Bird Alone: Google Indie Games Festival Winner

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Bird Alone has achieved enormous success since winning the Google Games festival. Its number of downloads and stars is increasing. That’s why we recommend trying it at Insiderbits, especially if you are a pet lover.

After the successful launch of Tamagotchi, the variants of this new game have multiplied. In this new application, you can relive that time with a friendly parrot that will be much more than a pet. You will be able to share great moments with him. Learn more in this post.

What is Bird Alone?


Bird Alone is a fun game where the protagonist is a parrot with whom you can interact, talk, and ask questions, just like a real bird. It will not only be your pet but also your friend and companion. Whenever you are bored, you can ask him questions of all kinds, and he will answer you in a very original way.

Just like a Tamagotchi, you must care for and feed your bird. After a long conversation, give him his fruits and seeds. He will also need you to cheer him up and entertain him with pleasant music when he is sad. He will ask you many funny questions when he is in a good mood.

But in addition to cheering him up with good music, your feathered friend can also play beautiful melodies he composed on his guitar. Enjoy the best jazz, electronic, and folk music compositions performed by your feathered friend.

He will also need much affection from you, so show him how much you love him by petting his plumage. This way, you can encourage him to ask you anything that comes to mind. You can respond with words or with a stylish drawing. We should have mentioned this game on Insiderbits.

How to play Bird Alone?

This game stands out for its simplicity, intuitive handling, and colorful graphics. The graphics represent a relaxing jungle landscape where your little bird lives. First, download the game and register so your partner can get to know you better.

Android & iOS

Once registered, you can start expressing yourself with your bird friend. The character can ask you a question or ask you to express yourself with a drawing. He can see it and give an opinion like an actual human would. The answers he can provide are very clever.

Among the topics that this colorful parrot loves to discuss, most are reflections on life and being human, but at the same time, you can have fun with dynamic activities. If you love to philosophize, the winner of independent games should be included in your favorite apps.

You must be very constant in your interaction with your friend. It can last 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. After that time, you can no longer interact with the parrot but can check its screens. The application will also allow you to configure your notifications as you use it.

Bird Alone paid version

The app also offers a paid version that provides more benefits, such as unlimited interaction. This paid version is available for Apple and costs $2.99. It is not an exaggerated amount and is worth investing in if you are happy with the application.

Is Bird Alone worth downloading?

This Tamagotchi-type game is a perfect proposal for those who do not know how to socialize and must overcome loneliness. It is also for those who love pets but whose budget does not allow them to keep a real one. This friend will always be available whenever you need him and from wherever you need him.

In this game, you will have a pet and a friend who thinks like a human and can interact with you. The character has a personality, and you can understand him very well. However, if you can’t pay for the premium version, you won’t be able to interact with it as much as you want.

It is a good entertainment tool for everything else that has rightly won this gaming festival. It is a perfect combination of an artificial intelligence chatbot and a Tamagotchi, ideal for users of all ages looking for something new.

What do you think of the Google Indie Games Festival winner?

We hope that you have enjoyed this Insiderbits article and this fabulous game. It is highly recommended for those who want a pet but cannot have one. It’s another level of virtual pets.

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