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Adding music in WhatsApp status has become a must. Gone are the statuses with simple photos and generic videos. Social networks, such as TikTok, set the trends for the hits of the moment. When you edit a video with your favorite song, you let your emotions flow and express yourself freely.

Every day, we read comments from our readers about generating content as a way to have fun. At Insiderbits, we know that you can generate works of art with just one app on your mobile. In this article, you will learn the ideal tool to add your favorite melodies to your status and share it with your friends.


Add music in WhatsApp status with Audio Status Maker


Thanks to technology, you can produce videos with photos in seconds. When you add music in the WhatsApp status that you are going to share, you generate more interaction with your contacts. Luckily, Audio Status Maker came at the right time to differentiate your status from your contacts.

All of us have a song that we can’t stop singing. Audio Status Maker allows you to select the fragment of the song you like and add it to an image. You can even take a voice note saved on your mobile phone and use it as audio for your status.

How to install Audio Status Maker

This section will tell you how to install the Audio Status Maker app on your phone. Running these simple steps on your Android device will not take you more than two minutes:

  1. Enter the Google Play application and type in the search engine “Audio Status Maker.”
  2. Press “Enter” to download and install the app on your mobile phone
  3. Wait for the app to install and the app icon to appear on the home screen
  4. Open Audio Status Maker and start creating your custom WhatsApp statuses

Each project consumes a certain amount of memory space on your phone. Remember to have a stable Internet connection to install the app and enough memory not to slow down your phone.

Main Features of Audio Status Maker

When you download an app, you are looking for immediate solutions. Time is a valuable resource when trying thousands of apps and getting no results. After reviewing Audio Status Maker, we believe it is necessary for you to know the features that make this app unique in its style:

Cross-platform Stories and Statuses

Add music in WhatsApp status and export the video to other social networks. You will no longer need to download various apps to edit videos and upload them to other platforms. Audio Status Maker works with all one app. Most importantly, the audio quality will not be affected regardless of the format.

Personalize your videos with ease

Creating unique content is easy if you have the tools at hand to generate attention-grabbing videos. In the Audio Status Maker menu, you will have a group of filters, backgrounds, and effects that will help you produce videos of your liking.

Compatible with various audio formats

Some editors do not support audio in various formats. This becomes a problem when you want to include a voice memo in a slideshow. In that sense, Audio Status Maker supports the most popular formats, such as:

  • M4A
  • AMR
  • MP3
  • WAV

Audio Status Maker allows you to select the audio snippet you want for your content. The audio visualizer will help you choose any part of the audio you use to place it in your status. On the other hand, you can preview how the video will look without having to download it.

Custom texts

Do you want to compose and upload a text to your status? In Audio Status Maker, you will find various fonts for designing text statuses of another level. Accounts with different fonts create messages and add music to the status to make it more dynamic.

Design a collage to your liking

The app menu contains high-resolution backgrounds. You will also have a gallery of editable backgrounds to give color to your WhatsApp states. In the same way, you can use the images from your mobile phone gallery and create collages with a professional style.

Audio Status Maker is an application that breaks the mold of a simple music editor. In its menu, you will find a console and volume adjustments for the desired sound effect. With this, you will obtain optimum-quality audio without executing complicated tasks.

The secret trick to add music in WhatsApp status without other applications

A little-known method exists to place the piece in your status without using another application. However, this cheat has a limitation: it will only allow you to use 15 seconds of the selected track. To do this, apply this simple procedure:

1. Play a song from the platform of your choice (Spotify or YouTube Music).

2. Open the WhatsApp app and start recording a status

3. Once the recording is finished, edit the details of the video and share it on your status or social networks.

Audio Status Maker is a very versatile tool for creating high-quality WhatsApp statuses. It won’t offer you the performance of a professional editing program for obvious reasons. However, it will get you out of various troubles and offer you a more acceptable result.

Create funny WhatsApp status

Audio Status Maker is the application that every content creator should have on their devices. From the Insiderbits team, we only detected one aspect to improve: this app would be perfect if it allowed you to search for the theme without leaving the application. For example, Instagram will enable you to use the theme’s audio and song lyrics.

Adding music in the WhatsApp status is simple and allows you to exploit your creativity. We hope everything is clear and you install this app on your phone. Do you like drawings? Turn your photo into a comic with the ToonMe app.


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