How to get free spins in Coin Master

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If you do not know how to get free spins in Coin Master, learn here. It is currently one of the most popular games this year. Downloads exceed 100 million; it’s a success!

It is a game where you must conquer villages, build them, protect them, and make them the best town in the game. You must earn coins, get loot, or find treasures to do this.

Let’s discover how you get free spins in Coin Master


Getting free spins in Coin Master requires strategies that Insiderbits teach you. Become a Coin Master, achieving many coins, cards, and other incredible things.

Your main objective will be to collect 1,000 coins using a slot machine. This method will be the main one to earn cash. When you spin the wheel, and the figure comes with the coin or a sack full of gold, you get coins instantaneously. Besides, the good thing is that there are other ways.

By social networks

The app has its official accounts on social networks; you have to become a follower of them. Periodically, raffles and riddles are formulated and published on Instagram and their official Facebook accounts. Thousands and thousands of coins are given away weekly.

Connected to Facebook

For Insiderbits, this system is pretty cool; you link your Facebook account with your profile in Coin Master. At the moment, you win 50 spins and 1,000,000 coins.

Moreover, for every invitation you make, they give you 40 more spins, making you earn more coins. Even create a group on Facebook to make invitations to more people and thus earn more rotations. To make effective invitations:

·         The person you invite must accept the invitation you make.

·         They have to download the app.

·         Link Coin Master to their Facebook accounts.

Besides, remember, there are 40 spins that you will win with each friend. 

Keep track

To earn free coins in Coin Master, there is a meter where you keep track of your spins; you must fill it. There is also a wheel in which they give bonuses daily. You must access the platform daily and thus not lose these promotions.

Gifts by email

Every day, the app sends gifts to your email account. Once you have registered, the app will send you a link to your email. You enter the game and receive free spins for opening it.

Links with rewards

This way you earn tons of coins for free money links. You will see some websites that are the ones that bring the links. You will click on one of them to enter the game, and automatically, you will earn all the coins that the association says.

Wait a bit 

The app grants five free spins per hour. Therefore, if you don’t spin for a period of 10 hours, you get the maximum of spins, which is 50. Insiderbits suggest that you disconnect for a long time and come back later. After several hours, you will have accumulated many spins. Just be patient.

Make the most of the opportunity to boost

Among the many ways there are to win, there is a blue capsule that you must align. You will earn extra spins if you do it three times in the same round. It’s not that easy, but you can do it if you try.


In the slot, there is a figure that repeats itself, and it is the thief pig. If you manage to line up, you will enter the village, where you will have four places to dig a hole and find prizes. 

If you dig in three of the winning holes, you could win a lot of coins.


If you have to attack an opposing player, you will find constructions that you must also attack. You should choose one with a shield protecting it. If there isn’t, it’s your great chance to win a lot of coins.

Give spins

You can send or receive money orders by creating your network of friends. The good part is that they are not subtracted from your spin account when you give them away. Thus, you can win 100 spins every day without needing to pay. This service is completely free of charge.

Make a fortune getting free spins in Coin Master

Having a fortune with free spins in Coin Master only requires patience and that you invite many friends. Following this guide that Insiderbits has prepared for you, we are sure you will get a lot of money. 


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