How To Tell If Someone Blocked You on iMessage

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Are you eager to find out if someone has blocked you on iMessage? The reality is that you are not the only one asking you that. Many iMessage users wonder how to determine that. Today, we bring you some tips on how to identify it.

iMessage: signs that someone has blocked you

Although in iMessage, at first glance, we do not know if somebody is blocking us, some signs will give you the necessary clues to find out. First, we will make a list listing some ways to detect this action:

  • Delivery statuses. You notice various delivery statuses when sending messages using this app and many others. If you’ve been blocked, your message will show only a single tick.
  • Verify if you are online. One of the advantages of this application is seeing when a person is logged in or typing. You will not see this option on the recipient if you are blocked. The three ellipses that indicate you are writing will not appear.
  • No response or calls. An obvious sign is a lack of response. It could be a sign of blocking if you usually get quick responses but are not getting any.

After this brief list, let’s make some observations, consider this topic, and add other tips.

Alternatives to confirm the block


If you suspect someone is blocking you, you can try communicating by other means. You can send a regular message (SMS) or contact them through social networks. We will examine the signs mentioned and offer different advice to help you in these cases.

Analyze all the signs

Relying on more than one sign is imperative. Consider all the instructions together. Try the most straightforward thing first and then exhaust the instances. Online status can be an excellent way to start. Verifying the calls is an almost definitive method if you don’t have results with the other methods.

Context of the blockade and connectivity

Keep the context in mind. There may also be other reasons you are waiting for a response. If you are worried about calls, remember that the phone you are calling may not have coverage.

On the other hand, you should also review your connections and the possibility of sending messages. The inconvenience is often in the emission and not in the reception of the message. Check that you have good connectivity.

How does the function of messaging work?

The messages and delivery are vital points to recognize someone blocking this app. The application is very explicit; in that sense, a legend under each message specifies whether it has been delivered.

The contact may have blocked it if it appeared in the legend as not delivered. If you have no problem bothering that person, you can verify this with a quick call.

Check your contact’s online status

This alternative is also handy. This app allows you to see if someone is online. If your contact is online, they can receive your texts and have not blocked you. And not only the online status signal. You also won’t see the three ellipses when I’m typing.

Other ways to verify it: contact elsewhere, use a third-party app, or call

Trying other methods of contact can also help you. Try sending the person an SMS or contacting him employing another app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Calls as a last resort

As we have been saying, one way to be sure of the possibility that we have been blocked is to try to call. It can be another valuable way to check it.

Use third-party applications

Let’s check if a particular number has blocked us from using some applications. However, handling these tools with great care and verifying their reliability before use is of utmost importance.

Take stock of all the possibilities

Don’t rely on just one sign to reach your conclusions. Analyze all available signals, consider all the alternatives, and draw a reasonable conclusion. It is crucial to consider the context.

There may be legitimate reasons for the lack of response. For example, it can be technical issues, the person could be busy, or even the device is turned off.

Find out if you have been blocked on iMessage

Indeed, it can be complicated, but looking at these signs gives you a better idea. The keys are message delivery statuses, online status visibility, and the ability to make calls. Remember, it is always good to consider all possibilities before coming to a conclusion about some wrong reasons.

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