What is Google Play Pass and Is It Worth It?

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Do you love to play video games on your mobile? Then you know that the Google Play Store has an endless supply of games for you. However, almost all the games in it are monetized with ads and in-app purchases. Doesn’t it annoy you having to watch an ad or discard the plead of game developers to buy its premium version?

However, there is a solution to that – Google Play Pass. It brings you the ultimate gaming experience of your favorite games without interruption. So, what exactly it is? What it has to offer you? How much does it cost?


If you have these questions, then you are at the right place to find the answers. Here, our team at Insiderbits will show you everything you need to know about the Google Play Pass.

Google Play Pass: Overview and Features

Google Play Pass is like a ticket – a ticket to the world of apps and games that you can enjoy without ads and in-app purchases. In other words, it is a subscription offered by Google that gives you complete access to over a thousand apps and games.

Without it, you may have to buy each game’s paid plan to remove ads and get premium content, which, of course, is very unaffordable. Now, you only have to pay one small subscription fee to unlock all of the Play Pass apps and games.

How does it work? Once you start its free trial or become a paid subscriber, download any of the apps and games in its selection. You will find that they won’t be showing you any ads and all their paid content will be available to you at no extra cost.


  1. Wide range of games – Google Play Pass is created such that it caters to fulfill all kinds of needs. Thus, it has a collection of games that spans many genres such as brain-teasing puzzles and action-packed adventures.
  1. Family sharing – It gets even more affordable when you find that you can share one single subscription with as many as 5 people. So, not everyone in your family will have to buy a separate subscription.
  1. Regularly updated library – New apps and games are added to its collection every month. That is why you will always have additional value coming with your subscription.
  1. Play Pass offers – Paid subscribers from some countries (Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Mexico, and the U.S.) will be eligible for exciting monthly offers from Play Pass. This isn’t available during any free or promotional trial.

Google Play Pass comes with a one-month free trial which you can start with a credit/debit card without being charged. Once your trial is over you will be automatically charged its monthly or yearly fee unless you cancel before it. Its price is:

  • Monthly: $4.99
  • Yearly: $29.99

Is Google Play Pass Worth it?

Google Play Pass is worth subscribing if you are a mobile game enthusiast or have family members who are already buying the in-app purchases of the Play Pass games. In both of these cases, you will find a lot of value as well as save money on your subscriptions.

Think about it. For just $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, you will have access to over a thousand full-fledged apps and games. That’s considerable money saved as compared to buying each of them separately.

However, if you are an occasional gamer or are dissatisfied with its library, then we recommend you pass it on. 

Google Play Pass: Pros and Cons


  1. Cost-effective for gamers – Google Play Pass is perfect for gamers looking to have a complete and uninterrupted experience of many games simultaneously. 
  1. Diverse library – Its library has a wide variety of games in different genres. Some of them are Sonic, Swordigo, Lumino City, and Absolute Drift.


  1. Limited app section – Even though it has a lot of games to offer, you may find its collection of apps to be underwhelming. This makes it highly inclined towards gamers.

Google Play Pass Alternatives

Are there any alternatives to Google Play Pass? Well, yes. Here are some other gaming subscriptions you can try:

  1. Apple Arcade – Offers over 200 ad-free and premium games for iOS.
  2. Xbox Game Pass – Has hundreds of games for Xbox consoles and PC.
  3. Netflix Games – Comes built-in with your Netflix subscription
  4. Amazon Prime Gaming – Comes free with an Amazon Prime subscription

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Google Play Pass isn’t an ideal choice for everyone. But, you can consider subscribing to it if you are into playing mobile games as it will save you big on premium content and give you the best playing experience.


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