How to Earn More Than $1 Billion in Daily Cash From Apple Card

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In a remarkable display of the power of modern financial technology, users of the Apple Card have collectively earned an astounding sum exceeding $1 billion in daily cash rewards. 

This achievement not only highlights the popularity of this innovative credit card but also underscores the potential for individuals to leverage such tools to enhance their financial well-being. 


Join us as we delve into the strategies and mechanisms that have enabled users to unlock this impressive earning potential and learn how you too can make the most of your Apple Card experience.

$1 billion in Daily Cash from Apple Card:

Users of the Apple Card achieved a significant milestone by earning over $1 billion in Daily Cash rewards last year. This accomplishment showcases the popularity and success of the Apple Card, with more than 12 million users benefiting from its rewards program since its launch in 2019. 

The ability to earn unlimited Daily Cash on purchases made through Apple, as well as at select merchants when using Apple Pay, has contributed to this remarkable feat. 

Additionally, users have the option to grow their Daily Cash by depositing it into a high-yield Savings account, further enhancing the value of their rewards. 

This achievement not only highlights the financial benefits that users can enjoy with the Apple Card but also underscores the card’s position as a leading choice for individuals seeking to maximize their cash-back rewards and manage their finances effectively.

How to Earn Cashback Rewards With Apple Card?

To earn cashback rewards with the Apple Card, follow these steps:

Set Up Your Apple Card: Add your Apple Card to an eligible iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

Make Purchases: When you use your Apple Card for purchases, you earn cash back in the form of Daily Cash, which accrues every day as you earn it.

Redeem Your Cash Back: You can redeem your Daily Cash rewards for various options such as buying items via Apple Pay, sending money to friends, paying down your credit card balance, or growing your savings in a high-yield Apple Savings account.

Manage Your Daily Cash: Monitor and manage your Daily Cash by checking the Wallet app on your iPhone. You can view the lifetime Daily Cash earned, track progress toward offers, and discover Bonus Daily Cash Merchants.

Choose Where Your Cash Goes: You have the flexibility to direct your Daily Cash to either Apple Cash or Savings. You can set up an Apple Cash account to send money or use it for purchases, or opt for a high-yield Savings account where your cash can earn interest.

Share Benefits: If you share an Apple Card with your family members through Apple Card Family, each person can earn Daily Cash for their own purchases.

Apple Card Tips to Earn Money and Cash:

Maximizing Cash Back:

Earn 3% Daily cash-back on Apple purchases, 2% on Apple Pay transactions at select merchants, and 1% on other purchases. Move iTunes purchases to your Apple Card to earn more rewards, especially for services like Apple Music or video streaming subscriptions.

Managing Finances:

Estimate interest easily to understand the real cost of your purchases and make informed payment decisions. Utilize color-coded spending categories to visualize your expenses and track your spending habits effectively.

Earning Daily Cash:

Add family members to your Apple Card account to earn up to $200 in Daily Cash by meeting spending thresholds. Encourage family members to use Apple Pay for purchases to maximize Daily Cash earnings for each user added to the account.

Additional Tips to Earn Money:

  • Schedule payments through iOS to avoid interest charges and ensure timely bill payments without manual intervention. 
  • Change your card number easily if you suspect it has been compromised, ensuring security for online transactions. 
  • Utilize the Business Chat feature in iMessage for quick access to Apple Support and account assistance.

By implementing these tips, users can effectively earn money and cash through the Apple Card’s rewards program, manage their finances efficiently, and leverage additional features for a seamless financial experience.

Users Earned More Than $1 Billion in Daily Cash From Apple Card – Conclusion

The remarkable achievement of users earning over $1 billion in Daily Cash rewards from the Apple Card stands as a testament to the card’s popularity, innovative features, and the financial benefits it offers. 

This milestone not only showcases the effectiveness of the Apple Card’s rewards program but also highlights how users can leverage modern financial tools to enhance their financial well-being. 

As individuals continue to maximize their earnings, manage their finances effectively, and explore the various features of the Apple Card, this achievement serves as a compelling example of how technology and smart financial choices can lead to significant rewards. 

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