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Did you know you can get your hands on a free trial Paramount Plus plan and enjoy the best of entertainment at no cost? Yes, it is possible. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy all the content of this popular streaming service for seven days at no charge.

This platform provides access to an extensive library of movies, original series, live sports, and more. From recent blockbusters to unforgettable classics, it has it all.


Getting free content for a week is pretty straightforward. Paramount Plus offers trial periods to new subscribers interested in evaluating the platform. Some promotions through partners and service providers allow you to try it at no cost. Let’s look at the options here at Insiderbits!

Get the free trial Paramount Plus from its official site

The easiest way to get a free trial of Paramount Plus is by subscribing to their official website, The process is simple: you must create a new account by entering your full name and email and setting a password.

It requires you to add your payment details when you sign up. It is to renew automatically at the end of the trial period. Once you confirm your email, you will immediately have access to your free trial for seven days. You can enjoy the entire catalog of movies, series, live sports, and original content at no cost for a week.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in those seven days. If you decide to keep your subscription, your credit card will be charged for the month at the end of the trial. If you want to avoid this payment, you must cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period. This platform is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to Netflix, the most well-known platform today.

Signing up directly on the website is the fastest option to try Paramount Plus for free. You don’t need to be a customer of any other platform or have additional memberships. Even if you have already exhausted your free trial in the past, you can sign up with another email and enjoy the free seven days again.

Get a free trial Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime Video

Another great option to get the free trial there is through Amazon Prime Video. Available to Amazon Prime members, Paramount Plus is integrated into Prime Video Channels. If you have an active Amazon Prime membership, you can subscribe to these channels within Prime Video at no extra cost.

·         Join Prime Video Channel.

·         Search for the website.

·         Now click on “More details.”

·         The only Plan available on Amazon Prime Video, the Showtime plan for $11.99, will be available. Click the yellow “Start Free Trial” button.

·         You can enjoy thousands of movies, original series, reality shows, and live sports content at no cost for a week.

The same Amazon account will charge the Showtime plan at the end of the free trial. You can cancel this subscription at any time if you want to avoid this charge. It is an excellent option if you’re already a Prime member and want to maximize your membership.

Take advantage of trying new channels and services before you pay. After the free trial, you can decide whether to continue paying for Paramount Plus or cancel it. It’s worth considering Amazon Prime Video for a 7-day free trial.

Take advantage of promotions from Pay-TV providers

Traditional pay TV providers such as cable or satellite are also an option for a free trial of Paramount Plus. Some have unique options available, and the process for activating the service with any TV provider is as follows:

·         On your smart TV, click the app.

·         Then click on the “Log in with operator” button.

·         A list of available providers will appear. You must select your pay-TV provider.

· The system will provide an access code when you select your provider.

·         Now, enter from your mobile or PC and enter the code provided by the system.

·         When doing this, the system automatically directs you to your TV provider account. Log in with your data.

·         Then enter your account details, and it will be automatically added to your channel grid.

It applies to any Pay-TV service in the United States, whether cable or satellite. It’s a good idea to check your current TV provider’s website for any current promotions. This way, you can try it for free for a longer time.

Contacting your supplier’s customer service directly can help you discover potential offers.

Use promotional coupons

You can occasionally find promotional coupons to extend the Paramount Plus free trial period beyond the standard seven days. Some websites worth looking at are:

·         Groupon. This popular discount site sometimes offers promotions to get one month free of Paramount+ for new subscribers. Coupons usually appear for a limited time.

·         Coupon Follow. A website that constantly adds and updates promotional codes and offers from various stores and services. Occasionally, they publish codes for 30-day extended trials on this platform.

·         Slickdeals. You can also find discount coupons on this deals site. Some can account for up to 50% of a year’s total subscription payment.

The process of using these coupons is simple. Enter the promotional code in the corresponding field when registering with Paramount Plus. It will extend your free trial beyond the standard 7-day period.

It’s a matter of searching at the correct times. Regularly visit these sites to maximize promotions and save on the streaming service.

A brief review of Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a subscription streaming service operated by Paramount. It was launched in 2014 originally as CBS All Access but was renamed Paramount+ in 2021 when ViacomCBS merged its properties under the Paramount brand.

It offers thousands of hours of content on demand. It includes films from Paramount Pictures, original series, shows from CBS, and other channels such as Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Its catalog covers genres such as comedy, drama, horror, children, reality and documentaries.

There are blockbuster franchises like Mission Impossible, Transformers, The Godfather, and recent movies like Top Gun: Maverick. A vital advantage of this service is that it streams thousands of American football games live. Also, other professional leagues of CBS, UEFA, NFL, and more are ideal for sports fans. In addition, it produces exclusive sports documentaries.

It has plans starting at $5.99 per month with ads to $11.99 free of advertisement.

Compare available Paramount Plus plans

During the Paramount Plus free trial period, you will have full access to the Showtime Plan offered. Then, you can select which of the two plans you want to activate:

·         Essential Plan with ads: Includes the entire Paramount+ catalog with ads during playback. It is the most economical basic plan.

·          Ad-free Showtime plan: Gives access to the same content without ad interruptions. In addition, it allows downloads to watch offline.

Take the free trial to review the content and evaluate which of the two plans is closer to your interests. You can enjoy all of Paramount+ for free for seven days to make an informed decision.

Take advantage of the Paramount Plus free trial

As you have seen, there are several ways to get a free trial of Paramount Plus and enjoy all its content. The most direct option is to subscribe on their website, You can also take advantage if you are already a Prime Video member or have Pay-TV with one of the associated providers.

 There is also the possibility of using promotional coupons to extend the free trial period. Whichever method you choose, take advantage of the opportunity to use the app entirely for free. Enjoy movie premieres, original series, and live content for seven days. Then, decide if you should continue paying for this complete streaming service.

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