How to Choose the Best Mobile Navigation and GPS Apps

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You are at a new place for a trip. The last thing you would want for yourself is to be lost and waste your time roaming around to get back on track. That is why a reliable mobile navigation and GPS app is a must-have on your phone.

You never know when you will need one. So, let us at Insiderbits show you how you can choose the best one for yourself so that you can navigate to the correct destination no matter where you are in the world.


Ahead we will show you the features that you must look for before picking a GPS app for yourself, 5 best options for you, and more. Read on to find out.

6 Must-Have Features in a Mobile Navigation and GPS App

Modern-day GPS apps need to be versatile to be able to meet the demands of users because these apps not only act as a travel guide in foreign locations but also as a navigator to help move through your native streets with utmost efficiency.

For that, we have made a list of X features you must look for in such apps before using. Here is it:

  1. Real-time traffic updates – Let’s say you want to go to the office and your usual route is jammed with traffic or out of service. This feature updates you ahead of time so you can find the next best route to reach your destination.
  1. Offline maps – Internet access can be an issue if you go to a remote location or foreign country. Thus, the best mobile navigation apps make sure that you can download the maps for offline use.
  1. Voice-guided navigation – If you are using GPS as you drive a car or bike, your focus should be on the road ahead and not wander constantly to your mobile to check for the next turn. This is where voice navigation helps as it communicates the instructions automatically with audio.
  1. Points of Interest (POI) search – The GPS app should have a comprehensive database of important and frequently visited locations like restaurants, gas stations, hotels, tourist attractions, and more.
  1. Route optimization – What would be the fastest route or most efficient route to a destination? The route optimization feature of a GPS app helps you answer this. Apart from that, you can also customize your route to avoid toll roads, highways, and more.
  1. Safety feature – Safety features like speed limit alerts, speed camera warnings, and school zone alerts help you stay safe and avoid traffic violations while driving. 

3 Best Mobile Navigation and GPS Apps Compared

Google MapsWaze Navigation & Live TrafficMAPS.ME
Notable featuresExtensive map coverage  
Get real-time traffic updates
Download maps for offline use
Search for restaurants, gas stations, and more 
Get directions for public transport
Real-time traffic and hazard reports from users
Get more accurate ETAs
Syncs with the car’s built-in display
Look out for tolls and cheapest gas stations
Extensive offline maps
Focus on privacy
Get turn-by-turn navigation
Points of interest search like restaurants, etc.
PositivesMost comprehensive and detailed maps
Reliable navigation 
Integrates with other Google services
Highly accurate and up-to-date traffic information
Avoids traffic jams
Large and active user community
Completely offline functionality
Saves data usage 
Detailed and up-to-date maps
NegativesCan be data-intensive, 
Privacy concerns for some users
Relies heavily on user input
May not be accurate in all areas
Limited online functionality
May require frequent map updates
Best suited forUsers who need the most feature-loaded GPS app for freeDrivers who want to avoid traffic congestion and get the fastest route possibleTravelers who need reliable offline maps and don’t mind limited online functionality

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Final word: How to Assess any GPS App

No GPS app is perfect. However, these 3 are the ones most reliably used by people all over the world to navigate outdoors more confidently and efficiently. These 3 check off the 2 most important factors to look for when using such an app – reliability and accuracy

But you need not to rely on our word. There are other good apps as well. You can test them yourself as you go outside next time.


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