Can You Really Play GTA V on Mobile?

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If you’re looking for a way to play GTA V on mobile but are not sure where to start, Insiderbits is here to guide you through the process step by step.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll unravel the secrets of bringing the open-world excitement of Los Santos straight to your smartphone.


Sounds exciting? Get your fingers ready for action as we expose all the details about mobile GTA V gaming that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Is GTA V available for mobile?

While Rockstar has released older GTA games for mobile, GTA V does not have an official port – and it doesn’t look like it’s getting one anytime soon either.

There are many reasons you can’t officially play GTA V on mobile. First, the game is graphically demanding. Running it on mobile could result in a compromised experience.

Secondly, GTA V relies on a combination of controller inputs, which can be challenging to replicate on a touchscreen interface. Adapting it to mobile could really impact the gameplay.

Thirdly, GTA V is a large game in terms of file size and requirements. Many mobile devices don’t have enough storage space or system resources to run the game in the first place. 

However, not being able to play the game on your mobile does not mean you can’t use your mobile to play! It might sound confusing, but stay tuned as we explain how that works.

Ways you can play GTA V on mobile

While you can’t play GTA V using an official Rockstar mobile app, there are other ways to transport the city of Los Santos to your phone.

Let’s take a closer look at all the available methods so you can choose which one works better for your gaming needs.

Unofficial APKs

If you really want to play GTA V on your mobile device and have no other way of obtaining it, you can try your luck with unofficial APKs.

There are plenty of websites that offer a way into the game directly from your smartphone. But be advised: we at Insiderbits do not condone this method, and here is why:

Most websites that claim to have a working APK for GTA V are hosted on unfamiliar domains and may infect your mobile phone with malware and other viruses.

So if you choose this method, make sure to look for a reliable source. Preferably one with positive reviews.

Steam Link

play GTA V on mobile

This is undoubtedly the safest way you can play GTA V on your mobile device. This method has some conditions but works on the most up-to-date smartphones with no issues.

To make it work, you need high-speed internet, a copy of GTA V on Steam – which you need to install on your PC – and the Steam Link app installed on your phone.

If you don’t have the game on Steam and want to purchase it, be sure your PC can handle it first. GTA V is a heavy game and requires a good operating system. 

You can do so by checking the GTA V’s system requirements and performing a benchmark test. After the installation is complete, create a new profile and then launch the game.

Cloud Gaming

There are a few cloud gaming platforms that allow you to play GTA V on your mobile device, and they are all easy to use. 

In case you are not familiar, cloud gaming is a service that lets users play video games over the internet without the need for powerful hardware.

Instead of running the game on a local device like a console or a PC, the service uses remote servers and high-speed internet to deliver the experience to the player’s phone.

Most cloud gaming platforms work on both Android and iOS devices. Moonlight Game Streaming and Vortex Cloud Gaming are amongst the most popular options currently. 

Insiderbits’ pick to play GTA V on mobile: Steam Link

image 2023 10 04T231712.177

Steam Link is Insiderbits’ top choice for GTA V mobile play because of its effortless integration with the Steam library. 

This method guarantees that GTA V runs safely and smoothly on your mobile. Additionally, the adaptive settings make it ideal for the game’s mechanics on touch-screen devices.

Follow our easy guide below to set it all up and soon you’ll be able to play GTA V on your mobile without any hitches. 

  • Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, and that your PC and mobile are connected to the same network.
  • Then, install the Steam Link app on your smartphone. The app is free and it’s available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Open Steam on your PC and the Steam app on your phone.
  • On your PC, look for the “Settings” menu within the Steam client.
  • Next, find the “Remote Play” option and enable it. Then, click on “Pair Steam Link”.
  • Shortly after, your Steam Link app will find your PC and give you a four-digit PIN.
  • Type those four digits where it says “Authorize Device” on your Steam PC client.
  • After doing so, your phone will be paired with your PC and Steam will test the network to make sure it’s stable.
  • Once that is finished, you simply have to tap “Start Playing” on your mobile’s screen to access your Steam library and launch GTA V. 

That’s all it takes! With these steps completed, you’re now ready to explore Los Santos from the convenience of your phone no matter where you are. 

Similar GTA V games to play on mobile

If you don’t feel like going through too much trouble to play GTA V on mobile devices, we understand. The mobile gaming scene is vast, and there are other options available.

We at Insiderbits’ went on a scavenger hunt to bring you the best alternatives to GTA V out there. If you like adrenaline-pumping action and immersive storytelling, this is for you: 

  • Payback 2.
  • Gangster Crime.
  • MadOut2.
  • Gangstar N.Orleans.
  • The Grand Mafia.
  • Los Angeles Crimes.
  • City of Crime.
  • Grand Wars.
  • Mafia City.
  • Kingpin Underworld.

While play GTA V on mobile remains an unmatched masterpiece a decade after its release, mobile platforms have come a long way in delivering similar experiences.

The titles we mentioned above all offer a blend of open-world gaming, gripping storylines, and thrilling action, making them worthy alternatives for GTA enthusiasts.

The Verdict: Los Santos in Your Pocket

After exploring the world of mobile gaming, it’s clear that while you can’t directly play GTA V on mobile via an official app, solutions like Steam Link bridge that gap.

You now have the tools and the power to play GTA V on your smartphone, bringing Los Santos to the palm of your hand with a few easy steps. 

This in-depth guide is just a taste of what Insiderbits can bring to your table. We aim to bring you relevant insights so you’re always updated with the best hacks and solutions.

Have you enjoyed our analysis of how to play GTA V on mobile? There’s so much more to discover! Check out other exciting tutorials, reviews, and gaming secrets, only on Insiderbits.


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