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Have you ever heard of Hippocratic AI? No? Well, then, here we will tell you everything about it. It is an AI (artificial intelligence) specifically designed for health.

Advances in generative AI have allowed us to reach this point. It will undoubtedly be helpful to many, both doctors who want to review specific content to be sure when acting and patients who have doubts about a particular treatment or condition.


This is, without a doubt, a great revolution in medicine. Therefore, in the following lines, we will expand on this matter. In this way, you can clear up all the doubts regarding healthcare AI that may arise. Join us to continue reading this post and take advantage of all the new information we bring you.

What is Hippocratic AI, and what does it consist of?

Hippocratic AI is a free research tool that has revolutionized the professional field of medicine. Doctors of all disciplines can review content quickly, easily, and efficiently. This so-called healthcare AI is fast, user-friendly, and an efficient way to stay up to date with the latest medical technology.

This powerful tool almost instantly provides accurate and relevant information for each search. It saves the many hours of study and contrasts that classic research requires (manually and with books). Anyone accessing this AI can obtain medical information with just a few clicks.

You will only need a computer to run it. However, we should note that it also has a mobile version suitable for smartphones, which will be more than convenient since it provides immediate access from anywhere and at any time. Hippocratic AI is straightforward; you must download it and accept its terms and conditions.

This unique tool is used by medical professionals from all fields, who highly ensure its reliability. With this health AI, you can ensure that you obtain updated information, which will allow you to make informed decisions related to the health sector in much less time than usual.

How is Hippocratic AI used?

To access the Hippocratic AI successfully, enter its official website, choose a specialist role (the role the AI will assume) among the lists, and start making your queries. It is worth mentioning that each specialty costs an hour, usually at most $9. It is fast and very affordable.

Although this type of tool is certified as reliable and medical professionals from all fields have positively evaluated its use, it goes without saying that this means it does not replace a consultation with a real doctor. In a real office, the doctor can view your specific case and all the minimal particularities that arise.

Healthcare AI should serve as a consultation and simplify research on specific topics. AI uses HGI (Health General Intelligence), currently the safest software in this field, to evaluate and diagnose. By ensuring a drastic increase in access to health, we provide much more extensive and reliable dissemination.

This results in a much more equitable and accessible health system for everyone. It is of considerable help to the entire medical sector, professionals, and patients and their families.

How to test Hippocratic AI?

Once you enter the Hippocratic AI web portal, you will see a blue button in the upper right corner that says “Test our AI.” By pressing it, you will be redirected to a form that you must fill out with your data and interests as a prerequisite to making your query.

Are the results of Hippocratic AI reliable?

If you have doubts about this, we will come to clear them now. The specialists in charge of the design of the Hippocratic AI carried out a three-phase test to certify the quality of their product. Below, we will detail each of them so that it is more evident to you what they consist of:

  • Phase 1. In the first instance, the development of Hippocratic AI was shown to more than 50 nurses and doctors who are leaders in their fields so that they could corroborate and test the quality of the product.
  • Phase 2. The testing process was repeated in phase two but was more extensive this time. More than 1,000 nurses and 100 licensed doctors, specifically from the United States, successfully tested the product.
  • Phase 3. In phase 3, which is still in process, the objective is for the product to be tested by more than 40 health systems, whether public or private, in addition to 5,000 nurses and more than 500 doctors.

These tests ensure the quality of the product. Since this is the most efficient way to “train” an AI, it is about “learning” correctly, so the best way is for specialists in their field to corroborate the information offered in response by the health AI in this case.

What are the advantages of performing a query using Hippocratic AI?

There are more than 130 specialties that, to date, Hippocratic AI can safely and confidently handle. In addition, we should point out that when you make your consultation, you will not only talk to the “machine.” It will refer your case to a human nurse online when it considers it pertinent.

You can “converse” with the healthcare AI as if it were an actual doctor, describe your case, tell every detail, and wait for the response in the comfort of your home. The Hippocratic AI will be responsible for reasoning, reviewing, and contrasting all the information in its database to produce the most informed response possible.

Is everything clear about the first security-focused healthcare AI for care?

We hope this information has resolved your doubts about healthcare AI and its components. As you may have seen, Hippocratic AI is a truly revolutionary invention for medicine.

This tool will undoubtedly make the corresponding medical consultations and diagnoses more agile and effective. Technological advances are to be taken advantage of, and artificial intelligence technology is here to stay. Please keep browsing our site to continue discovering the future’s advances for us.


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