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In the so-called digital age, you can enjoy smartphone games on a mobile console. We are talking about a reality that has become a massive attraction where progressively more people are involved. However, this act requires specific techniques to enjoy it fully.

It is for this reason that we have developed this article for you. Here, we will address points such as the configuration of your phone, valuable accessories, and even gaming applications. So continue with us and receive all the information we bring you today.

Essential accessories to turn your phone into a mobile console


Mobile gaming has evolved significantly, even allowing your phone to become a mobile console. In this sense, to maximize your smartphone gaming experience, having the right accessories is essential, as you will see.

Game controllers

Smartphone gaming controllers offer a more tactile and precise experience than on-screen controls. They range from compact designs to those supporting gaming applications, as we see at Insiderbits. These controllers provide a console feel that enhances the playability of action games, adventures, and more.

VR Headset

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with virtual reality headsets designed for mobile console gaming. By using it, you can experience total immersion in your virtual games with surround sound that allows you to:

• Feel like you’re in the game.

• Accompany high-quality images to achieve a more realistic experience.

• Be able to appreciate every detail of the game with greater clarity thanks to its immersive capacity.

As you might imagine, this instrument will enhance your virtual gaming experience.

Attachable joysticks

Attachable joysticks are compact accessories that easily connect to your device to turn it into a mobile console. These small devices can transform your phone into a portable console by providing precise analog control. It is especially beneficial for action games and simulators.

Adjustable supports

Keep your device in the perfect position with adjustable stands. Whether you prefer to play horizontally or vertically, these stands offer comfort and stability for long gaming sessions.

External batteries

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery in the middle of an intense gaming session. From Insiderbits, we inform you that external batteries ensure your device is always ready for action, without the energy factor being a limitation for the continuity of your adventures in video games.

Although acquiring all these accessories involves an investment that not everyone wants to make, remember the benefits it will bring you. Well, if you’re going to experience video games on your mobile with maximum realism, you already know what to do. These will undoubtedly help you turn your phone into a mobile console like you’ve probably never done before.

Optimize Phone Settings for Gaming: Complete Guide

Smartphone games have seen exponential growth in popularity. Consequently, many users are currently seeking to maximize their experience by optimizing the configuration of their phones.

1    Graphics Settings

It would be best to consider several aspects of interest to configure your mobile devices correctly. We will mention several steps to turn your phone into a mobile console.

a)    Resolution and graphic quality

Adjust the resolution and graphic quality according to the specifications of your device. Balances visual quality with smooth performance to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

b)   FPS (frames per second)

Increase or decrease FPS depending on the capabilities of your phone. But always consider its pros and cons. You must weigh what this act entails and assume the consequences of playing with a higher-quality image. The higher the FPS number, the longer your battery will last.

2    Battery optimization

There are at least two aspects of interest to consider to maximize the energy of your phone’s battery. We will discuss both of them immediately so that you can use them when you turn your device into a mobile console.

a)    Power-saving mode

Activate power saving mode during extended gaming sessions to conserve battery. Some phones allow you to adjust specific gaming settings in this mode.

b)   Screen brightness

Adjust the screen brightness according to the gaming environment. Reducing the brightness not only saves battery but also reduces device heating.

3.  Background App Management

Managing applications in the background also dramatically contributes to optimizing your mobile. You only have to follow the steps we will give you below to achieve this objective.

a)   Closing unnecessary applications

Close background apps that are not essential for the game. It frees up system resources and improves overall performance.

Procedure on iOS devices (iPhone):

When it comes to an iPhone, you have to do the following:

1. Press the button identified as “Home” a couple of times continuously.

2. A carousel will immediately be shown to your right with the apps you have open.

3. Select the one you want to close, sliding its image up to achieve your goal.

4. Repeat this with each app you consider necessary to close.

On Android devices:

Next, from Insiderbits, we give you a way to undertake this step from your phone’s menu. However, remember that the operating system may impose specific variants on the process. In any case, the general way to do this is as follows:

1. Go to the front of the phone and press the function key customarily shown by a pair of overlapping rectangles. It could also present some equivalent, depending on the manufacturer and model of your mobile.

2. A drop-down menu will appear, and you must click on the option associated with managing apps. It should open an “Active Applications” screen.

3. To finish, click “End All,” which will close all the running apps.

b)  Memory cleaner

Use memory-cleaning apps to free up RAM and optimize game performance. Make sure you don’t close critical system apps.

4.  Updates and maintenance

Keeping your device updated and ensuring enough free storage space will help you. These aspects are relevant to using your mobile as a console and enjoying smartphone games.

a)    System updates

Keep your operating system and applications updated to take advantage of performance improvements and bug fixes.

b)   Storage space

Keep enough free storage space. Uninstall unused apps and transfer files to the cloud or SD card to free up space. This way, you will ensure smooth performance and an immersive gaming experience.

Console-quality mobile gaming apps

Mobile games, quality, and gaming experience have reached surprising levels, rivaling traditional consoles. Below, we present a selection of games available on mobile platforms. These offer a high-quality gaming experience, practically turning your phone into a mobile console.

Genshin Impact

Immerse yourself in a stunning fantasy world with cutting-edge graphics and immersive gameplay in Genshin Impact. We are talking about an action video game that allows you to live shocking experiences in an epic space. There, you will be able to interact with a notable number of fascinating characters, and you will also have to face and overcome challenges overflowing with emotion.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Experience the intensity of the acclaimed shooter franchise right on your mobile device. Call of Duty: Mobile offers a high-quality FPS gaming experience with stunning graphics, varied game modes, and precise controls.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends will surprise you if you are a racing lover with amazing graphics and smooth gameplay. Compete in frenetic races with various dream cars by turning your phone into a mobile console.


The iconic building and exploration game has found a home on mobile devices. With infinite worlds to discover and the possibility of building anything, Minecraft offers a unique gaming experience.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action platform game that stands out for its artistic design and strategic challenges. Enjoy a rogue-like experience that will keep you hooked as you explore levels and face enemies.

PUBG Mobile

Another giant in the battle royale genre, PUBG Mobile, offers realistic graphics and tactical gaming experience. Immerse yourself in intense multiplayer matches and compete for victory in this widely acclaimed title.

These gaming applications demonstrate not only the technical capabilities of today’s mobile devices but also offer a gaming experience as immersive as those provided by consoles. It will allow you to enjoy an adventure with greater realism.

What do you think about turning your phone into a mobile console?

If you are a video game lover, you know you can turn your phone into a mobile console. You can play from your mobile phone like at home by just carrying out a series of simple steps. Enjoy playing from your mobile as if you were at home, recreating the experience of being in front of your usual console and having fun as always.

But if you also want to know about other high-quality gaming apps designed for your device, we can still help you. Check out this link, which will direct you to a detailed article on the best games available for your mobile. Without a doubt, your phone will now offer a higher level of entertainment.


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