Melting Mysteries: Unpacking the Duolingo icon change

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Learning other languages on the internet for free has become a reality with Duolingo, and it is increasingly adding more functions. The Duolingo icon is an example of this since it is undergoing changes to consider. This application adds a large number of users due to the teaching methodology it implements.

Apart from learning through games and dynamics, the shape of the app changes and becomes striking. This is useful so that you don’t miss a day of practice or lessons. Discover what Duolingo has prepared for you so you will be informed of all the changes and improvements it offers.

The Duolingo icon change


The typical bird face that identifies Duolingo has changed. Now, the Duolingo icon is melting. The cute and kind look of him now has melted eyes and a sad beak. This caused users to express their opinions, and the majority felt fear and curiosity about this presentation.

The general doubt prevails about why Duolingo melts and whether it is possible to remove this icon. Some believe it is a Halloween theme, but others express that perhaps the application is experiencing errors. This new appearance generates positive and negative feelings about the user community.


The reasons why Duolingo changed its icon

The real reason why the Duolingo icon changed and now looks like it’s melting has to do with several aspects. First of all, a member of the application, faced with so much commotion, issued an explanation. Mainly so that there is greater acceptance of the new appearance of Duo.

The Duo bird melts, but for a limited time, this new icon will only be around for a set amount of time. So, if you have downloaded the most recent version of this application, you will be able to see the way the icon changes and becomes friendly again.

The purpose of this appearance is to convey encouragement and curiosity to the students. When they are tempted to learn more about Duolingo, they will have no choice but to go directly to the application. On the other hand, when you enter the application, you will begin to see Melting Duo in its traditional version.

As you continually open the app, you won’t miss a single day of learning. That is the objective of the application, and it launched this alternative to attract attention. In addition, it is a way to prevent you from losing continuity of study.

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Tricks to change the Duolingo icon

To have the traditional image of Duo, no matter how well-intentioned this change may be, you can take some actions. This way, you have the opportunity to see again the friendly and attentive owl that everyone is used to. This way, you can forget about the owl’s melted appearance.

There are several ways to modify this icon. On the one hand, you can subscribe to the Super Duolingo option, also known as Duolingo Max. This is an option to replace that appearance with the Max or Super version of Duolingo. You can follow these steps to achieve it:

1. Enter Duolingo. Click the Duolingo icon in the app and click at the top right of the screen. Then, in the options that are displayed, you must navigate to the end and click on the Max or Super version.

2. Activate this version of Duolingo. Activate the Max or Super version, and the application icon will automatically change. However, you must take into account that the change will depend on the membership you activate.

Get rid of the Duo icon melting.

Another way to modify the appearance of the application is to be a member of Duolingo’s Streak Society. To carry out this way, you must take these actions:

1. Access the options. Click the fire or streak icon on the Duolingo home screen.

2. Activate the Streak Society section. Subsequently, you must scroll over the options, and in the Streak Society section, you can change the icon when you activate it.

In case you want to recover the appearance of Duo melting, you have to reverse the process and click the button to change the app icon. You will then be able to click on the option to restore the icon that was previously there.

Through Insiderbits, you can find more tricks to customize your applications and improve your user experience. Prioritize your preferences and know all this application’s options and functions and many more.


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