How to test internet speed on your mobile 

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To test internet speed from a mobile is now more accessible. This small action will let you know your connection network’s status when you notice a possible incident. 

If your mobile device is experiencing slow connectivity issues, either at your data carrier or with your WiFi provider, it’s time to evaluate the status of your network. To do this, you must complete a speed examination by downloading an authorized app or simply using a web browser. In Insiderbits, we tell you everything you need to know about it. 

To test internet speed 


To test internet speed will allow you to verify if your connection has adequate performance. That way, you’ll know if it’s performing at its best or barely working. The speed examinations measure the download, upload, and connectivity ping. 

It is ideal to know the actual status of your internet connection accurately, whether you are using mobile data, fiber optics, or ADSL. Currently, there are different ways to assess the speed of your signal; pick the most comfortable and practical for your particular case. 

If you still need to learn the most practical and functional way to test internet speed on your mobile, do not worry; in Insiderbits, we will explain how to achieve it step by step.

Using your mobile device’s Google browser

Now, you can straightforwardly examine your signal. You can complete a speed test using your Google web browser very accurately. In about 30 a half of a minute, you will have access to the final results.

This exam will evaluate the speed of the primary Wi-Fi access point to which your mobile is connected. Performing it is simple; you must follow the following steps. 

  1. Open your Google web browser from your mobile; type “Speed Test” in the search bar.
  2. When displaying the options search for the Google tool, it always places as the first result of the search. You must click on the blue icon indicating “Perform Speed Test.”
  3. Wait a few seconds; all the data related to the status of your internet connectivity will appear on the screen. Don’t forget that you can also perform it using the Google Home app. This way, you can see the performance of your Wi-Fi network. 

Using Xiaomi’s browser

This option is reasonably practical and functional for all terminals of the Chinese brand. Best of all, you don’t need to download any alternative application. It is integrated into the browser among the main menu options. 

1. You must open the MI browser from your Xiaomi mobile device. Locate at the bottom right of the screen, right in the corner, the option “Profile.”

2. When displaying the options, you must locate the option “Check the Network.”

3. It will then start managing the network connection exam automatically.

After a few seconds, you will see the results on the screen. In this way, you can see if there are any anomalies in internet connectivity or if there is an incident in your router. 

You can also check for a malfunction in the telephone antenna in the area. Remember that this examination is allowed if your mobile is connected to a WIFI network or uses mobile data. 

Downloading a mobile app to test internet speed

There are currently multiple mobile applications for Android designed for this task. Most of them can collect precise information about the speed of uploading and downloading data

However, although it is indicative information, the truth is that the results will be beneficial to solving latent problems. The most complete, functional, dynamic, and accurate apps you can find in the industry are Speedtest, Meteor, nPerf, Speed Test Lite, FAST, and Speed Test WiFi Analyzer. 

Test internet speed with the Speedtest app 

In Insiderbits, we explain how to perform a connection exam from your mobile. Only you need to download the SpeedTest app on your Android. This app is undoubtedly popular because it offers a simple, complete, and functional interface.

In addition, it is a very intuitive tool with which you can carry out a reasonably accurate and fast revision. The results of the application are clear and easy to read. 

  1. To know the actual status of your connectivity with this application, download it to your mobile and click on the main option “Start.” 
  2. Next, you must wait a few seconds while processing the information. 

You will be able to see the results of your internet connection speed safely and reliably on your mobile screen. 


How to correctly interpret the results of the speed test

The data obtained after a connectivity exam are accurate. No matter what method you choose for it, the truth is that you must be familiar with the terms that are reflected there to understand the result nicely. 

Most speed tests measure the speed of download, upload, and ping. In Insiderbits, we briefly explain what each one is about. So you can easily read the results the exam will throw on your mobile. 

  • The latency pings. The unit of measurement regulates the time it takes to establish the server connection. In this way, you will know how long your network takes to respond to each request you make. 
  • The upload speed. This element evaluates the loading speed of your server. It demonstrates the actual rate at which data is sent over the internet connection. It is expressed in Mbps.
  • The download speed. It is responsible for establishing the measurement of download data. This data will be expressed in Mbps. With a low download speed, your server will likely not have a smooth connection.

To determine if your connection is perfect and not that it presents inconveniences, you should remember that the download and upload speeds must be symmetrical. It depends on the use you are giving to your internet server.  

This data will allow you to determine your connection network’s status accurately. With this content, you can choose the most practical and safe way to review the internet speed on your mobile. 

In Insiderbits, you will find pertinent information that will help you discover outstanding digital platforms and remain aware of the most popular aspects of the technological world. 


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