Come ottenere una patente di guida digitale in Wyoming

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In 2020, Governor Mark Gordon signed a bill authorizing the Digital Driver’s License in Wyoming, marking a significant shift toward modernizing identification methods. 

This move reflects Wyoming’s commitment to embracing digital innovations and enhancing convenience for its residents. With the introduction of digital driver’s licenses, Wyoming residents now have the opportunity to explore a new way of accessing and presenting their driver’s license information securely on their portable electronic devices. 


This article aims to guide individuals through the process of obtaining and utilizing a digital driver’s license in Wyoming, providing insights into the application procedure, benefits, and implications of this technological advancement in the realm of identification and driver licensing.

Getting a Digital Driver’s License in Wyoming – Step by Step

Here are the key steps to get a digital driver’s license in Wyoming:

Ensure You Have a Physical Driver’s License

You must already possess a physical driver’s license or have it issued simultaneously with the digital license.

Visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) Website

Access the WYDOT website to find information on obtaining a digital driver’s license.

Check Eligibility and Requirements

Review the eligibility criteria and requirements for acquiring a digital driver’s license in Wyoming.

Complete the Application Process

Fill out the necessary application forms for the digital driver’s license.

Pay the Required Fees

Pay the fee for the digital driver’s license, which is typically $10 in addition to the cost of the physical license.

Scarica l'applicazione

Download the designated mobile application for digital driver’s licenses on your smartphone. The state is still in the pilot phase of the program and has not rolled out the digital licenses for public use.

Verify Your Identity

Follow the app’s instructions to verify your identity securely.

Receive and Activate Your Digital Driver’s License

Once your application is approved, you will receive your digital driver’s license. Activate it within the app as instructed.

Familiarize Yourself with Usage

Learn how to use and present your digital driver’s license when needed for identification purposes.

Digital Driver’s License Benefits for Wyoming Citizens: 

The digital driver’s license program in Wyoming offers several benefits for its citizens:

Convenienza: Having a digital driver’s license on a smartphone eliminates the need to carry a physical card, streamlining identification processes and reducing the number of items individuals need to carry with them.

Privacy Protection: The legislation surrounding digital driver’s licenses in Wyoming includes provisions to protect individuals’ privacy. For instance, displaying a digital driver’s license to law enforcement does not imply consent for officers to search the individual’s phone or tablet, safeguarding personal information.

Enhanced Security: Efforts are being made to ensure the security of digital driver’s licenses, with measures in place to prevent duplication and maintain the integrity of the digital identification system.

Future-Readiness: By implementing digital driver’s licenses, Wyoming is positioning itself for future technological advancements and potential federal regulations regarding digital identification methods.

Financial Benefits: The program is expected to generate additional revenue for the state, with an estimated $640,000 per year if 160,000 digital driver’s licenses are created annually and 20-30% of the population participates in the program.

How to Add a Driver’s License to Apple Wallet? 

Alternatively, Wyoming citizens can also add a driver’s license to Apple Wallet. In order to do that,  follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Tap the plus sign in the Wallet app.
  2. Select your Driver’s License or State ID.
  3. Choose your state.
  4. Scan the front and back of your license.
  5. Follow the prompts to confirm your identity.
  6. Wait for approval from your state, which typically takes a few minutes

By following these steps, you can easily add your driver’s license to your Apple Wallet, providing a convenient and secure way to access your ID digitally.

How to Get a Digital Driver’s License in Wyoming – Conclusion

Wyoming is poised to join the growing list of states that offer digital driver’s licenses, providing residents with a more convenient and secure way to carry their identification. 

With the expected benefits of increased convenience, enhanced security, and additional revenue for the state, Wyoming’s digital driver’s license program is set to revolutionize the way residents interact with their identification documents.

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