4 Ways to Learn English Using WhatsApp

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Do you know you already have an English learning tool on your phone? And that too for free. We are talking about WhatsApp – an instant messaging app used by billions all over the world that can also help you improve some areas of English communication.

Don’t you believe us? Then read on to find out in what ways you can learn English using WhatsApp, the limitations attached to it, and some other ways as well. But first, we, at Insiderbits, will show you 3 advantages of it.

3 Advantages of Learning English Using WhatsApp

  1. Accessibility – With this app, you have access to friends, family, tutors, and other students all the time. Thus, you won’t be learning in isolation and will be getting feedback from the other person.
  1. Convenience – WhatsApp is an ever-accessible tool you most probably already have and has been an integral part of your daily life. So, open it at your convenience and aim to converse in English from now on.
  1. Cost-effectiveness – Since the takeover of Facebook, WhatsApp has always been free. So, unlike other dedicated language learning apps, you can learn English using WhatsApp without paying a dime.

How to Learn English With WhatsApp

1. Personal chats


Since English is the default language in most keyboards in smartphones today, you will have to converse in English while texting with WhatsApp. So, to properly convey your message, you will have to articulate it well enough such that the other person can understand it.

Pro tip: Don’t use short forms of the long words or autosuggestion while typing. Type the whole word yourself to ingrain their spellings into you.

2. Group chats

Joining a WhatsApp group full of English learners gives you a huge boost in your quest to learn the language. You will meet like-minded people there who won’t be judging your mistakes and help you get better by keeping you accountable.

Don’t worry. We have done the hard yards for you by listing out the invite links of 5 public WhatsApp groups to learn English.

  1. The English Group – Ideal for learning English together
  2. Gramareer.com – Levels up your spoken English skills with audio messages
  3. B2 to C2 English Level Group – suitable for intermediate to advanced learners
  4. English Practice Group – Allows you to practice English without fear of judgment
  5. Voice Notes – Helps you improve spoken English

3. Voice messages

Texting improves your language but only so much. Thus, you can utilize the voice chat feature to get better at speaking English. So, try speaking instead of chatting. 

Nowadays, WhatsApp also allows you to send messages to yourself. Use that feature to record yourself and find your areas of improvement with self-assessment.

4. Video calls

Video calls come closest to real-life interpersonal communication as you can see and listen to each other. Thus, have a person with whom you can video call and talk in English. This improves your speaking as well as makes you confident with facial expressions.

Learn English Using WhatsApp – Limitations

Any free way always has its limitations and so does learning English using WhatsApp. Even though it gets you much better at your language, you won’t be getting turned into an English pro with only WhatsApp. Why?

Because having a dedicated teacher has its premium value which you won’t be getting here. If you pay for an experienced teacher, his job is to help you level up to match his skills. It is hard to find such a mentor who teaches you for free with WhatsApp.

Thus, for ideal progress, it is better to invest in your local English teachers or a language learning app such as Duolingo.

Other Ways to Learn English

Learn English Using WhatsApp is just one of the ways to get better at English. Here are more ways you can try in your everyday life:

  1. Reading books – Books, especially novels, are an engaging tool to learn English. Here, you can set your own pace of reading and thus, your learning. So grab any of the popular novels out there and learn the phrases, words, and the way of expression in it.
  1. Watching Netflix – Watch an English TV show or movie is also one of the popular ways people use to get better in this language. You already may be spending time on such entertainment platforms. So, why not make that time more productive?
  1. Playing vocabulary-building games – There are many games you can find on the Google Play Store or App Store to build your vocabulary of English words. Some of them are Letterpress, Word Collect, and PowerVocab.

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4 Ways to Learn English Using WhatsApp – Conclusion

Check your phone settings to see the time you are spending on WhatsApp daily on average. Wouldn’t it be better to use that time to improve a skill along with the interactions? So, remember the ways to improve English we have shown here and you are good to go.


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