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Have you heard of what’s my name? This website helps you find profiles by doing a name search on the internet. If you are looking for a person with this tool, you can find them by searching their social networks. Do you want to know more about how this web search is done? Don’t miss our post! At Insiderbits, we will explain it to you.

What's my name

What is what’s my name?

What’s my name? It is a tool that allows you to find the names you want on different sites on the Internet. The name search results will appear after you enter the name and select the topic category. Although this is optional, if you prefer, you can leave the option blank and press search.


This is a great advantage. Since it does a complete web search on all the social networks, pages, and forums where that person has an account. Which makes things a lot easier. Among its tools are the following:

•      Filters by category.

•      Search results.

•      Export to CSV and other formats.

Finally, it extracts the latest version of the project’s JSON file when it runs. As you can see, it is a very complete tool. It is also elementary to use.

How does what’s my name work?

What’s my name is made up of a JSON file with detections. Shipments from people around the world are included. When you make a request from this web search, the server responds with data that will match one of our detections. What’s my name will tell the script if a valid user account exists with the name you specify.

Step by step to use the tool

Chris Poulter created this site with an easy-to-use web interface. You only need basic knowledge to use it and follow this step-by-step:

•      The first thing you have to do is enter the official Name page.

•      Next, you type the username of the person you want to find in the name search bar.

•      If you want, you can filter the search by the “Filter Category.” If you prefer, you can select them all.

•      Click on the “Search” image

•      You wait for me to do the search.

Finally, it will show you a data repository where it will list the names of users found on different websites. You will see it expressed in the following way:

•      On the left side are the sites where you have found the user profile.

•      On the right side, the duplicate sites with their category and the website link.

On the right side, the filter by username will also appear. There, you can filter what you want to see. You can select 10, 25, 50 rows, or all. After you choose the option you prefer, press copy. All the user information you are looking for will automatically be copied to the trash. If you want, you can download it in Excel file or PDF.

Advanced search on What’s my name and its reliability

You can perform an advanced web search on What’s My Name. To do this, click on any websites in the left box. By doing so, you will be able to view information about the person you are looking for.

Concerning its veracity, you can be confident in this tool’s service. The OSINT COMBINE company created it. The company is responsible for developing OSINT tools to develop business strategies. This tool is handy for drawing a person’s digital profile. It is widely used by journalists and researchers, among others.

Points to consider

With this web search tool, you will be able to access the platforms where the user you are looking for has a profile. Among the peculiarities that this search engine has are the following:

•      It doesn’t work if you enter special characters.

•      Sometimes, when you go to enter a new username, all the squares appear yellow.

In the latter case, I advise you to refresh the page every time you go to write a username. If you consider these details, you will not have problems when using the tool.

The best tool

Did you see how useful What’s My Name can be? It is easy to use. Without a doubt, it will be advantageous to get the name you are looking for. If you want to find much more helpful information, we invite you to visit us on our website.


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