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If you like automotive mechanisms, online car mechanic courses are an excellent option to start. Whether you want to repair your cars or dedicate yourself to this trade, it is easy to learn the right path.

For this reason, at Insiderbits, we bring you four interesting free programs currently on the market today. Next, we will show you its main characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The four top Car Mechanic Courses today


Nowadays, countless Car Mechanic Courses on the Internet focus on different specialties. After carefully comparing some of the most popular ones, we will show you the ones that offer the best content.

1. Learn how to perform automotive diagnostics

We started our list from Udemy, which Asoro Automotive sponsors. The path “Learn to Perform Automotive Diagnostics” teaches one of the critical basics of mechanics: identifying faults.

According to the academy’s website, in this path, you will learn, among other things, 4 points of vital importance:

  • The use of electrical and computer diagnostic tools.
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical components and parts.
  • Basics of automotive diagnostics and valuable tips to improve them.

This program concentrates on several videos that provide practical and detailed information about computerized diagnosis. These videos are part of a longer course that also offers other benefits, such as:

  • Live chat with Asoro Automotive experts.
  • Technical advice for acquiring spare parts and automobiles completely free of charge.
  • Live video calls for support and consultation during diagnostic work.

As you can see, the path to acquiring the fundamentals of automotive computerized diagnosis for free is complete. However, to delve deeper into the topic, you must opt for the paid version, a more complete program.

2. Auto Mechanic Training

Next, our suggested Car Mechanic Courses list is well-liked among mechanics and students. It is the “Auto Mechanic Training” program taught by Alison, a renowned online learning platform.

Unlike the previous path, which only focused on a specific point, this program deals with general mechanisms. If you decide to take this option, you can familiarize yourself with the parts that make up a vehicle and its most common failures. Upon completion of it, you will be able to:

  • Diagnose the fuel, electrical, and cooling systems of any vehicle.
  • Understand the principal safety regulations to be followed as an automotive mechanic.
  • Identify faults using the dashboard lights to resolve them.
  • Check, repair, and replace a car’s brake and tire systems.

To do this, the path consists of two modules: one with the didactic content and another with the evaluations. In the first module, you will find six sections in which you will learn how to perform general maintenance on a car. Furthermore, you know about the diverse automotive systems and even some car-buying tips!

Its main advantage is that the platform gives you a diploma accredited by the CPD, certifying your skills. It is an excellent option if you want a free program to dedicate yourself professionally to automotive procedures.

3. Diesel Engine Basics

Our next recommended free course also belongs to Aliso but is focused on a particular type of system: diesel engines. The “Diesel Engine Basics” path is designed for those who want to specialize in this kind of Tech.

If you are an automotive mechanic and want to become familiar with diesel engines and how they work, this program is for you. As with all Alison classes, “Diesel Engine Basics” is divided into two modules: content and assessments.

In the content module, you will find seven sections in which you can learn, among other things, the following points:

  • Know the different systems and components of diesel engines and their operation.
  • Learn the specific terminology for this type of mechanics.
  • Identify the five central support systems of a diesel engine.
  • Compare and understand the differences between different diesel engines.

Once again, Alison offers another benefit to completing this course—a CPD-accredited skills certification. So, besides specializing in diesel engines, this certificate can improve your resume.

4. Car and Motorcycle Repairs

Finally, we want to discuss a path that offers complete content: “Car and Motorcycle Repairs.” It is a series of modules provided by Cursa, a renowned online training platform that is free of charge.

Each module was developed by experts in different areas, from basic repairs to more advanced work. Its content is very educational and easy to understand, covering different areas of automotive mechanics such as:

  • Vehicle maintenance classes.
  • Vehicle operation in general.
  • Operation of electric vehicles.
  • Diesel mechanics.
  • Fundamentals of automotive engineering.
  • And even how to paint a vehicle at home!

All these modules can be found in video, audio, and PDF from the web or the platform app. Moreover, Cursa offers certificates of completion for all its courses—completely free! It would be best to look at this course to learn different mechanics on a single platform.

Learn or improve your craft with online Car Mechanic Courses

Nowadays, learning automotive mechanics can be a great advantage from any point of view. If you do it for personal use, you can diagnose and repair your vehicle, saving you a visit to the workshop. On the other hand, if you want to dedicate yourself professionally, car mechanics courses are excellent to start.

Whatever your motivation, you will find endless free programs with varied content and some with a certificate available. If you like learning online, you can find reviews of the best online courses at Insiderbits today.


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