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Books, just like dogs, are a man’s best friend. And a library is like a mutual acquaintance that introduces you both. However, in this fast-paced world, we want everything instantly. Thus, going to the library, creating a library card, and borrowing a book may feel like a hassle.

Luckily, there is a solution for that as well – an app that brings your local library into your pocket. So, if you are interested, let our team at Insiderbits show you this amazing app to fulfill your love of books.

Libby: App Overview and Features


Do you know thousands of libraries all over the world provide you with ebooks and audiobooks for free? But, with Libby, you don’t even have to go anywhere to access them. Instead, it brings them to you and gives you a complete reading experience. How?

Libby is connected with all major libraries and is a one-stop medium to create a library card for any of them. Once you have it, you will have access to all the ebooks and audiobooks that particular library offers.

Not just that, Libby also has a built-in reader that allows you to have a personalized reading experience.


  1. Borrow ebooks and audiobooks – With it, you can borrow as well as download your requested item. That means you can steam your audiobook which may otherwise take up a considerable space.
  1. Create a wishlist – When you are just browsing the available titles from your nearby library, it has the option to save the interesting ones that you may want to come back to later on.
  1. Sync your data – If you are using multiple devices, it helps to know that Libby automatically syncs your data. So, the book you are reading will be waiting for you with a synced last reading position.
  1. Highlight important insights – Whether you are reading an ebook or listening to an audiobook, you can add bookmarks, notes, and highlights on the pages you found insightful.

The best part about Libby is that it is completely free and doesn’t show you ads to monetize itself. This greatly enhances the reading experience for all book lovers.

Libby: Pros and Cons


  1. Built-in ebook and audiobook reader – Its built-in reader gives you a complete set of features you need for more effective reading. Some of them are customizable backgrounds, zoom text, highlight, speed up/slow down audio, etc.
  1. Wide variety of books available – With access to books from thousands of libraries, it offers you classics, bestsellers, and magazines to read instantly.
  1. Desktop version available – Now, you can even read or listen to your books from your desktop with Libby’s website. This is a relief if you like to read a book from a bigger screen.


  1. Limited titles – If you have gone to a library, you know that it mostly has old classics only. So, you won’t be finding a book released recently.
Android & iOS

How to Download and Start Using Libby

Step 1: Click on the below links to go to the Google Play Store/App Store and download the app.

Download Libby (Android)

Download Libby (iOS)

Step 2: Open the app and it will ask you if you have a library card. If not, it will request to know your location to connect you with libraries nearby. You will also have the option to search for your library manually.

Step 3: Once you have picked a library, you have to create a library card. Click on “I Would Like a Card”. Here, it will also show you available titles in this library.

Step 4: Create your digital library card and you are on your way to instantly access its thousands of books.

Libraries may give digital library cards to their city/state residents only. Thus, you may not be able to apply for a library card in New York while living in LA.

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Libby is a public service to all those who love to read books. It is completely free and legal. So, if you also love reading books but don’t want to buy them, then Libby is the perfect app for you.


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