Minecraft Anniversary 15 Years: Two Weeks Full Of Surprises

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Gamers waited for Minecraft anniversary for weeks after the surprises seen in its trailer. Fifteen years have passed since the creation of this video game, so Oreville Studios opted for a celebration that its users will remember.

At Insiderbits, we are fans of adventure and exploration titles; therefore, we know a masterpiece when we see it. Many elements are present at this event, but we will mention the most important ones for your convenience. By doing this, you will enjoy all its benefits.

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Minecraft Anniversary: A 15 Year Journey


This Minecraft anniversary differs from the rest because it offers a walk-through history that will impress you. The most significant events will be available to relive again so you can experience the memories that made the game a legend.

This software has many features, but the most important is the personalized map commemorating this date. The design is picturesque and, in the first part, incorporates some of its famous characters, such as the Creeper, an iconic villain.

Players have stated that collaboration with social networks is among the most intelligent decisions. You will be able to enter these portals to obtain special rewards. We should note that we can only get the prizes during the days this festival lasts.

In addition, the available missions are easy to complete and will generate multiple advantages, unleashing your adventure companions first. Insiderbits believes the marketing campaign allowed the event to take off, so we suggest you watch the promotional videos.

Minecraft Anniversary Features

This video game mainly offers gifts you can claim whenever you enter the platform. Likewise, if you meet certain conditions, you will enjoy multiple accessories. There are many options, but we have selected the ones that provide the best features.

  • 15th Anniversary Cloak. It is the Creeper cape and a favorite. To get it, access the Minecraft main page, go to the prizes section, and request it. Immediately, it will be loaded into your item inventory.
  • Follower Cloak. To get this accessory, enter TikTok and watch a live stream for 3 minutes. A code will be generated, and you must place it in the portal’s rewards box to add it to your repertoire.
  • Purple Heart Cloak. You must go to Twitch and watch a stream for 15 minutes to get this accessory. Subsequently, you must go to the Drops category to copy and paste the code on the website.

The above equipment is a legendary rarity, so equipping these outfits will earn you prestige on Minecraft Anniversary. Remember that you must meet the conditions to be able to enjoy them. Also don’t forget that they are free, so you won’t have to invest any money.

15 years of Minecraft: particular map

There is an indescribable visual impression in the adventures of this video game. Once you set up the stage, you will feel nostalgic. When you pass through the entrance and walk through the garden, you will see the most famous characters of this title. If you explore the surroundings, you will find many captivating surprises.

The hall was designed to make you feel comfortable due to the combination of styles. In the same way, it provides a birthday cake that proves the cultural impact of the best game in history. However, other elements, such as stickers, increase its rating.

The first mission in this Minecraft anniversary is to complete an emblem book. You will earn these badges as you progress in the adventure, and the more you earn, you will enjoy incredible prizes. When you enter the store, you will see the items that will be unlocked based on the number of stickers.

  • Ghost breeding
  • Baby Enderman
  • Pling zombie baby 
  • Baby zombie

There are 53 stickers on this map, and you’ll have to search every corner to find them. At Insiderbits, we will not reveal the locations to you, as we want to keep the magic of the adventure. We will only tell you that they are distributed in the different eras of the franchise.

Event News: What is the offer to users?

The discounts are without a doubt the most notable attraction since you will be able to purchase this software at an affordable price. The phone version costs $1.99, which represents a 70% discount, a reduction never seen before. Likewise, the option for computers offers a 50% reduction.

The last few days have been crazy. During the inauguration, hundreds of creators gathered to create a gigantic map. They also showed animations that, according to some rumors, will be used for the Minecraft movie. Likewise, there are daily updates that will improve the quality of the event.

You still have time to enjoy this video game’s surprises. It has been two weeks full of emotion since they presented and added new features to the old versions. The Minecraft museum houses items such as the first blocks used in the 2009 Survival Test version of Minecraft. new 

Many portals are available, such as the aquatic zone, a place that lovers of this platform will remember. We recommend exploring all the worlds to relive the most important adventures of this title. Best of all, you can access these scenarios in any order.

The best event in history?

The developers have invested a considerable amount of money in the marketing campaigns for this event. Fans consider the organization similar to that of a soccer World Cup. Furthermore, collaborating with influencers has been a smart strategy.

There are just a few days left until this event ends, and we are sure it will close with a bang. Stay tuned for updates, as you will receive many prizes to your account. If you wish, you can visit the store to see discounts on accessories for your character.

At Insiderbits, we consider this Minecraft anniversary the best of all. To date, it has yet to be seen in the streaming world. Therefore, we are sure that you will remember this holiday. You can find similar events on our blog, so don’t hesitate to visit it.


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