Free Hulu Trial: Step-by-Step Guide to Getting One

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Would you like a free Hulu trial? Hey there, I’m sure you’re aware that Hulu puts a wide variety of content at your disposal, similar to Netflix. But to enjoy this service, paying for it every month is necessary. So, if you do not want to spend money and prefer to experience it first, you should do it with the free trial.

If that’s what you’re in quest of, keep reading so you know how to get one step-by-step. In addition, we will also provide you with data about the plans. All this with the aim that you enjoy a better service, as you will see later.

Steps to get a free Hulu trial


Getting a free Hulu trial as a new user is easy, and the best is that you will not have to pay. Below, we will let you know three methods that will allow you to opt for this test. Thus, you can enjoy TV shows and live TV online, among others, on the Hulu platform.

Method 1: Free Hulu trial without using your credit card

Experience the platform with a complimentary account for 30 days. Simply follow the easy steps below to get started.

1.            Step 1. As a starting point, you will need to enter Hulu. Once there, you click on “Get All Three.”

Free Hulu trial
Take the free Hulu trial and enjoy your favorite series – Screenshot

1.            Step 2. When that page opens, you will see three plans. Choose one and fill out the form for the plan to be activated.

2.            Step 3. To complete the registration, click where it says “Express Options.” Next, you select your payment method, for example, PayPal (do not worry, since it can be deleted later). You could also enter your card details (you can also delete them) because the process will continue to be approved.

3.            Step 4. Done! You already have a free Hulu trial to enjoy whenever you want. 

Having completed these steps, you can browse and watch your favorite series and movies.

Method 2: Free Hulu Trial on Spotify Premium

With Spotify Premium, you could get a free trial of Hulu. Many need to be made aware of this, but the music service Spotify provides a 50% discount on its Premium plans. Therefore, Spotify Premium offers students access to the Hulu and Showtime plans with ads.

However, you must first have a Spotify Premium account to enjoy this great offer. It is worth mentioning that you cannot combine this opportunity with any other plan or with other Hulu add-ons.

Method 3: Use the Microsoft reward

In case you didn’t already know, the Microsoft reward refers to programming that will reward you. It is for doing the tasks you do daily. How do I earn this reward? To get it, you will only have to browse the web through the Bing search engine and use the Microsoft Edge browser.

This way, whenever you search for some terminology on Bing, you will get bonus points. Once you have enough points, you can use them to earn prizes. Such gifts include Hulu gift cards.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you won’t be able to unlock a Hulu gift card quickly with Microsoft Reward. But you can get one in a few days if you have some patience.

Method 4: Share the account

For many, it is unsafe to trust third-party offers. This option will make you feel more secure and comfortable since it is an alternative and easy method. It consists of asking someone (family member, friend, or neighbor) to share their Hulu account with you. If a neighbor, for example, has a Hulu Paid subscription, they can share it. It is, as long as you don’t mind doing it.

It should be noted that Hulu only accepts two streams simultaneously for the two standard plans. We’re talking about the Hulu + Live TV plan. It offers an add-on that allows users to stream on smartphones on a limited basis at a time. It is a plan that, of course, has an additional cost that must be paid each month.

As you can see, there are several methods with which you can get a free Hulu trial legitimately. Keep in mind that there are other alternative means to get one. But be careful! There are illegitimate platforms that could cause you serious problems.

Are there Hulu offers?

After enjoying a free trial of Hulu, if you decide to subscribe, you should know that on the Hulu platform, you will find some attractive options. For example, if you are one of those who don’t care about advertising. Then, you can opt for the Hulu ad-supported plan with a low monthly fee.

Now, if, on the other hand, you can’t stand ads, you can choose the Hulu plan without ads. However, it is somewhat more expensive than the previous one. But, besides these options, you will also find a much more economical plan. It’s about signing up for Hulu with ads for one year.

If you commit to this last plan, you must make a single yearly payment. It will save up to 16% compared to the monthly payment price. But this does not end here since there is an even better offer, the well-known “Disney Package.” You can subscribe to this plan with ads for a very comfortable monthly fee

In short, you will have various offers, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs. You can enjoy your movies, series, or broadcasts during rest or after work by selecting anyone.

Types of Hulu plans (but previously enjoying a free Hulu trial)

By having a free Hulu trial, you can start enjoying the content of this platform. But below, you will see some of the plans and prices Hulu offers its users. This way, you will have a clear idea if you subscribe.

Basic Hulu plan with ads

One of Hulu’s plans costs $7.99 a month. However, as the name implies, it shows commercials from the beginning to the end of the program. For long videos, it generates advertising during the program.

Ad-free plan

The price of the ad-free plan per month is $14.99. It is an ad-free subscription. If you opt for this plan, use your free Hulu trial without risking money. It can be obtained through some of the methods mentioned above.

Plus Live TV Plan (limited time)

$44.99 per month is the cost of the Plus Live TV plan, though it’s ad-limited. You must pay a monthly recharge to remove the annoying ads.

The most convenient thing before subscribing to Hulu is to know the platform. We talk about the type of content offered, the plans, as well as the quality of the service, among others. Hence, from Insiderbits, we recommend you choose the free Hulu trial first.

After you enjoy your free account, you will know whether you like this platform. It will help you make an accurate and beneficial decision for you.

Reasons to opt for a free Hulu trial

The main reason you should opt for the free Hulu trial is the payment. And why subscribe and pay if you can try for free before?

It’s also worth noting that many want to subscribe but need to know what kind of content they’ll see. In that sense, below, we will address some elements you will enjoy when subscribing to Hulu.

1.            TV. In this section, you can see recent and previous episodes of some exclusive seasons. Undoubtedly, here you will find the most famous series, such as Drag Me to Dinner, Never Let Him Go, and The Other Black Girl, among many more. 

2.            Classic and first-run films. You can make your house a cinema to watch successful movies at the box office and the most awarded.

3.            Original and intense series. The Handmaid’s Tale and The Looming Tower are some of the series you’ll watch with Hulu and many others that cover all tastes and genres. Take it!

4.            Programming for all ages. Have a great time with your family with premieres and classic programming. Enjoy cartoons and series in the company of your loved ones.

In short, it is the best way to spend your free time. Watch TV online with over 60 channels, including news, series, sports, and more.

Follow the steps and enjoy the free Hulu trial

Before subscribing to any plan, getting a free Hulu trial is the most convenient thing. This mechanism lets you quickly determine if you decide on one of their plans. So don’t wait any longer, and get your free account right now.

In that sense, you can try other platforms that will also offer you free trials. These will provide you with content of interest and quite entertaining. With them, you can spend your free time relaxed, watching your favorite programs, series or movies.


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