How to download the Google Play Store

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Learning how to download the Google Play Store is not as complicated as it seems. Currently, some mobile devices still need to get Google certification and, consequently, do not have the platform installed.

Some practical, safe, and reliable ways to help you with these exceptions. At Insiderbits, we tell you some functional and practical methods for the correct installation of the Play Store on your Android. To do this, you must only follow one of the steps in this work.

Why is it so imperative to download the Google Play Store?


Downloading the Google Play Store is essential if you want to get another Android app without problems. This digital store gives a comprehensive catalog of apps and other services suitable for Android.

This digital distribution center is an excellent source of security for both app creators and app users. This is because it ensures that the software you download is free of dangers and has quality content.

Undoubtedly, it is the most-positioned digital broadcast channel in the industry. Here, you can find a large amount of content and computer tools. All of this, regardless of whether they are free or paid. In addition, it allows developers to access many users directly. The more downloads the app has on Google Play, the more visible it will be and the more successful it will be.

How to get it on your device?

If you have a device without the respective Google certification for one reason or another, it is clear that Google Play is not installed on its system. This currently happens with high-end equipment such as those manufactured and distributed by the Chinese company Huawei.

Due to the internal conflict between both companies, all cell phones cannot use the Google search engine. This incompatibility is perceived in teams globally. Although, in some cases, the apps that you have previously downloaded still work, the truth is that you cannot download new ones or update them.

These measures are counterproductive for those with Android devices who cannot access the digital store. The good thing about this matter is that safe methods have been devised to solve, in a certain way, the existing problem. If this is your case, don’t worry. With GBox or the AppGallery application, you can easily update some Android services. 

Step by step to perform a correct download from Google Play

Clearly, GBox is a simple alternative to counteract, in a certain way, the restriction that the US government has on the Huawei company. This app allows you to access many of the services established within the internet giant. But why use this method and not another?

The truth is that GBox is officially integrated into Huawei’s natural gallery of applications, better known as AppGallery. This means that the general installation procedure is more straightforward and safer.

  1. First, access the catalog of alternative apps
  2. In the search engine, you must enter the word GBox and look for the corresponding icon.
  3. Wait a few seconds while the system proceeds to download. At that time, install the app as usual.
  4. Now open GBox on your mobile. When displaying the options, select Google Play Store.
  5. Then, enter the registration using your personal details. Another option to enter is by opening your Google account (enter the data, and that’s it)
  6. Once it is done, download or update, as always, any APK app. Accordingly, you effortlessly use the Play Store APK.

In addition, GBox allows you to create shortcuts to apps from the Google Store. Hence, you can use Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and more. But keep in mind that with some other apps, downloading is not probable.

If you cannot access the AppGallery on your Huawei cell phone, download the app right from the internet. Just keep in mind that this technique is not as secure. In addition, it requires that you activate “unknown sources” on your mobile to allow changes.

Alternatives to Download Google Play Store

You might know that many mobile equipment manufacturing companies are implementing their own download stores on their equipment. Therefore, they do without the pre-installation of Google Play. Therefore, it is good that you download it by yourself.

The best way to access Google Services on your phone is by browsing the app store of the phone’s manufacturer for Google Installer. By means of the Play Services app, you can analyze, make the verification, download, and update services.

1. Download Play Services Info from your phone. Next, install it.

2. Once it is installed and the status and functionality of the system are checked, you must click on “Play Store” to get the file. Subsequently, the APK file will be downloaded.

3. Afterward, download the apps of your choice.

Hence, being able to enjoy the latest in digital technology offered by the specific Google Play catalog is also possible on Android devices without the application pre-installed.

Insiderbits supports you in the protected download of apps without any threat to your device’s system. Trust us in providing you with a guide to the best applications.


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