How to check the license plate of any vehicle using your phone

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Some know the method to verify any car registration in the United States. There are ways to verify car registration in the US. Some methods are illegal, but there are legal alternatives. Keep with us if you want to know how to license plate check any vehicle.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is the agency in charge of keeping the information of the owners of cars and motorcycles. Much data is confidential, but some are in the public domain. However, it is possible to search using only the patent number.

Platforms to check the license plate of any vehicle


The portals to check the license plate of any car we will show you are legal. These varied options allow you to find information about vehicles in various parts of the world. You can use these pages to search for data through the registry.

  • Self-check
  • Bumper
  • Carfax
  • DMV
  • EpicVIN
  • VIN Check

Some servers are only available in the United States region, so we recommend using a VPN if you are in another part of the world. The operation of these platforms is simple, but even so, we will explain the steps to view the vehicle file.


This is one of the main options for those who want to find information about vehicles in the United States. You only need to enter the car’s registration, and the technical specifications will appear. It should be noted that this is a page that requires a subscription.


This is a platform that specializes in generating reports on vehicles through the license plate number. Best of all, it has an application allowing you to access it from the comfort of your mobile. However, this is a tool that requires payment to work.


One of the most reliable methods to check the license plate of any vehicle due to its vast database. You can check ownership history and generate detailed reports on acquisitions. This option also allows the background search through the VIN code.

The availability of this platform is international so you can use it anywhere in the world.

The price of Carfax is affordable for most users; Furthermore, it has offers for various search histories. You can even save the data you find for future reference. Additionally, it provides complete information about the vehicles.


That’s the best option to check any vehicle’s license plate in North America. Each state has its platform, so you must select the DMV website for where you live. It is necessary to clarify that you must register on the portal to access the information.

It is only possible to access if you are a citizen of the United States. Otherwise, the system will not recognize your profile. You must also create a username and the last four digits of your social security number.

You can see all the information about the car, year, model, registration date, and history using the registration number. The data you view will have a cost. These rates will vary depending on the state where you are. The price of entities such as New York will be higher than that of other states.


It is one of the most used servers in the United States and Europe; therefore, one of the main options. Unlike other alternatives, this one incorporates a free package that satisfies most user requirements. However, they have multiple limitations that can make you uncomfortable.

Detailed reports grant access to many additional functions, for example, complete vehicle files. This information is very relevant since it provides comprehensive data about the cars you plan to purchase. If you do this, the purchase you make will be free of uncertainties.

How to Use EpicVIN to Check Vehicle License Plates Online


You can check the license plate of any vehicle for free using this platform. Like many of the pages to look up information about cars through their registration number, VINCheck has an extensive database. So, you don’t have to worry about the inquiry being poor.

You do not have to register on this portal to access the vehicle history since the information is free of restrictions. The only condition is that the car or motorcycle is written in the system.

The most significant benefit of this portal is that it allows you to create a backup copy of the data. Despite those mentioned above, the information stored on the servers lacks legal validity. If you want confirmation from government agencies, use an official US government page.

Benefits of checking the registration of any vehicle online

Many pages on the Internet allow you to check the license plate of any car. Doing this will reduce the waiting time to determine the legal status of the car or motorcycle you want to buy. We recommend the paid options due to their transparency and objectivity.


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