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Downloading the App Store might be necessary for those who own an iOS mobile device like the iPhone or iPad. We are talking about an Apple app store for those. It is a system that is built into your phone. But you may not see it available among your repertoire of applications.

For this reason, from Insiderbits, we inform you how to have this instrument. In addition, we explain how to install the Apple App Store as an App Store APK. This allows you to download it even on the Android operating system, as you will see. So, stay with us, and let’s get into the details of this vital article we put together for you on the topic.

Download the App Store – Advantages


The application store, the App Store, is one of the most popular worldwide. For this reason, many seek to understand how to download the App Store. Millions of iOS users use it to enrich the functions of such devices. It guarantees to interested parties acts such as:

•      The capacity to download the apps of interest to the user. This is to enrich the functionality of the devices (mobile phones and tablets).

•      It facilitates the process of downloading and installing apps.

•      It guarantees the necessary level of security on the software you have to download.

•      Free of charge for many of its installation elements.

•      Possibility for Premium users to return the subscription (during a specific time).

•      Special control over the content corresponding to the applications it has.

As you can see, it is a handy tool for operators of this communication device. And the best of all is that most of the time, it is pre-installed on those. This means that, if you do not see it, rather than downloading the App Store, you need to perform an act of recovery of that.

Step by step to verify that the App Store is present on your phone

As said before, if you have an iOS phone and don’t see the App Store, it is because it is hidden. What is required here is not to download the App Store. You must carry out a precise procedure that we will address immediately so it reappears.

Step 1: Use the search engine

The first step is too apparent, but we still proceed to refer to it because it could be helpful for you to do it. This involves going to your home screen and entering your App Store search engine. If it appears, you will have already achieved the objective. But if it doesn’t, continue with the steps we’ll cover next.

Step 2: Update your equipment

Update your device’s operating system to the latest version available. The points to follow for this consist of:

•      Open the section of your phone called “Settings”.

•      Then scroll down until you find the “General” section.

•      Click “Software Updates” and check if any updates are available.

Finally, proceed to install the new version, following the instructions on the screen.

Step 3. Resetting your device

If, after updating your device, you still need to download the App Store, reset your home screen. This means taking it back to its default settings. However, consider that such a step will delete your folders and even custom applications. But this will not affect your data and downloaded apps. To do this, you only have to do the following:

•      Open the “Settings” section corresponding to your device.

•      Select the “General” section and then “Reset.”

•      Click “Reset Home Screen”.

•      Proceed to confirm the action

Step 4: Unlock your access

Something that could also have happened is that you have accidentally blocked the app from “Time of Screen.” To solve it, follow these points:

•      Enter “Settings”.

•      Then search for “Usage Time.”

•      Click “Restrictions” and then “Buy from iTunes and App Store.”

At this point, if you notice that the “Install apps” option is not allowed, you can already know what happened. This would be the cause you are looking for to explain the absence of the App Store on your phone.

Step 5: Click on Install apps

Here, you have to press the “Install App” section and activate the option identified as “Allow.”

The App Store icon should appear again once all of the above is done. If so, you can start using it as soon as you want. Such a process would demonstrate that downloading the App Store is unnecessary if you no longer see it on your phone. It simply makes this element come out from its hidden position.

How to install the iPhone App Store on an Android?

In case you didn’t know, downloading the App Store on an Android phone is possible. You can install it, similar to an App Store APK item. And you can do all this by completing a series of simple steps we will address shortly.

1.  Open your internet browser

The first thing to do is open your browser, and then you also open the “app safe. club” page.”

2.  Select App Store

A series of applications will appear. Search among them until you find one called “App Store++,” on which you must click.

3.  Press the download button

Then, a new screen shows a button called “START INJECTION,” and you press it.

4.  Wait for the download time

This will be added directly to the Android device without downloading any files.

5.  Select two random apps of interest

Once the above is done, when the download is finished, a new page opens where new applications appear. Here, you must install two of those to support their developers. This step requires you to follow the instructions that appear in each app.

6.  Refresh the page

When you finish installing the two apps mentioned, which will be your preference, you can return to the previous page. You must update it, and when the approval message appears with “App Injected,” the procedure is resolved satisfactorily.

The iPhone App Store icon will be present among your Android apps. And in case you want to disappear later, you can delete it as quickly as you do with any other application on your phone. As if it were an App Store APK, that is, an application similar to Android.

Method to download games and apps in the App Store

Once you download the App Store and install it on your mobile or, failing that, reinstall it, it is time to use it. It is a simple process that, if you need to become more familiar with it, at Insiderbits, we show you a practical way to carry it out. You have to:

•  Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

•  Navigate through the different tabs it has. These are “Today, Games, Apps or Arcade,” among which you must choose the application of your interest.

•  Activate the “Price” tab or, failing that, the button called “Get.” If the second option mentioned appears, the app is free.

If you have downloaded applications on your mobile but don’t see them, you have perhaps initiated parental controls. If so, look for iTunes and App Store and select “Allow.” It is in the configuration section.

Why have the App Store?

If you wonder why you should download the App Store, even as an APK file for Android, here we tell you. Well, it is a complex application store. This implies benefits such as:

•      A safe place to find your apps of interest.

•      It has a design made to discover.

•      It has stories that inform and inspire, which are updated daily.

•      Their products have been chosen by experts for you.

•      You can explore current topics such as movie premieres, tournaments, and video games.

•      It provides detailed information about your apps.

All this and more gives you the App Store. This way, you can get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Android. From Insiderbits, we suggest that you stop taking advantage of the aforementioned technological benefits.

Has everything become clear about the App Store?

As you have seen, downloading the App Store is very convenient, even if you have an Android phone. This gives you various applications, among other aspects, and under exceptional security standards. Installing the Apple App Store on your phone will undoubtedly expand its operational field.

And if, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, we inform you that you can not only download the App Store. You can also download and install it on your device from the Google Play Store. Therefore, we invite you to look at this link’s content. You will be redirected to a beneficial article on this topic by clicking it. 


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