Understanding and Using Strava: Your Fitness Tracker

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Strava is the ideal application for tracking your physical activities. Whether you are a cyclist, runner, walker, or swimmer, you can record your progress, complete challenges with the community, and much more.

It’s time to pursue those goals you want to achieve with perseverance, dedication, motivation, and all the help of this application on your mobile device. Please get to know everything it offers you and start taking advantage of it in your daily life.

Strava: to train, track, and share with everyone


It is an app for athletes that offers a social network and the ability to analyze your statistics as you record activity. You will have access to data on the distances traveled, times, slopes, and a line on the map of the routes.

Thus, the social fitness tracker is where you can share your routes or achievements with a large interactive community. It offers a free version, complete with exciting functions, and a paid version with exclusive improvements, which is quite accessible.

It is often trendy among cyclists, as they find challenges to achieve together or individually over some time. Use GPS to track your movements and record your runs, walks, or workouts with good precision.

The main features of the application

This fitness tracker has many exciting features for any athlete, including some lovely prizes. Some brands offer discounts for future purchases when you join challenges within the application.

There are also segments, for example, created by their members themselves. If you join a segment and compete with the other members, achieving the best time, you can be the King or Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM). Strava also has the following main functions:

  • Plan your routes before you go running, cycling, or walking.
  • Records the entire route with the GPS, which makes them quite precise on the map.
  • You can be part of many daily, weekly, or long-term challenges.
  • Create your club to organize outings with your team or friends.
  • Share your results with a large community, where you can be the one who receives the most “kudos” of support.

Step by step to download Strava

It is easy to start using the most popular physical activity tracker among athletes. Access the Play Store. Look for Strava. It stands out for its orange logo with some arrows inside.

Ensure you have approximately 130 MB of space for its correct operation. It would be best to have Android 8.0 or higher; the version also varies depending on the device since it is available for mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and similar.

This app has a perfect rating on Google Play, with 4.8 stars, over 50 million downloads, and excellent user recommendations. Its users highlight the social element proposed and the personal challenges you can encourage yourself to achieve.

Android & iOS

All features and how to start using the app

The application is intuitive and has a well-designed interface with visible buttons and access. You can carry it on your mobile phone or smartwatch and closely follow all your physical activities with statistics and help.

By downloading Strava, you can configure your profile quickly when you open the app. If you are a cyclist, you must select this sport and the type of bike you ride. The application starts with a summary of all recorded activities, maps, groups, a profile, and the record activities button.

Segments are essential within the application. They are the most popular sections or paths that users share. Scores and best marks are created according to the established times of all the athletes who pass through those places. Explore them or create your own using the “map” option.

It offers messaging, a search engine, and notifications like any other social network. But once you want to start recording your activities, a map will open, and when you press the “start” button, the magic begins. Try saving your following route and share your results with everyone.

Your fitness tracker is Strava

Dare to use this application to follow your favorite athletes, friends, or acquaintances once you are inside. You will find routes you want to run or do on your bike and share all the routes you already know so others can explore them.

With Insiderbits, you can also learn more about Health Tracker, which will help you monitor your health and complement the Strava app. Many combinations of tools will help you grow and professionalize your physical activities, so we encourage you to start with these.


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