How to get the package of Office free?

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The advantages of obtaining the package Office free are manifold since the pack is a set of efficient and indispensable applications developed by Microsoft. These tools are focused on productivity and allow the optimal and dynamic performance of multiple office tasks. 

The following article provides valuable information about obtaining the pack of applications legally and for free. To do this, you have to follow some simple steps that will be explained below.

What are the steps to follow to get the set of Office free?


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The Microsoft Office pack for free is possible under certain circumstances and for specific users. To enjoy the package legally, you must take into consideration particular recommendations to obtain it, such as:

Office Online’s official website

You can access the Office free version on the Microsoft website to enjoy all its programs directly from the browser.

This application platform lets you generate, edit, view, and collaborate on documents and files online. To do this, you need an account there that allows you to use the functionalities offered by the portal. Office Online includes:

  • Ease of access from any place. You must have a device with internet access and directly access the portal.
  • Instantaneous integration and collaboration. Users can participate and make live contributions simultaneously with others.
  • Support for Office formats. Integration with standard forms to open and edit files created online.
  • Cloud storage options. OneDrive allows you to backup and sync documents online.
  • Friendly and straightforward interface. Office Online applications are similar to desktop versions of Microsoft Office.

Remember that you do not require a subscription to use the applications offered by the online portal; they are free for anyone with a Microsoft account.

Office Mobile

Microsoft has free mobile versions of its Office tools for download on Google Play. The platform is a suite of applications specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Such apps are optimized versions that allow you to multitask and edit while on the go from mobile devices. Some of the main features of Office Mobile are as follows:

·         Support for standard formats.

·         use of docx, .xlsx, and .pptx. Extensions, which allow you to edit the document from your mobile.

  • Availability of essential editing functions. You can make changes to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
  • Availability of other Microsoft applications. Outlook, One Note, Publisher, and Teams.
  • Cloud synchronization options. Integration with OneDrive to access the document from anywhere.
  • Availability of individual applications. Select and download the tool you need from Google Play.

We must point out that Office Mobile is specially designed for users who need to access and make quick modifications while on the go. Another advantage is that it maintains compatibility; however, you need a subscription to the Office 365 version for complex projects.

Students & Educators

Faculty and students at an educational institution can access Microsoft Office for free through their school and university accounts. Check with the institution if you can access this alternative, as it is a way to access the application pack at no cost.

It is part of the educational commitment to encourage productivity applications in the academic field and simplify everyday schoolwork. Its use focuses on promoting familiarity with the tools to perform collaborative and learning tasks.

In addition to improving excellence in the work done, it promotes competitiveness and better preparation for the future thanks to developing valuable skills.

Free Trials

Microsoft has free trials for its applications that guarantee the package of Office free for a set time, usually 30 days. You can register and request a free trial on the web portal.

No-cost testing for products and services is designed to allow the user to evaluate the application’s functionalities. It is so you can make the best decision regarding purchasing the selected license.

Donation Programs and Nonprofit Organizations

For employees belonging to a nonprofit organization, the Microsoft Giving Program offers several benefits. These include donating licenses, access to Office free, and discounts on their products and services.

We can underline that product availability and requirements vary by region and donation policies. In addition, organizations must meet eligibility parameters and register with the corresponding programs. 

What are the advantages of getting the suite of Office free?

One of the advantages of getting the set of Office free is that you don’t have to pay any costs for the software. In addition, the online platform allows access to applications from the web browser just by having internet. Other advantages are the following:

  • It facilitates real-time collaboration of multiple people to edit a document simultaneously.
  • It has cloud storage to access documents from anywhere through mobile devices.
  • Compatibility options thanks to standard formats.
  • Wide availability for multiple operating systems.
  • It does not require the installation of the software on the computer.
  • It has a large community of users with whom you can share online resources and advice.
  • Some applications have add-ons and extensions that allow you to customize the functionalities according to your needs.

Undoubtedly, there are multiple advantages and functionalities that you can obtain thanks to the Office suite at no cost. Follow the recommendations described above and enjoy the applications from your web browser or mobile devices.

How do we complement the functionalities offered by the Office suite?

The technological era makes available to the user multiple tools and applications that complement the functionalities of the free Office suite. Nowadays, online work meetings are essential, as they allow real-time communication.

Thanks to these applications, you can make decisions, collaborate, and make live edits simultaneously with multiple people. This way, productivity is favored at all levels, from academic to business.

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