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Do you know what indie games are? If you still don’t see the topic, you should continue reading. This industry grows more every day, as it is a constantly evolving and transforming medium. Along the way, sometimes developers get it right, and sometimes they don’t.

However, they always seek to rectify and correct mistakes to create the best independent video games. Currently, this world is still constantly booming regarding the production of such types of games. Therefore, we will immediately tell you its meaning, explore some details, and see its impact on the industry.

Definition of indie games


At the beginning of the 21st century, indie games appeared in the mainstream of video games. Of course, they had existed for a long time, but it was here where they were exhibited, making themselves known worldwide. Today, they are a solid part of this medium so much that it is prevalent to play, for example, God of War and Hollow Knight, among others.

As for its definition, they are all those games that no company financially supports. In the past, many enthusiasts of development and new technologies looked for a way to spread and share their creations.

So independent development has always been present, even though the internet was previously primitive. In the last ten years, independent video games have revolutionized the world significantly.

Independent game developers

Indie games, popularly known as indies, are created by small groups of people and companies. These do not have the financial support of distributors or advertisers. Their spread depends, to a large extent, on users sharing them with others, making them known in this way.

These generally focus on invention and online distribution. As we indicated before, in the 21st century, they have managed to expand significantly. This is due to the new distribution methods existing in the digital world, as well as the development tools.

Over the years, various video game series have emerged. Thus, becoming excellent references and influences among independent game creators. From Insiderbits, we can refer to some of the most notable ones, such as:

• Super Meat Boy.

• Stardew Valley.

• Minecraft.

• The Binding of Isaac.

Numerous independent video games have achieved financial success. Such is the case of Ark: Survival Evolved, World of Goo 2 Outlast, 7 Days To Die, and many more.

Indie Games vs. conventional games

There are several differences between indie games and conventional big-budget games. As we have been talking about, indies share common elements; they are created by small teams of people or small independent companies. This type of game has less content or duration compared to conventional games.

For their part, conventional games have a large budget and have all the resources at their disposal. Additionally, big-name studios have extensive investments in graphics, comprehensive marketing, and large development teams.

Unlike independents who work with small budgets and rely on digital distribution. But despite their limitations, these creators make up for it with their ingenuity, creativity, video game culture, and direct connection to users.

Exploring the indie games scene

The independent gaming scene consists of great diversity and creativity. We are talking about emotions, narrated adventures, and unique experiences. Those developers explore completely innovative genres and mechanics, so much so that experimentation and originality are characteristic and distinctive elements that define this community.

The growth of digital platforms for distribution has been crucial to the success of these games. Some platforms, such as and Steam, among other online servers, have given them space to expand. In this sense, they now do not require traditional distribution channels for their dissemination.

This way, access to the independent video game market has been democratized. So many independent game titles compete on equal terms with mainstream ones.

Independent video game genre

Independent game genres are classified according to their mechanics. We talk about everything that the user can do within the game, the particular rules, and occasionally its theme. The categories are comprehensive; however, we show you the main genres of indie video games below.


They are those where there are greater possibilities for exploration and interaction with other protagonists. Primarily, they are designed for a single participant; Survival, stealth, or battle royale games stand out here.


They comprise the most common video games on the market and are designed to eliminate enemies. They are characterized by having violent content.


They are based on overcoming or defeating adversaries by making decisions or strategic plans. Generally, they require a learning process to understand the mode of operation and master different elements.


As its name indicates, it consists of various sports games, such as tennis, boxing, golf, and football.


Here, it is possible to simulate all types of experiences. For example, pilot any ship, create universes from scratch, drive means of transport, and design characters. In many cases, this independent game involves incredible realism, leading the user to have a great experience.


The arcade game involves overcoming various challenges, such as mazes, knocking down opponents, and running away from dangers. This genre is usually mixed with others, such as strategic and adventure genres.


These games have the most significant number of players and fans. Here, there are various modalities, for example, tactical role, pure role, and MMORPG; the options are lost from sight.

Innovative indie game mechanics

Indie games are often underrated compared to AAA titles. However, they have become fertile ground for innovation in the video game industry. As you will see below, their innovative and revolutionary mechanics are characterized by unique elements.

Unique, unconventional narratives

This type of game challenges conventional narrative structures, offering complex and emotional stories. Some mechanics, such as decision-making, multiple endings, and exploring taboo topics, definitely break the line. So, they provide unique, immersive, and personalized experiences.  

Own visual style

Visual style and creativity flourish in independent video games. Many prefer unique art styles ranging from pixel art to hand-created illustrations. Such artistic freedom not only gives these games a unique aesthetic but also Well, they also shows that quality is not always measured in hyperrealistic graphics.

Original game mechanics

This mode of experience is a true hallmark of indie games—titles ranging from puzzles to combat systems challenge established conventions. Consequently, players will explore new ways of interacting with the world of video games.

Deep themes

To a large extent, these games profoundly involve social, philosophical, and even psychological themes. Elements that involve empathy, reflection, and emotional connection with the characters make it possible for such experiences to go beyond entertainment. In this sense, they leave a lasting and even reflective impression.

Inclusion and diversity

Representation is an essential factor in indie games. Mechanisms that encompass diversity of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation reflect the reality of today’s world. Likewise, players can connect with authentic, super-realistic, and very diverse characters.

The innovation of indie games goes beyond what was imagined. The titles created challenge established norms and define new video game industry frontiers.

Impact on the video game industry

The footprint of independent video games is truly significant in the gaming industry as it challenges established norms. Its tremendous influence spreads daily, and new ideas and trends are introduced. These are driving innovation in narratives, design, and technology.

Indies have shown that quality does not necessarily depend on budget. Redefining landscapes and offering unique experiences resonate with users in unexpected ways. This system dramatically impacts social, media, and economic levels, competing with high-level industries. Therefore, it has managed to advance enormously in the video game medium.

Overall, indie games represent a vibrant manifestation of diversity and originality in the entertainment industry. Through a decentralized approach, such projects continue to defy expectations. They offer unique experiences and are consolidated as an essential, integral, and innovative part of the world of video games.

What do you think of Indie Games?

indie games have made a difference in the industry. So much so that they offer users a system entirely of innovation, creativity, art, and video game culture. In this way, they have enabled many developers with small budgets to create authentic, high-quality games.

At Insiderbits, we have compiled all this information so you know the topic in depth. But in addition to this, we also have a wide variety of similar items that may interest you. For this reason, we want to invite you to get to know them and learn about them.


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