3 applicazioni di bellezza di cui ogni ragazza ha bisogno

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Have you had the opportunity to use the beauty apps that exist? If you haven’t done so yet for fear of receiving bad advice, we will help you decide today. If something defines women, it is always their concern to look and feel good, take care of their hair, learn makeup tricks, have the best outfit, and pamper their skin, among many other things.

You may be an expert in the beauty world or need a little help. Well, digital tools are invariably here to assist you in this area of your life. Get comfortable and let yourself go on the tour we at Insiderbits have prepared for you with the three beauty apps every girl needs. Renew your image!

Our selection of apps for girls


This speaks highly of you if you dedicate part of your time to looking for alternatives to improve your style, appearance, and personal care. Although physical appearance is not everything or the most important thing about a person, it is our letter of introduction; that is, it is the first thing that others see before even being able to start a conversation.

At Insiderbits, we understand your needs. Everything necessary to you is also important to us. Therefore, we have immersed ourselves in a search to select the three best beauty apps every girl needs. We have analyzed those that come only from reliable shopping platforms, with the best score, highest average downloads, and good reviews.

Skincare Tracker: FeelinMySkin

We open our list of apps for girls with a tool worth checking out: Skincare Tracker: FeelinMySkin. This application focuses on everything you should consider when caring for your skin. See below what outstanding functions you will enjoy when using this software.

Main features:

  • A score of 4.8 stars.
  • Current version 2.1.204.
  • It is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later, iPad 13.0 or newer, and macOS 11.0 or later.
  • Download size 79.2 MB.
  • It is a free application with the possibility of integrated purchases.
  • It is classified in the health and well-being category.
  • Available in English language.
  • It allows you to plan your day and night skincare routines.
  • It includes a diary where you can keep track of possible changes in your skin.
  • Order the use of cosmetic products that correspond to each day.
  • Control the expiration date of your beauty products from the moment you open them until you finish them.
  • It offers daily skin care tips.
  • Check the list of ingredients along with the opinions of many skincare products.
  • Categorize your favorite ingredients.
  • Indicate components to which you are allergic.

The tool’s developers describe it as the application that your skin deserves. The best is that with this app, you can create your beauty routines and motivate yourself to do them daily. We cannot neglect the health of our skin!!

Recensioni positive:

Once you have learned everything this tool offers, let’s examine the comments from some of its happy users.

  • “I don’t need any other application. The developers are spectacular and not only think about user needs but are actively open to feedback and implementation.”
  • “I’m an ADHD skincare junkie, and I can now eliminate 15 subpar apps. The design of this one is simple; it is still complete, and it is a stellar application.”
  • “Such a fun and useful app. Although I wish the information/documents were complete, I love this app. “It has been tremendously helpful for me to be intentional about my skincare regimen.”

It’s important to note that the developers responded to the public in every review we reviewed. In addition to this, they offer you the opportunity to address any other comments or questions by writing to the email: [email protected]

Recensioni negative:

At Insiderbits, we show you both sides of the coin. Now, it’s the turn of users who are not entirely happy with our first of the three beauty apps of the day. 

  • “Don’t be like me. I spent a few hours playing with the free version and assumed the features I needed were locked in the pro version. The description even lists the feature I need, “routine management.” So I bought a year of pro. In less than an hour, I regretted that decision.”
  • “There is no “one-size-fits-all” purchase option available for pro. Not only is this a big setback for options, but it could also put off most users who have a ton of subscriptions to manage. I dislike the recent change to removing this option for apps.”

The only two positive reviews we could find in the App Store mention certain complications when purchasing the pro version, which is unavailable to all users.

Android e iOS

Style My Hair

If you want an application focused on hair care and maintenance, we have it for you! It’s the turn of an application designed by L’Oreal Professionnel. Interesting, right? Let’s see below what our second application is called: Style My Hair.

