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Would you like to know if free online video editing courses are available? Currently, the consumption of audiovisual material has proliferated without precedent in the universe of social networks. In this way, video editing is already considered one of the most in-demand skills in the world of employment.

In this sense, students, freelancers, and content creators must learn this skill. That is why, this time, we will present you with the best platforms where you can become a professional for free.

Best platforms with video editing courses


Free courses can teach you about the world of film editing. This way, you can acquire a new skill that is highly in demand in the current labor market since film is one of the most produced and consumed media on the leading social media platforms.

Therefore, if you don’t know where to start, we will present more accessible alternatives below. If you need help knowing where to start or you need more financial resources for paid academies, explore the following options.

Edutin Academy Video Editing Course

One of the first options for learning how to use it is to contact the top through this online school. This is because its content is aimed at offering complete and versatile content.

Along these same lines, this training program covers different programs, such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier. These are the favorite programs for editing and producing cinematic content. Nevertheless, it is completed with alternative resources, such as applications for Android and iPhone.

This course contains four modules. The first introduces editing in general. The second and third units present essential concepts for video editing in After Effects and Premiere, respectively. The fourth unit is to study editing through mobile apps.

Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro from Udemy

Udemy is one of the most recognized platforms for offering various courses. That is why we can find comprehensive options in free video editing courses within your options.

In this sense, we can highlight the Video Editing course with Adobe Premiere. This course delves into audiovisual production through this program and videography, guaranteeing professional editing learning.

This course begins with topics such as how video works and frames. It then teaches how to create attractive material using primary effects and text and concludes with the importance of audio effects and export formats.

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X from Skill Share

We include SkillShare in our list. It is a platform that offers a training program in video editing using Final Cut Pro X. This is a handy program in the universe of audiovisual content production.

It is a course that delves into creating videos with excellent care and aesthetic finish. Moreover, it contains a prodigious complement to the editing methods that produce a professional and attractive result.

Diverse, outstanding examples of typical and contemporary cinema are discovered within the classes of this course. Likewise, it highlights the importance of conducting the work so that the final product can impact emotions.

Domestika video production and editing

It is an alternative platform we must embrace when selecting video editing courses. This page will help you find the Video Production and Editing course with a DSL Camera and Adobe Premiere.

On this occasion, we found a training program focused on essential camera angles and styles for video editing. This course provides a solid foundation for creativity.

It is important to remember that this course is about creating professional content using equipment. Therefore, it can be considered a program aimed at experts in audiovisual production. However, it starts from the basics of videography.

Udemy Smartphone Video Editing

To close our list, we have involved an alternative for beginners. This time, Udemy is offering us a mobile phone editing course. It is an excellent option for content creators for social networks and shorts.

This course starts by giving tools and tips for basic camera settings. It then focuses on optimizing the camera and getting the most out of it through multiple advanced functions. It promises a final edition that is quite good and has a professional touch.

During this course, you will learn how to edit videos from your Smartphone with free applications. It covers topics ranging from telling a short story to making a short film with your mobile phone.

What can we add to the best Video Editing Courses?

Since you have accompanied us to the end of this selection, you undoubtedly already know the best free courses for video editing. But, its choice may be conditioned to the particular objective of each person. This is due to the selection of programs and available equipment.

Nevertheless, once you start cultivating this skill, you can develop new knowledge currently in high demand. Furthermore, with time and experience, you must specialize in a specific tool and project.


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