How to get free Internet in 2023

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Would you like to access the free Internet? No, you didn’t read wrong. We are immersed in the digital age, an era in which it is necessary. However, many users do not have the budget to contract a plan with a service provider. Luckily, there are several legal methods to get the services.

At Insiderbits, the Internet must be considered a human right, like education. For this reason, we present you with some alternatives. This article explores little-known methods and security protocols to shield your devices from viruses.

5 Legal Methods to Get Free Internet


Enjoying free internet is like a dream. The truth is that you have probably used a free connection and were not aware of it. In this section, we will show you the methods available to browse the web without paying a cent:

1.    Connect to a free public WiFi hotspot

Public WiFi is one of the most common and easiest ways to get unrestricted internet. This method is provided by companies, organizations, and local governments to give free access to users. You’ll be able to connect to a public WiFi network in places like:

·         Libraries

·         Cafes

·         Airports

·         Public parks

Now, how can you locate a public WiFi point?   WiFi Free Spot is a directory that provides all the exact addresses of public WiFi points. The exciting thing about this directory is that it is organized by state. For example, if you live in Tennessee, you’ll know where each Internet point is.

Beyond the wonders of public WiFi, it also has specific negative points. You should be aware that you won’t enjoy a high-speed connection. Being a free network, the number of users affects the connection’s speed. At the security level, malware proliferates on accessible networks, so you must be very careful.

2.    Free Service Providers

Some companies offer free Internet services. ISPs provide a limited but valuable connection to get out of any trouble. These types of providers display advertisements while users are logged in. If you want a plan with benefits, you can contract a rate with the provider. These are the most reliable ISPs:

Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is one of the most reliable alternatives. This provider gives you a portable wireless router to browse from anywhere. The only detail is that they ask you for a deposit to guarantee the equipment. Freedom Pop’s free plan gives you a 500MB free plan.


Are you one of the users who consume little Internet data? NetZero is one of the most popular providers in the United States. You do not need a mobile router in NetZero since it works when downloading software. Unlike Freedom, NetZero only offers you a 10-hour Internet plan.

Certainly, ISPs do not offer high-speed internet plans, but they are a more than acceptable option. NetZero and Freedom Pop differ because you must purchase a mobile Internet device for the former. On the other hand, in NetZero, you are not obliged to sign contracts for the service.

3.    Ask the neighbor for the WiFi key

Believe it or not, this method is the most common to get free Internet. A good neighbor can get you out of trouble when you need to solve a task over the Internet. The important thing is that you start a negotiation and offer a win-win agreement in return. In the end, the important thing is that both parties benefit.

4.    Visit commercial establishments and ask for the WiFi key

Commercial establishments such as Starbucks or In & Out Burger offer customers Internet through a local WiFi network. These are even company policies to optimize the user experience. However, there is a possibility that access to the Internet may be limited, either by time or by data.

5.    Government Assistance Programs

Government assistance programs provide Internet service to low-income households. The main objective of these programs is to eliminate communication barriers and offer optimal connectivity. This is possible through a subsidy fund, and the beneficiaries are selected through competitions. Some of these programs are:

·         Lifeline 

·         Emergency Broadband Benefit 

·         EveryoneOn

These programs offer discounts on phone or broadband bills to select households. For example, EveryoneOn works with several Internet providers to provide the best service to low-income families.

This list shows the five most common legal methods to get free Internet in 2023. Your devices must have their updated software and a good antivirus. Why? Free Internet access is full of malicious software.

Protect your data when connecting to a free network

I don’t know if you know, but some free Internet providers store your data. Much of this data is anonymous. However, hackers abound on the Internet and can steal sensitive information. To minimize these types of incidents, follow these steps:

1.    Use a VPN

2.    Keep your device software up to date

3.    Use the HTTPS protocol

4.    Check the origin of links and file downloads

5.    Read privacy policies before signing up with a free Internet provider

Having a free Internet service seemed unlikely. Luckily, there are several alternatives to enjoy free connectivity. There are also certain risks that very few comment on. At Insiderbits, we believe that beyond its benefits, you should inform yourself about its potential risks.

It’s your turn to surf the Internet for free

We hope you enjoyed this post and have no doubts about this topic. Now you know the most common legal methods and options to get free Internet. These techniques will help you reduce Internet expenses in your home. 


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