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The medical terminology courses below will suit you like a glove if you work or are related to the health and medical sciences sector. In the following post, we have prepared a series of options you cannot miss.

Everybody knows that those in medical-related jobs are expected to handle health language adequately. It is crucial to carry out tasks properly and understand the nature of each process or treatment.

Why do you need to take a medical terminology course?


Medical terminology can often sound like a completely different language to us. This is why taking a free online course is highly advisable, especially if you are part of a medical team at an institution.

The study program for medical or scientific careers generally includes the content taught in these paths in the study program for medical or scientific careers. However, they can also be found for free and online, as is the case of those we recommend below. Read on to discover what they are all about and what each offers.

But before proceeding, a clarification is worth mentioning. Although the programs are free to access and you can view their material, some require a modest payment to access the corresponding certification. In any case, you can start any of them and decide whether to continue.

You should take a health vocabulary course for multiple reasons. Therefore, if any of the following reasons coincide with what you are looking for, it will be your signal to decide to start:

  • Prerequisite for university or some academic program.
  • Condition to opt for a specific job.
  • Any other instance in which medical documentation or terminology knowledge is essential.
  • Or for personal interest.

Free online medical terminology courses

Now, let’s move on to what concerns us. Below, we will leave a small list of what we consider the best online medical terminology paths. This list doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive but selective.

Introduction to Medical Terminology – Alison Academy

Alison is one of the most renowned free learning platforms in the world. It is a non-profit social institution that enables various options in terms of academic training, one of which is its Introduction to Medical Terminology course.

In this class, you will learn the basics of medicinal jargon. After completing it, you will be able to speak and understand the “medical language” fluently and without setbacks. It is undoubtedly a free program option to consider. You will study the most common suffixes and prefixes in medicine.

Medicine has a distinctive and highly specialized language. The path offered by Alison will help you develop a useful medical vocabulary for any task. During this introduction, you will be able to get closer to the basic terms used to describe the human body and its multiple organs, diseases, and disorders.

Throughout this free online course (which lasts only 3 hours), you will learn about the different parts of the human body, medical equipment, and more. Below, we leave a list with the main contents addressed:

  • Description of the eyes and ears using specific medical vocabulary.
  • Identification of the medical equipment that constitutes an on-call room.
  • Recognition of frequent names in laboratory tests.
  • Explanation of the everyday use of medical acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Recognition of names and abbreviations used for diagnoses and therapeutic procedures.

Online Medical Terminology Course – Des Moines University

This course offered by Des Moines University is for anyone interested in understanding commonly used medical terms and their meaning that does not require official certification (You need to pay a fee for this)—a sum determined according to the program.

The free path allows you to access 15 complete modules at no cost. You also need only register to access premium features like progress tracking. We should note that you need access to the certificate to officially and legally guarantee that you have completed the path.

On the other hand, if you register and access the premium version, you will be able to access an official certificate issued by the University and the following extra content:

  • A two-hour certificate of attendance that you can use as valid and official accreditation of your acquired knowledge in health language.
  • Audios with the correct pronunciation of each medical term used.
  • Access to evaluations after completing each module.
  • Final questionnaire of 30 questions that will demonstrate that you have mastered all the medical terms studied.

When you complete this free online course, you can apply to any professional medical school or start your studies in nursing or physiotherapy, for example. This program will provide you with what you need to begin understanding “medical jargon,” which will undoubtedly represent an advantage in your work communication.

Medical Terminology Course I – Rice University

With Rice University’s Medical Terminology Course, you will discover the importance of mastering health jargon while being introduced to using fundamental words to name the parts and concepts that concern the human organism. You will also learn about their organization and how to interpret a medical report correctly.

Throughout each module, you will delve into three specific systems of the human body and learn their respective terms: the integumentary, urinary, and musculoskeletal systems. For each, fun video classes will be prepared to test your skills through interactive activities and real-life examples.

You will also have the opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills within a medical establishment.

After you thoroughly complete it, you will find yourself officially qualified to:

  • Explain the relevance of using the medicinal lexicon to comprehend its applications in the real world.
  • Enrich your health words by using and recognizing prefixes, suffixes, roots, and abbreviations.
  • Accurately extract information from specific medical reports.

Decipher terms related to the specific fields of the integumentary, urinary, and musculoskeletal systems and be able to decompose the parts of the words to deduce their meanings correctly.

Is everything clear about the medical terminology courses?

Now that you know the basics about why to get medical terminology in medical-related fields, you are ready to choose how to continue your professional training. The programs we have presented to you are complete and comprehensive, but they vary in their level of faith and depth.

Alison’s is a basic introduction, while Rice University’s addresses more specific topics, which can be heavier if you’re starting to learn about them. That’s why we leave you all the information we gather at the reach of a click so that you can compare which option best suits your specific needs.

Accessible online paths represent chances to enrich your academic and work training in many diverse areas. We also want to invite you to this reading about three free courses on AI.


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