Come riprodurre file MP3 locali su iPhone

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Playing local MP3 files on a cell phone today may seem complicated, as music playback applications have entered the market, and the internal data of this format has become obsolete.

However, many still keep their songs and want to play them on their devices, such as iPhones. If you are one of them, this post will teach you to listen to your songs without a problem.

Advantages of having your music in local MP3 files


Although it may be a waste of time for many, the truth is that having your music on your device can be an excellent option for those who want to avoid the internet and want to listen to their favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Some of the most significant advantages are:

  1. You can travel without a problem with your music. Many times, when you travel to remote places, intermittent internet can cause Spotify not to work correctly. Thanks to the internal data, you only have to make sure you have a charge and enjoy your music without pauses.
  2. It is a free option. Many applications charge you for a subscription and place advertising from time to time. If you have your local MP3 files, that will be fine since you can listen to them without paying for a membership.
  3. You can transfer the data without a problem to another device. Since you have the songs downloaded on your cell phone, transferring them to another cell phone, player, or computer will be much easier since they become documents to copy and paste with cable or transfer methods.

Now that you know the advantages of having your music on internal storage, let’s learn how to play it easily.

Ways to play local MP3 files on your iPhone

At this point, we will give you two ways to play your songs easily and quickly. Let’s examine each one and briefly explain it.

Using native applications

The easiest way is to use internal applications on your cell phone since you will not need to download any tools to listen to your music immediately. If you have a tool like “music” or “player,” you can play your songs by following these steps:

  1. Transfer your files. Use tools like Airdrop or iCloud Drive to store your songs quickly
  2. Save them to your device. Check that the songs are in the “files” section
  3. Finally, open one of your songs with the player application you have identified and, if necessary, set it as default.

Now, if you do not have a native application, you will have to use an application to download it.

Use third-party applications

We have identified some applications that can help you listen to your songs and play local MP3 files without a problem. These are:

  • VLC for mobile. This player application allows you to listen to your favorite songs in MP3 and has the MP4 option that enables the video option, an excellent option for watching your favorite video clips.
  • Documents: File Manager & Docs. This app store application lets you link iCloud data and access all the records in different formats.
  • Video Player—Media Manager. The application store offers multiple options for playing multimedia content, but this specific tool has excellent ratings and comments.

You can use any of these three applications to play your local MP3 content without any problem. Finally, follow some final recommendations that we will give you to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Final recommendations to listen to your music without problems

So that your experience does not have any issues, there are some recommendations that we want to give you to help you do it and listen to your music correctly.

First, manage your favorite playlists properly. Remember to organize everything by folders so there are no formatting errors when transferring them. Centralize everything in one folder so that you do not transfer them one by one but directly.

Second, make sure you only download tools from the app store. There are other tools, but they need to be more safe. The best way to filter the options is for them to be present in the app store since the developers do a risk analysis to verify that they are safe.

Third, find out about the offline playback options that some platforms offer. This strategy can be used as an alternative to downloading additional tools.

If you want to learn more about technology tips, keep reading the content on Here, you can learn, for example, how to download TikTok or how to make the most of Google Photos on your cell phone. Enjoy our content and share it with those who may be interested.


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