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Are you looking for an app to watch movies and series for free? Then the Pluto TV app is a good option. You will be able to watch up to 100 channels free of charge, where you will find content of all kinds without needing to register. Anyone can have this app at their disposal, even on their TV.

Pluto TV monetizes its platform through ads and this way. You don’t have to pay anything to use it. However, it also has fewer ads than similar applications, so that it will be manageable. This time, at Insiderbits, we will tell you more about this app and how it works.

Watch free movies and series right now with Pluto TV


Before discussing how to watch movies and series for free with this app, let’s discuss what it is. Pluto TV is a streaming platform where you can access 100 television channels online. You can access it through its application or directly on your website.

So that you know, Pluto TV also has an official app for Smart TVs running webOS or Tizen operating systems. It is a platform where you can see all kinds of content. And what is the price? Only see ads once in a while.

How can you download Pluto TV?

As we mentioned, you can access this platform through the web. However, if you want to download Pluto TV to your phone, you can do it through Google Play. Don’t worry, the application is perfectly adapted, and its interface keeps everything good. Of course, the design is a little different.

In the above way, you can enjoy all the channels available on your Android phone and tablet. There will be no excuses to stop seeing everything you want.


The best you can watch on Pluto TV

It is one thing to be able to watch movies and series for free, but another thing is to know which ones are the best. You need to figure out what to manage right among so much content. Usually, you want to save time on a series or movie you do not like.

Therefore, at Insiderbits, we have taken the trouble to give you a small list of the best series and movies on Pluto TV. This way, we guarantee you will save time watching a good movie or series.

The best movies to watch for free on Pluto TV

Currently, this platform has a function to filter content through titles. Now it is much easier to find what you want to see, especially if you know the name of the movies. We will give you three recommendations, so take notes:

1.     Cube

It is one of the best psychological thrillers on Pluto TV. Six strangers find themselves together when they wake up in a complex maze with many cubical rooms. Of course, the rooms contain deadly traps, and these strangers must work together to get out alive.

2.     Always Alice

Julianne Moore plays Professor Alice Howland, who has an unfortunate story. The life of this psychology professor is significantly affected when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Without a doubt, a film that can touch you as the story unfolds.

3.     The Hunt

Lucas, a man who works as a teacher in a kindergarten, finds himself involved in a huge problem. Why? One of the students, who loves him, claims he committed a lewd act before her. No one trusts him, and his world falls apart as he is hounded in his fight to regain his dignity.

We guarantee these movies are worth every minute so you can confidently watch them. Of course, there are other equally good titles, but it will be up to you to search a little more.

The best series to watch on Pluto TV

Perhaps you are more into watching series than movies, and we understand that here at Insiderbits. So, we’ll also give you three show recommendations to binge-watch on Pluto TV:

1.     South Park

This animated series for adults narrates the madness of the inhabitants of a small town. However, the leading role is taken by four hooligan teenagers full of much black humor.

2.     Charlie’s Angels

This 70s classic is undoubtedly one of Pluto TV’s best things to watch. Follow the story of three beautiful private investigators led by a mysterious boss named Charlie, who they never see—a fascinating and action-packed series.

3.     Avatar: The Last Airbender

This spectacular series needs no introduction, but here it is: in each generation, one person is born into the world capable of controlling all four elements: water, earth, fire, and air. This person is the Avatar, and they are responsible for maintaining the balance between the four nations. Follow the story of the Avatar as they learn to master their powers and restore peace to the world.

These recommendations are based on what is most popular among users. You may not like all of them, but we trust that at least one will be to your liking.

Start right now to see everything you want

With these movie and series recommendations, you can start to like Pluto TV, where you can always watch movies and series for free. You can still take as much time as you need to explore new titles for excitement and intrigue.

If you like this type of content, we invite you to visit Insiderbits more often since we make articles of all kinds. We are sure you will find the best content you need.


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