How to Get a Free Netflix Trial

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Having a free Netflix trial is only possible in some countries worldwide and under certain conditions. Currently, this platform does not offer this option to any new subscriber. On the contrary, there are many special promotions for those new customers who seek to access the catalog of exclusive content without paying much.

In the following article, you can discover how to access a free trial of Netflix without complicating yourself too much. In Insiderbits, we explain how to try today’s most famous streaming service at no cost. Discover the step-by-step that we bring below.

The easiest way to get a free Netflix trial


It is common for us all to want to get a free Netflix trial before subscribing to the platform. Unfortunately, it is not possible in all countries because the company withdrew, for the moment, the free trials for new users at the end of 2020.

However, you can enjoy this promotion only in exceptional cases in the United States and the United Kingdom. Netflix’s free trials will allow you to access great audiovisual content exclusive to the platform without paying for it. This trial period is for a limited time.

In fact, by opening an account and signing up for Netflix, you can hopefully get a free trial for exclusive content. If you still do not know the easiest way to get a free trial of Netflix, do not worry. In Insiderbits, we will explain step by step how to achieve it.

Step by step to get a free Netflix trial

Testing the streaming service and accessing the platform’s free trial to its new customers is very simple. Just create your username, register, and see the plans that are offered. Below, we detail the steps you must follow to achieve it.

1.    Enter the official Netflix website from your home country.

2.    Locate on the screen the option that indicates “Enjoy Free Month” and click on it. (Check in advance if the offer is still available.)

3.    Then it is necessary that you deploy the option “View the Plans,” you must choose one of the subscription plans offered by the platform (Standard with ads, Standard, or Premium)

4.    When choosing the plan, click “Continue with.”

5.    Then, you must proceed to create your account on Netflix. You must enter personal data such as name and email to do this. Click “Continue”.

6.    To finish registering, do not forget to configure the user and the password correctly.

7.    Once this step is completed, it is essential that you link your account to a payment method. You can choose payment alternatives by credit card or PayPal.

8.    Then, click on the option that says ” Start Membership.”

9.    Next, complete the registration with the information about your tastes and preferences as a user. Here, you can select the genre of movies and series you like the most, be it comedy, action, romance, animated, and more.

With these few steps, you can enjoy a fabulous free trial for a short period. Hopefully, the free offer will be available again when you try this option.

How to delete a subscription after a free Netflix trial

Remember that you must cancel your subscription one day before the deadline set by the company for the end of the free trial.  In this way, they will not proceed to charge you charges for the service.

Previously, Netflix sent alert notifications to your email account notifying you of the upcoming expiration of your free trial. Now, you will need to be vigilant before the regulatory time expires.

You need to follow the following steps to unsubscribe from this subscription and not have to pay anything beyond the trial time.

1.    First, you must access the official Netflix account from a trusted browser.

2.    Next, locate on the screen, in the upper right, the characteristic icon that reflects the word “Account.

3.    Once you click, you can view the current status of your account and the summary of it.

4.    Then, locate the option “Subscription and Billing,” proceed to click on the phrase that indicates “Cancel Subscription,” and wait a few seconds for it to process the information.

5.    Then, it is necessary that you click on the option “End Cancellation” so that the operation corresponding to the interruption of the service can be confirmed. 

Immediately, the platform will proceed to suspend the free trial of Netflix. The cancellation of the membership does not entail additional expenses. On the contrary, it only provides the option to unsubscribe from the service when the user deems it convenient.

Remember that you can reactivate your account whenever you want. Only this time, you will have to pay for it.

Check availability for a free Netflix trial in your country

Netflix currently restricts direct access to free trials in various countries worldwide. However, you can check if the option is available in a special section.

In Insiderbits, we explain how you can check the availability of this promotion to get a free trial of Netflix on any technological device.

1.    Enter the official Netflix page, locate the option indicating “verification zone,” and click on it.

2.    You can manually choose your country of origin in the drop-down menu.

3.    Once you enter it, the platform will immediately process the information and inform you if the free trial is available.

If it indicates that the promotion is available, you must perform all the procedures we explained at the beginning.

Otherwise, the platform will leave you with a message on the screen with the following phrase: “We are not currently offering free trials.” This indicates that to enjoy the service, you will have to pay for the membership of your chosen plan.

Other alternatives to enjoy a free Netflix trial

Those looking to access today’s most crucial streaming service for free can use other unconventional methods. This is in case you haven’t been able to get a free trial of Netflix. The most popular options at the moment are the following.

·         With a Gift Card that offers free memberships as a gift.

·         With some offers and promotions available on the platform for a limited time.

Remember that while many other ways exist to get a free Netflix trial and access free content, not all are legal or reliable.

We hope this information will allow you to enjoy ample options for entertainment so you can get quality interactive content at no cost. In Insiderbits, exclusive content provides valuable information to discover useful and featured platforms.


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