you think about the methods to detect hidden apps?

As you can see, several methods exist to find applications that do not appear on the home screen. You could discover the hidden apps on your Android or iOS using any of them. There are even some others. Only here do we address the ones we consider most appropriate.

But if, apart from this, you want to learn more about how Smartphone works from Insiderbits, we leave you a link. It will take you to an outstanding article that will allow you to get to know your device better. We suggest you read it to increase your operational skills on this instrument. We hope it is to your liking and benefit!


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