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Do you work in the entertainment sector and need free sound effects? You’ve come to the right website. In Insiderbits, we will present you with the best sites with a vast sound catalog for your creations.

Top 10 Best Websites with Free Sound Effects

At Insiderbits, we know that free sound effects are critical components in producing your videos. They can help you create an emotional connection with your audience and improve the effectiveness and quality of your videos. 


When creating a video, having the best effects resources at hand is relevant. For this reason, we have collected the top 10 pages of free sound effects.

1.    Envato Elements:

The first page with free sound effects we want to introduce you to is called Envato Elements. It’s quite an exciting site with one of the most attractive visual interfaces. In addition to offering you a collection of effects, imagine having access to a vast music library at your fingertips – a world of endless possibilities.

This fantastic feature lets you easily download and enjoy your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. Among the most outstanding sounds are:

  • Games
  • Domestic
  • Cartoon
  • Human
  • Urban
  • Futuristic
  • Interface

And finally, you will get industrial sound effects. On Envato Elements, you can get over 80,000 downloadable, royalty-free results. Although it is a free website, it has a paid version that allows you to unlock new features—even many more sound effects.

2.    Filmstock

In the second place of this top, we have Filmstock. It is an effects and resource store for Wondershare Filmora videos. It has various free sound effects essential to creating your videos. If you are a YouTuber, It is one of the best options.


effect packs are very varied and range from fashion, gamerssuperheroes, unicorns, and metropolises to astrology. These effects are constantly updated and easy to download. It also has a subscription payment option.

3.    Pixabay

Have you heard of Pixabay? It is a web that is well-known globally for exchanging and providing royalty-free photos and videos. Nonetheless, on this site, you can also find vectors, illustrations, and what interests us now: free sound effects!

In Pixabay, we can get sounds from the following groups: atmosphere, memes, nature, intro, explosion, notification, footsteps, and much more.

4.    BBC Sound Effects

Believe it or not, the BBC  has a sound effects library. You can download them for free and use them in your projects. They come in WAV format; you can integrate an excellent mixer to merge and edit them.

Are you looking for high-quality sound effects to add to your project? Its library offers packs of top-notch sound effects. And best of all, they’re completely free! It is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your project with professional-grade audio.

5.    Soundbible

On Soundbible, you will get free high-quality sound effects, which you can easily download. They have a license agreement for each easy-to-view sound development. This way, you won’t have to waste time with products you won’t use in your project.

6.    FreeSound

In the sixth place of this top, we decided to place FreeSound. Its name says it all: it has more than 400,000 free sounds of excellent quality, and every day more are added. The platform incorporates an advanced search engine that helps you find the sound you need. 

In addition, it includes other functions, such as reviews of the sounds and filters to organize the content. The only thing you have to do to download the sound effects is to create a free account. But don’t worry, It will take only a couple of minutes.

7.    ZapSplat

If you are looking for a platform with original sounds, ZapSplat is the one. It has more than 120,000 free sound effects for commercial use. It also has royalty-free sound and music packages. It even has an advanced search engine to help you find your needs. 

If, in its extensive catalog, you are looking for something else, you can make requests to the creators. Undoubtedly, ZapSlat is an exciting alternative with many effects you can download. Among the most popular sounds are animals, emergency, fantasy, hospital, food, and drinks.

8.    Bensound 

And if you are a YouTuber who likes to innovate, Bensound is for you. Hundreds of free sound effects are available for your videos on YouTube. Categories, such as moods, classify them. It is useful since you can find relaxing, sad, or happy effects. When you find what you like, you can download it for free. 

9.    Partners in Rhyme

In the penultimate position of this top of the best sites with sound effects, we have Partners in Rhyme. It features a directory with paid options and offers a selection of sound effects for free download. All you have to do is include a link to your page on your website or YouTube video.

One of the main positive points that Partners has is that its visual interface is beautiful. Although, the most important thing is that you will find everything quickly, thanks to the distribution of options.

10.  FreeSFX

In the last place, we have FreeSFX. Although it is a simple page, it has an immense library with more than 500,000 sound effects. You can use the search bar and click on one of the categories on the left. To download the effects, create a free account. 

Get the best free sound effects now.

This selection of the best pages with free sound effects will be helpful to you. All the products you will get on these platforms are a great way to improve your videos. But remember that you must use them without infringing copyright, or you will risk having your content removed.


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