How to check your electricity bill for free on your phone

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Do you want to check your electricity bill from your phone? The arrival of bills can always come as a surprise. You never know how much you will have to pay or if there was a billing error. But thanks to the mobile applications of electricity companies, you can now check your bills from your smartphone.

At Insiderbits, we want to show you the steps to download your provider’s app and register in a few minutes. In this way, you can manage your bills digitally. Checking your electricity bill from your phone is easy and completely free. Let’s start!

Check your electricity bill with the app of your electric company


To check your electricity bill directly from your smartphone, it is best to use the official application of your electricity provider. Every major power company has its app designed specifically for its customers. But… Why is it so important to use the app of your electric company? Let’s see.

Importance of using the official app of your provider

Using the application of your electricity company to check your electricity bill has several advantages:

  • Direct access to your account information. By linking your electricity contract, the app has updated data, such as bills, payments, and consumption. You don’t need to create a new account. Sign in with your existing information.
  • Custom functions. Each provider offers specific features for their customers, such as reporting failures, payment history, rate plans, exclusive promotions, and more.
  • Customer Support. In the app, you will find direct channels to communicate with your company’s technical support in case of doubts or problems. You can receive personalized help.
  • Greater data security. You don’t have to put your personal and payment information into a third-party application. Your data will be protected in an official app.

Your electricity provider’s app is created specifically for customers. Therefore, it is the ideal option to manage your electricity bill quickly and safely.

Popular utility apps

Some popular apps from electric companies in the United States are:

  • Duke Energy. Coverage in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
  • With Edison. Service in New York and Westchester.
  • FPL. Coverage in the state of Florida.
  • American Electric Power. Extensive coverage in 11 states in the Midwest and Southeast of the United States. It has applications intended for each state.
  • Xcel Energy. Service in the country’s central, western, and southeastern states such as Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.

There are many other companies and applications. It is best to search Google Play for your company’s name and the word “app” to find the official application. Once installed, you can link your electricity account and start using it.

Register with your contract data

Once you’ve downloaded your utility company’s app, you must sign up to link your account. To complete the registration, you will need the following information:

  • Client number. This unique code identifies your electricity contract. It usually has between 8 and 12 digits.
  • Delivery address. The physical address where you receive electric service.
  • Personal information. Full name, email, and phone number.
  • Payment data. If you want to set up online payment, you will need your credit card or bank account details.

Some apps will also ask you to create an app-specific username and password. Others validate your identity by asking you questions about your credit history. Ensure you enter all your details correctly and completely to link your profile successfully.

Once this is done, you can start using all the application functions!

Check your recent electricity bill

One of the most valuable functions of these applications is being able to check your latest electricity bills issued. It allows you to:

  • See in detail the consumption and charges of each period.
  • Download or print a PDF copy of the invoice.
  • Have a historical record of your invoices.

The app’s billing section will find the latest invoices processed, and ordered by issue date. Each invoice can be opened to see the details:

  • kWh consumption during the billing period.
  • Detail of fixed and variable charges, and taxes.
  • Deadline for payment of that invoice.
  • Comparison of consumption with the same period of the previous year or month.

You can download a PDF version of the invoice to print or send by email. You will also have the option to pay the invoice directly in the application. Keeping an updated history of your electricity bills allows you to control your electricity consumption and expenses better.

Analyze your electricity consumption.

Another valuable function of these apps is that they allow you to analyze in detail your electricity consumption in kWh during different periods. You can see consumption reports by day, week, month, or year; this will depend on the company and its application. This will help you:

  • Identify variations and patterns of consumption by season. For example, the already famous increases in summer for air conditioning.
  • Detect peak hours in which the highest consumption is recorded. There may be room to improve habits in those time slots.
  • Compare your current consumption with previous periods to see if you have reduced or increased.
  • Better estimate and budget your upcoming bills.

From Insiderbits, we recommend that you always have detailed information on your electricity consumption habits. It is the first step to take. This way, you can identify ways to save energy and money on your electricity bill.

Take advantage of other valuable features

In addition to reviewing your electricity bill, electricity company apps offer other useful features that can help you manage your electricity service more efficiently.

Pay bills online

Most apps allow you to set up automatic payment of your bills or make one-off payments quickly and safely. Just add your credit card or bank account details, and that’s it. You will receive an immediate payment confirmation, and avoid using checks or going to an office.

Alerts and reminders

You can configure alerts to receive notifications about issuing new invoices, upcoming payment dates, rate increases, etc. You can also set reminders to pay bills to meet the deadline. It is advantageous to keep your account up to date.

Assistance and technical support

All official supplier apps have customer support channels. You can communicate directly to report bugs, ask questions about your service, request information from your account, and more. They provide specialized support to solve your doubts.

Monthly summary of consumption and spending

Some applications send reports by email with an overview of your primary electricity consumption and expense statistics for the month. It is an excellent way to keep track without constantly entering the app.

Now you can check your electricity bill on your phone!

As you have seen throughout this guide, using the official mobile applications is the most convenient. These allow you to control your service and check your electricity bill without problems. You can view and download your accounts anytime, analyze your consumption to identify savings, set up automatic payments, receive useful alerts, and more.

Checking your electricity bill is easy, fast, and accessible. You only need your smartphone and internet connection. Take advantage of all these intelligent features to better understand your consumption habits, optimize your energy use, and keep your account current effortlessly. 

Your electricity bill will no longer take you by surprise with this Insiderbits guide!


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