New Feature Allows You To Read The Transcripts Of Your Favorite Apple Podcasts

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Apple has unveiled a groundbreaking feature that caters to the diverse preferences of podcast enthusiasts. 

The introduction of the ability to read transcripts of beloved Apple Podcasts marks a significant leap forward in enhancing the user experience. 

This article delves into the implications of this innovative feature, offering insights into how it empowers users to engage with their favorite podcasts in a whole new way.

Read Transcripts Of Your Apple Podcasts:


Apple has introduced a new feature that allows users to read the transcripts of their favorite podcast episodes directly within the Apple Podcasts app. 

With this update, users can:

  • View the full-text transcript of a podcast episode and follow along as the audio plays, with each word highlighted. 
  • Search the transcript for specific words or phrases and jump to those points in the audio. 
  • Read the entire transcript independently without listening to the audio. 

The transcripts are automatically generated by Apple and are currently available for podcast episodes in English, French, German, and Spanish. Podcast creators also have the option to provide their own custom transcripts if they prefer. 

How to Access and Read Transcripts Of Your Favorite Podcasts?

To access and read transcripts for favorite Apple Podcasts episodes, follow these steps:

  1. Update to iOS 17.4 or later: Ensure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 17.4 or later to access the transcript feature in the Podcasts app. 
  1. Open the Podcasts App: Launch the Podcasts app on your iPhone. 
  1. Select a Podcast: Choose the podcast episode you want to explore further. 
  1. View Transcript: Click on the icon in the top right corner of the podcast’s page and select View Transcript.
  1. Read and Interact with the Transcript: The full transcript of the podcast episode will appear on the screen, allowing you to scroll through the text. 
  1. Words will be highlighted as the episode plays, enabling you to follow along. 
  1. Use the search icon to find specific words or phrases within the transcript. 
  1. Tap and hold on to the transcript to highlight words or sentences, and play that specific part by tapping “Play.” 
  1. Copy text from the transcript for reference if needed.

New Apple Podcasts Transcripts Feature – Benefits

By providing transcripts, Apple podcasts become more accessible, searchable, and comprehensible, ultimately enriching the listening experience for all users, regardless of their preferences or abilities. Here are some benefits: 

Improved Accessibility:

Transcripts cater to individuals with hearing impairments, providing them with an alternative way to engage with podcast content. This inclusivity ensures that a wider audience can enjoy podcasts, regardless of hearing abilities. 

Easier Content Search:

Transcripts enable users to search for specific words or phrases within podcast episodes, making it effortless to locate and revisit key information. This feature enhances the efficiency of content discovery and retrieval, saving users time and effort. 

Enhanced Understanding of Podcast Content:

Reading along with the transcript while listening to a podcast episode can improve comprehension and retention of information. Users can follow the dialogue more closely, catch every word spoken by hosts, and easily reference facts or details mentioned in the episode. This dual auditory-visual approach enhances the overall learning experience.

New Feature Allows You To Read The Transcripts Of Your Favorite Apple Podcasts – Conclusion

The introduction of transcript support for Apple Podcasts marks a significant stride in enhancing the user experience for podcast enthusiasts. 

This innovative feature empowers listeners to engage with their favorite audio content in a more flexible and accessible manner.

The ability to read along with the transcript, search for specific information, and reference key details offers a multitude of benefits. It caters to the diverse needs and preferences of users, ensuring that podcasts are inclusive and easily navigable.

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