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Probably nothing else in the world is as talked about as artificial intelligence currently. Its journey to disrupt our lives has already begun and is set to become an integral part of our future. Thus, it is safe to say that AI professionals are in growing demand.

If you are a student and interested in tech, it is a lucrative career option for which you can start preparing today to get a head start over others. And, Amazon’s AI initiative – AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program – is here to help you with that.


What does this scholarship program contain? Are you eligible for it? What is the application process? You will know everything about it by the end of this post from Insiderbits.

What is the AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program

AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program is launched to help underserved students explore the world of generative AI so deeply that they can develop a career out of it. It is a joint venture of Amazon AWS and Udacity where successful applicants can earn up to 2 Udacity Nanodegrees.

However, even if only 2000 students are going to win the scholarship, every applicant meeting the prerequisites will get access to 20 hours of training modules and tutorials worth $250 for free. Thus, applying for it is a no-brainer as it can be a great start to your AI career.


AI and ML are going to transform almost every industry soon. However, currently, there is a huge shortage of such developers. Thus, the ones well equipped in this tech are going to be sought after by employers willing to pay a lucrative salary.

This scholarship program will take you from being a complete beginner to an expert who got his hands dirty to have practical knowledge that employers value.

In other words, you won’t get here online lectures that are brimming with information but of no practical value. 

It is a full-scale development program where you will work on real-work projects, learn using various programming tools, get technical support, and even receive mentorship and career guidance from industry experts.

Everything for free if you are eligible.

Are You Eligible?

Any high school and college student over the age of 16 can apply for this program. However, it is targeted towards underrepresented and underserved students curious about tech.

Even though job opportunities related to AI and ML are on an exponential rise, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and people of color are behind in grabbing them. So, this program acts as an equalizer and encourager for students in these communities.

How to Apply for This Scholarship Program

Step 1: Apply for Amazon DeepRacer Student

Go to this link and start your application by applying for AWS DeepRacer Student. Any student of 16+ age is eligible. 

Here you will take your first steps in learning ML by building and racing a self-governed vehicle in a 3D simulated environment. Completing this step is a prerequisite for applying for the scholarship ahead.

It will also lay a foundation and help you prepare for the upcoming learning program.

Step 2: Complete the prerequisites and submit the application

After you complete the AWS DeepRacer Student, you will get a unique application code on Udacity. As you submit your scholarship application, you will get free enrollment to the Introducing Generative AI with AWS course (including a certificate upon completion).

Step 3: Get Scholarship 1 – AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

2000 applicants will be selected to receive a 3-month virtual nanodegree scholarship of value $4000. The AI Programming with Python course includes real-world projects, programming tools, technical support, access to exclusive events, and mentoring.

Learn more about this course here

Step 4: Get Scholarship 2 – Deep Learning & ML Engineer Nanodegree

The top 500 students in the previous stage will get another nano degree scholarship in Deep Learning and ML engineering. Students will receive personalized mentorship and career guidance from industry experts.

Learn more about this course here

Important Dates

1 Feb to 31 May 2024

Applications for the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program are accepted on the Udacity website. You need to complete AWS DeepRacer Student and apply for the scholarship by the end of it.

14 June 2024

Those who are granted the scholarship will be notified.

19 June 2024

AI Programming with Python Nanodegree starts.

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This is a great initiative by Amazon and Udacity. Now the ball is in your court to apply and take advantage of it. Even if you don’t belong to the underserved category this program targets, you will at least receive an AI course worth $250 for free. Start your journey to become an AI expert now.


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