Most notable features:

  • Rating of 2.0 stars.
  • Download size 142.5 MB.
  • It is available for iOS 12.0, iPad 12.0, and macOS 11.0 or later versions of all the software mentioned above.
  • Available in English language.
  • This tool is categorized among lifestyle apps.
  • It is an application that goes beyond a simple image change.
  • Gives you daily ideas to inspire you to try new hair colors.
  • Design your wall by mixing your photos with the latest fashion virtual looks.
  • You have the latest trend articles so that you are aware of the looks of the world of celebrities.
  • It includes a tool called Salon Locator, which allows you to locate the hair salon closest to you.
  • Load into the application your hair type, tips to nourish it, hydrate it, or what you need to achieve the look of your dreams.

Another advantage of the second of our beauty apps is that it allows you to keep track of your visits to the beauty salon. You can do this by saving selfies, scanning the hair care products used, and saving the color formula prepared by your stylist. This way, you will have all the details of the look of your dreams.

App Feedback:

In this case, we have only received six comments, ranging from positive to negative and intermediate. We leave them below for you to read.

  • “It allows you to see the tones!”
  • “Before, I liked it; it left a very realistic effect, but now the app crashes every time I enter the photo, and from what I have seen, it is only on the iPhone, and my phone is updated.”
  • “What I was looking for here was to try a simulation of color and cutting! I wanted to see bangs options! For this reason, I uninstalled it and downloaded another application. But if there are any positive changes, I will reinstall it; after all, the app has other options that interest me!”
  • “I should have read the other reviews; I wouldn’t have wasted time installing it. I couldn’t even upload the photo; you can only change the color.”
  • “Do not download it; it is purely for sale. You only have the option to change the hair color, but there are only a few colors!”
  • “I didn’t like the app. It is only designed for women with straight hair. When setting up your hair profile, there is no option for curly or curly hair. “Not an app for me.”

Negative comments emphasize that the application’s functions do not adapt to all hair types or have the variety in colors it offers.


YouCam Nails: Perfect Nails

Finally, we have the third of our beauty apps of the day, YouCam Nails: Perfect Nails. As its name indicates, this application offers a unique and stylish manicure and pedicure. Among its main characteristics, we have:


  • A score of 4.4 stars.
  • Download size 147.4 MB.
  • This app is compatible with iOS, iPad, and iPod touch 14.0 or later.
  • It is classified as a lifestyle application.
  • It can be downloaded for free but includes in-app purchase options.
  • Available in the following languages: Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Indonesian, English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Persian, Thai, Turkish and Malay.
  • Design of more than 1,000 personalized and fashionable virtual nail art.
  • Variety of stickers, decals, jewels, creative patterns, and prints to create your perfect look.
  • It offers real-time nail tests using live camera mode.
  • Share your designs from the application to your social networks.
  • Beautify the skin of your hands and nails with skin softening.
  • Observe the before and after of your hands live.
  • It includes original themed nail art styles such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, etc.
  • Try different textures like matte, cream, shiny, faded, etc.
  • You can share your designs with the YouCam community and gain followers.

Another exciting option is that this application allows you to exchange your creations with other users. Get inspired by the designs of other members of your community!

Positive comments:

As we mentioned at the beginning of the presentation of the third of the beauty apps, this application has a good reputation. Let’s see some comments in favor.

  • “My nails started to look pretty just because I started using YouCam Nails!”
  • “The app is wonderful! It even has a Harry Potter filter and many other types of nails; I recommend it; it works for me, you can download it, and you won’t regret it!”
  • “I loved it, very good.”
  • “I colored my wife’s nails, and she did the same with me.”

Feedback negativo:

We can also find less favorable comments on the App Store page.

  • “Terrible! I want my money back. Very bad”.
  • “The thumb is always dislocated, and it would be a million times better if we could modify a photo from our gallery, and it would allow us to modify and position each point of the nail, like in the makeup app “YouCamMakeup.”

Another point against this application is that the paid packages exceed the possibilities of some users.


Renew your style, and always look beautiful.

Fortunately, the technology works again in our favor, as you can see with our beauty apps today. In the beauty world, there are many ideal tools for you; you must allow yourself to try them. Stay renewed, look like you’ve always wanted, with a fresh style, and always in fashion.

At Insiderbits, you will find all the advice you need for your daily life. We are dedicated to exploring the top tools of the moment and presenting them to you. You decide which ones to download and which ones to pass up. We invite you to read another article on health and well-being: Health Tracker: semplifica il monitoraggio della salute.  


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