How to find an app in the App Store if I don’t know its name?

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Finding an app for your iOS that is unfamiliar to you as far as its name is concerned can happen. For example, you could have a reference to one regarding its functions but without being told how to identify it precisely. You could also have seen someone use it and were interested in its features but didn’t get its ID title.

It could even happen that you deleted it from your bank of mobile applications, and you want to recover it sometime later. This assumes you forgot the name with which the one in the App Store is titled. Whether your case is one of the above or another, we give tips for finding an application without a name. So, stay with us and let us help you with it.

Tips to find an unknown app


You must be very careful when looking for an application for later download, especially if it is unknown. Therefore, as part of the most important advice that we can give you from Insiderbits on the subject, they have:

1.  Consider the ratings and opinions of your users

It is always appropriate when you are about to find an unknown application that you value the opinion of its users by locating it. This will allow you to evaluate more objectively whether or not it is convenient for you to download it to your device. A little prior research could save you trouble and breakdowns for your phone.

2.  Analyze the permissions and data requested

Even if you have excellent references for an app, we recommend discarding it if it asks for more data than necessary. For example, demanding contact information or images of yourself are suspicious signs.

3.  Make sure you download the app from the App Store

In the app market, many malicious copies can be risky for you. Therefore, download the application you are looking for for your iOS from the App Store. You can use the app’s official site if you’re failing that.

4.  Keep your device’s security system shielded

Keeping your team constantly updated with the latest versions of apps can help you avoid risks. This way, your data, and your device will be more protected.

As you can see, when trying to find an unknown application, you must be cautious. However, by following these tips, you can do it safely. That being said, we give you some methods below to accomplish this task.

Tracking a discarded application

There are many reasons why you might need to find an application whose name you don’t know. One of these is that they gave you references regarding its characteristics, and you even appreciated its icon. All this without them having given you their exact name. In this case, as part of our advice from Insiderbits, we suggest you do the following:

1. Deploy the App Store on your mobile

First, establish a profile where you think you could find an unknown application. That is, if it is free or paid, and the category in which it could be found, among others.

2. Go to the apps section

If it doesn’t take you where you want when you enter, you can put the word “apps” in the search magnifying glass. Then press search, and you will be directed to the applications section.

3. Filter the search

Once in the apps section, specify the type of element you are tracking. Search where you think the item you want to find may be located. For example, if it is a weather application, check the weather apps or children’s apps to see if they are intended for children.

4. Search through the options on the screen

When the options for your search appear, go through the apps the system offers. Locate an icon like the app you want to find and display its content. This way, you can confirm that it is what you are looking for.

5. Proceed to download

Having identified the app as the penultimate step, you have to proceed to download it. To do it, press the word “Get” on the right side of its icon.

6. Install the app

Finally, you must press the box ” Install ” to complete the process. This, of course, is as long as the download device is compatible with that version.

How to find an uninstalled app that you want to recover?

A widespread situation is that, at some point, you need to recover an application that you uninstalled. Perhaps this is to gain storage space, and now that you need it, you don’t remember its name. We tell you what to do below to find an application under these assumptions.

For iPhone and iPad

On these devices, you only have to do the following:

1. Go to the App Store

In this case, the first thing to do is deploy the App Store on your respective mobile.

2. Consider your phone model

Consider the model of your device, as this will determine how to perform this search. For example, the procedure is effortless if you have iOS 13/PadOs13 or later versions. You need to go to the section above, on the right, where your profile image is located.

But the procedure is different if your device corresponds to an iOS 12 version or lower than this. In this case, you must go to the “Updates” section to see your profile image and enter.

3. Go to the “Purchased” section

When inside, press the “Purchased” section, after which you will see two tabs. The first of these is called “Everything”. All the ones you have installed on your device will be shown here.

However, you will also see a section called “Not on this iPhone or iPad.” You must activate this when finding an application corresponding to other devices.

4. Proceed to recover the application of your interest

Search the list of apps for the one of interest to you. Once you have it located, press the icon corresponding to the cloud that will be displayed to the right of it. So you can download it again.

On the Mac

In this case, you only have to:

1. Open the App Store on your respective Mac.

2. Click on the sidebar and search for the item you want to download. If your name doesn’t appear, sign in using your Apple ID and tap your profile picture.

3. Using “Family Sharing,” you can see what your family members have purchased. And if the one you are looking for is there, you take it.

4. Click on “Download” the app.

On Apple TV

If you are looking to find an app corresponding to your Apple TV, you have to:

1. Enter the App Store.

2. Click on “Purchased”.

3. Use the “Shop as a Family” section, as indicated in the previous case (optional).

4. Press “Not on this TV.”

5. Please search for your app and download it.

On Apple Watch

Assuming you want to find an app on your Apple Watch to reinstall it, you need to do the following:

1. Open the App Store.

2. Go down and click on “Account” and then on “Purchased”.

3. Use the “Family Purchased” section, as mentioned before.

4. Search for the app of interest and click “Download” when you identify it.

All of these procedures are very similar to each other, as they only present slight variations. However, keep in mind that apps are not always available for all devices. This may be why you don’t get, for example, one that a family member bought for their iPhone on your Mac.

Two extraordinary procedures

Two other cases may require you to search for a deleted application whose name you do not remember. The first is when the app disappeared from the App Store. The other is when you accidentally delete it from your device. As you will see immediately, there are specific procedures to follow for each one.

Disappearance of the Application in the App Store

Here, we talk about finding an application in the App Store that you deleted and whose name you cannot find. But also, its icon does not appear in said store either. This might not seem to exist, considering the developers probably removed it from the screen because they believed it was obsolete. However, it may still be available for some devices.

In this case, you only have to access your purchase history in the App Store. All the apps you have downloaded will appear there. You must click on it to reinstall it as soon as you identify it. Even if it is not visible, if it is still available and your device is compatible with the required software, it will download without a problem.

Search using keywords

Another option by which you can be prompted to find an application is through specific keywords related to it. You can find what you are looking for with a couple of these.

Is everything clear about how to find an unknown application?

Now you know different methods to find an unknown application. And if you also do it by following the advice given by Insiderbits, your search will be a complete success. This series of simple actions can help you with your iOS device at a particular time.

Even if you want to know a little more about the reach of the mighty iPhone and iPad devices, we can help you here. In this link, you can find an article with essential details. We invite you to deploy it and get the most out of it. Good luck!


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