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If you are interested in discovering the features of Android 14, you are in the right place. This operating system is now considered the crown jewel of smartphone technology. However, due to its updates, some users are unaware of the new features.

In short, the previous version saw a significant improvement. Privacy, security, and compatibility evolved to provide optimal service. Next, at Insiderbits, we will present you with the latest Android operating system innovations and our assessment.

What are the new features of Android 14?


Android 14 features have generated a lot of attention as the device is now more customizable. In addition, you will enjoy better image quality and greater security in your data. You will even have a significant AI presence on your mobile.

It is worth mentioning that if some of the features seem familiar to you, you will likely have seen them on other devices. Despite those mentioned earlier, the following features have been programmed in this version due to their benefits.

  • Perfect virtual assistants
  • High levels of security
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Satellite connectivity
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Greater accessibility capacity
  • Flash notifications
  • Preview
  • Higher capacity support
  • Continental units

This smartphone technology was launched at the end of 2023, and users have experienced an incredible increase in level since then. Likewise, mobile phones that use Google’s Pixel were the first to receive it, but currently, many devices support the update.

For your convenience, we will detail the innovations of the latest Android operating system. At Insiderbits, we consider it essential to know the scope of Android 14’s features to take advantage of them properly. Please note that the performance of these specifications will vary depending on the capabilities of your phone.

Perfect virtual assistants

The AI incorporated in this version makes it possible to generate stunning wallpapers. However, the most exciting feature is the ability to serve as a virtual assistant. An example of its advantages is that you can tell it to block application notifications while you work.

High levels of security

Privacy levels have been improved to the point where the phone will ask for permission to send photos. Additionally, you will be informed when an app changes its security policies. Likewise, you can personally review the modifications so you can accept or block them.

Multiple device support

Many high-end devices support the latest update. This update includes equipment such as Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi 13T Pro. However, some models only have the Beta version, for example, the OnePlus 11. However, the following cell phones supporting this innovation will be revealed as time passes.

Satellite connectivity

Previously, mobile devices required the presence of repeaters to work. But this smartphone technology can connect to WIFI via satellite signal. In this way, the functions of Android 14 will support this innovation in telecommunications.

Excellent battery performance

To improve the phone’s health, a feature that many will remember is included, that is, charging time intervals. The last time the device was charged will appear on the mobile screen. Likewise, you have the option to view the battery cycles for a better evaluation of performance.

Greater accessibility capacity

If you have vision problems, don’t be alarmed because the visual section is one of the most positive features of Android 14. The previous version, Android 13, had a 130% display, but this presentation offers a maximum of 200%. So, thanks to the update, you can see everything you want.

Flash notifications

One of the most beneficial features of this smartphone technology is flash notifications. Every time you receive an alert, the camera emits an LED light. Likewise, you can adjust the settings so the screen emits the flashes.


It is an old mode that is back since you will be able to see the previous screen. You only need to touch the phone’s edge to preview the content you left behind.

Higher capacity support

Previous versions had a limitation: they only supported 32-bit programs. However, Android 14 features ensure seamless running of 65-bit apps. It must be clarified that the files that worked with Android 13 will not be available soon.

Continental units

Sometimes, customs change can overwhelm you if you move from Europe to the United States. Details such as measurement units through apps change, but you won’t have that problem thanks to this update. You will not suffer from the continental barriers that modify the Celsius scale.

How do I do the update process?

If the cell phone is on the beneficiary list and you do not update it, it will start working poorly. But remember that you have to wait for it to be available on your phone. Follow these steps once it is confirmed that your device is ready to receive the latest Android operating system.

1. First, click on the Settings icon on your device. Later, go to the option that says About phone click.

2. A notification will appear if updates are available. Click on Accept to start the download.

3. The device will restart when the Android 14 features have been installed on your mobile device.

4. Finally, a message will appear indicating the successful process. To conclude, enter your password; by doing this, you will have access to your user profile.

It is necessary to note that your device must be charged, as the installations may take time to complete. To avoid damage, unplug the phone from the outlet. There is a risk of it burning. Also, remember that you must be connected to the Internet during the update.

The next step of evolution: Android 15

At Insiderbits, we believe that the evolution of operating systems will continue to increase since technology knows no limits. Therefore, it is not strange to think that developers are already working on Android 15. Android 14 features are expected to be deprecated after its release. So do not hesitate to visit our portal when it is a fact.


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