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Netflix’s free mobile games are an excellent option to have fun wherever you are. As a Netflix subscriber, you can access a collection of titles to play at no cost on your device. These casual games allow you to immerse yourself in a very varied universe of fun and entertainment.

If you like arcades, puzzles, or educational games, you’ll find entertaining options developed entirely for subscribers. Are you ready to explore the catalog of free games? With this Insiderbits tutorial, you will discover how to find, choose, and download Netflix’s free mobile games to enjoy them wherever you want.

What are Netflix’s free mobile games?


Netflix’s free mobile games are a collection of video games for subscribers. These games are optimized for iOS and Android devices to be downloaded easily.

One of the main characteristics of these games is that they have no additional cost. You must install the Netflix app on your mobile device and log in to your existing account. This way, you access the games without paying anything extra.

Another important aspect is that many titles are based on popular Netflix series and movies. For example, games are set in the universe of Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and The Squid Game, among others. It gives added value to the service since it complements the audiovisual content of the platform.

As for genres, you will find card games, puzzles, action, strategy, racing, and more. Netflix seeks to have a varied library of titles to attract different types of casual gamers. It should be noted that these games do not have advertising or in-app purchases.

How to find Netflix’s free mobile games

Netflix’s free mobile games can be gotten through the mobile application for Android and iOS devices. You can find the fun in two ways:

Directly from the application home screen. A highlighted “Mobile Games” row appears where the available titles are displayed. Swipe this row to see all games and tap any to get more information or install it.

Through the Play Store or the App Store. You can use the search bar to find a game you know belongs to Netflix games. Besides, you can use related keywords like “Netflix.”

You must ensure you have the updated mobile application version to access them.

How to choose the game you like

With a growing collection of titles available, choosing one of Netflix’s free mobile games can be difficult. There are several ways to find the games that interest you most:

• One option is to explore the row or section dedicated to mobile games within the Netflix app. There, you can see all the titles grouped and read a brief description of each one. Swipe for more options and tap on any game that catches your attention for more details.

• Another way is to look for games based on your favorite series or movies. If you enjoyed a title like Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel, the games in these universes will likely be attractive to you. Use the search engine to find them easily.

• You can filter games by genre or category depending on your preferences. Netflix allows you to choose between action, arcade, adventure, puzzles, cards, and more. Select the category that you enjoy the most to narrow down the options.

• Read the descriptions and age ratings of the games to identify which ones most align with your interests. It will give you a better idea of the gameplay and difficulty before installing them.

Don’t be afraid to try new games in genres you haven’t explored. Part of the fun is discovering types of games you didn’t know you might like. With trial and error, you will find ideal titles for you.

How to download Netflix’s free mobile games

Downloading and installing them is a simple process that only takes a few steps. Follow the instructions corresponding to your type of device to obtain unrestricted games from the platform quickly and easily.

On Android devices

• Open the Netflix app.

• Swipe the home screen to see the “Mobile Games” row.

• Find the game you want to install and press the “Download game” button.

• The Play Store will open. Press “Install”.

• Accept permissions if necessary.

• Once the installation is complete, press “Open” to start the game.

On iPhone/iPad

• Open the Netflix app.

• Swipe the home screen to see the “Mobile Games” row.

• Find the game you want to install and press “Download game.”

• Tap the “Get” button or the cloud on the App Store banner.

• Once the installation is complete, press “Open” to start the game.

Remember that you need an active subscription to access the free games.

What types of games does Netflix offer?

Netflix organizes all its games by category to facilitate the user experience. Among the types, we have:


Into the Dead 2: Unleashed. Action and shooting game set in a zombie apocalypse.

Samurai Shodown. It’s a classic sword-fighting game.

Tomb Raider Reloaded. Adventure and action game starring Lara Croft.


Kentucky Route Zero. It is a surreal narrative adventure on a mysterious underground highway.

Twelve Minutes. It’s an interactive thriller with a time loop starring renowned actors.

Stranger Things 3: The Game. Adventure game based on the Netflix series.


World of Goo. Physics puzzle where you must build structures with goo balls.

Sonic Prime Dash. Racing game with the famous Sega blue hedgehog.

Teeter (Up) Remastered. Balance game of a ball on a platform.


Arcanium: Rise of Akhan. Card game with dungeon and open-world elements.

Explosive kittens. “Don’t drop the bomb” style card game.

Card Blast. It’s a casual version of poker.


Spiritfarer. Death simulation game where you guide souls to the afterlife.

Country Friends. Agricultural simulator in which you grow and take care of a farm.

Flutter Butterflies. Breed and collect different species of butterflies.


Wonderputt Forever. It’s a minigolf game with surreal settings that constantly change.

Football Manager 2024. Football simulator where you manage a professional club.


Into the Breach. Defend humanity from an alien invasion in this turn-based game.

Terra Nil. Transform a devastated environment into an ecological paradise.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms. Strategy game set in ancient China.

How to play Netflix’s free mobile games offline

Most of Netflix’s free mobile games can be offline once downloaded and installed. An Internet connection is only required for the initial download. However, some fun with multiplayer or online components must keep the connection active during gameplay.

Once the game is downloaded, you can turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection and run the game normally. The same applies to iPhones/iPads. At Insiderbits, we recommend you download the games in advance when you have a Wi-Fi connection available. This way, you can play them later without consuming mobile data.

If a game receives updates or patches, the connection will be required again momentarily to download the news. Games that use cloud progress may occasionally require a link to sync data. This, although it can be played without problem in offline mode.

Before playing a title offline, it is advisable to check the game file in the Netflix app. If you have additional online requirements, check if your device meets them to ensure the best experience.

Minimum requirements to play on a cell phone or Tablet

Let’s look at the minimum requirements to be able to run Netflix’s free mobile games on cell phones and tablets:

• Have a compatible mobile device. It includes phones or tablets running Android 8.0 or higher and iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches running iOS/iPadOS 15 or higher.

• Have an active Netflix subscription. Games are an included benefit for subscribers.

• Have an internet connection to download and install each game initially. They can then be played offline.

• Enough storage space on the device to install the games. Depending on the title, these can take a few megabytes to gigabytes.

• In some specific cases, certain games may have additional requirements, such as a specific operating system version or compatibility with some device models. It is a good idea to check the list of requirements for each game before installing it.

It is important to note that Netflix’s free mobile games are unavailable on children’s profiles. Only adults can access and install the titles on their profiles.

How do you get more juice from your streaming subscription?

Netflix’s free mobile games represent an excellent entertainment option accessible to all platform subscribers. This collection of titles has something for everyone, from action-adventure games to puzzles and more.

Downloading and installing games on your mobile device is simple and fast. Just ensure you have the updated app, available storage, and an internet connection when downloading them. Then, you can have fun with them even when you are offline. Find your next favorite game and get the most out of your subscription!

If you want to discover more tricks on how to get the most out of Netflix, at Insiderbits, we invite you to see our post: How to learn English by watching Netflix.


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