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Do the terms Android Hacks or Hidden Hacks sound familiar to you? If you have yet to stop thinking about them, you may miss out on many smartphone functions as you read them. Many people like you ignore the world of exciting options that their cellular devices have.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new Android user or have been using this technology for a few years—there is information you should know now! The tricks you will learn with Insiderbits may be simple, but knowing them will simplify your life when you do tasks with your device. Will you join us in our reading today?

What are Android Hacks? Unlock hidden features


If when we say Android hacks, it doesn’t sound like something familiar to you, don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you live in the age of cavemen. On the contrary, many users like you make relatively primary use of their phone. How is this possible? We may be wrong since you are one of those who spend long hours on your cell phone.

We’re sorry to tell you that the time you spend on your phone doesn’t necessarily make you an expert. Technology developers design certain features to simplify specific tasks or shorten access paths. Several of these options are not visible to the naked eye; they are somewhat hidden. It is what we call hidden hacks.

We are still determining exactly why they arrange them this way, but the fact is that they are there to be used. Mastering the lesser-known functions within the Android operating system will significantly improve your user experience. Sounds interesting. Discover them with Insiderbits.

Step by step to execute each hack

The first Android device was launched in 2008 with its initial version 1.0. Android continues to stay ahead with periodic updates that incorporate new functions. Below are the 15 most outstanding Android hacks.

1. Use the search magnifying glass

It is one of the most practical Android hacks for saving time and avoiding endless searches. The Android system’s internal search engines are located in the settings area and the applications section. Type the first letters of what you need; both search engines will give you results immediately.

2. Darken the appearance of your phone

If you are one of those who is bothered by the brightness of your cell phone, you can darken its appearance. You have to enter the settings on the screen and select the dark theme. You can activate or deactivate this function or schedule it by hour.

3. Adapt it to your taste

Take advantage of the fact that Android 14 allows you to customize your lock screen. Combine the colors of your chosen theme with those of your interface and the icons. Change the design of the clock and everything you want. You have to click on a space on your screen until the option to customize the lock screen appears and do what you want.

4. Design your wallpaper

Did you know that you can create your own wallpapers? That’s right, you can create one using only emojis.

  • Enter the settings.
  • Choose wallpaper and style.
  • Select whether you want a new wallpaper for your home or lock screen.
  • Tap the More wallpapers option.
  • Emoji workshop.

And that’s it! Start creating your wallpaper with your favorite emojis to your liking.

5. Choose the size

You can choose a smaller grid with fewer icons or a larger one to incorporate more applications. Go to settings, wallpaper and style, home screen, and app grid, and select the number of columns and rows you want.

What do you think about changing the size of icons, fonts, and other elements? It also can! Go to settings, screen, and text display size, and that’s it. You can now select the ideal size for your font or the icons of your apps.

6. Monitor the status of your battery

With this option, you can check how much you have used your phone since the last time you charged it, and it will also show you the remaining battery time. Enter settings, select battery and battery usage. Another of the Android hacks is to use the intelligent battery to limit consumption per app. Enter settings, battery, battery saver, and intelligent battery.

You can also check your battery percentage. Access the settings and battery and deactivate or activate the battery percentage option.

7. Record your screen

In addition to your screen, you can record the audio and the route you take while recording simultaneously. This mode is super helpful in recording tutorials. Do it as follows:

  • Enter the shortcut called screen recording.
  • Enable recording of audio and showing touches on the screen.
  • You can select between recording the device’s audio, recording your voice, or recording both simultaneously.
  • Press start and the recording will begin.

You can pause the recording whenever you want. Once finished, you will have a video of your chosen material.

8. Edit quick settings

You can add or remove any options from your quick settings menu. Follow the following steps to achieve this:

  • Swipe down on the notification bar to access quick settings.
  • Press the pencil icon.
  • Then edit the shortcuts as you like. If you drag them, you can change the order.

Below, you will see the available shortcuts that you still need to include. To incorporate them, you have to drag them up.

9. Configure app notifications

Vous pouvez interact with your notifications. For example, when you receive a message, you can reply to it without opening the application. Another alternative is to turn off silent notifications altogether. Open your phone’s settings and notifications and select not to show notifications in the status bar.

You can also configure whether a specific app sends you notifications or not. As for notifications, you can activate the history to collect them. Then, you can check those that you have missed. Follow the following instructions:

  • Enter settings.
  • Select notifications.
  • Choose notification history.
  • Activate or deactivate this option.

Once activated, you will be able to access the notifications that you received previously.

10. Choose the accesses for each app

With Android, you can grant or revoke specific permissions to each application. You can choose whether or not an application has access to your photos, or it is even possible to determine that it accesses specific images. To do this, you must choose to select photos and videos once the app asks for permission. Another controlled use to be granted is that of the camera and microphone.

You can grant or revoke permission by following these steps:

  • Open settings.
  • Choose security and privacy.
  • Then select privacy.
  • Activate or deactivate camera or microphone access.

You can also use this customization to control which applications can access your alarms and reminders section.

11. Customize download speed

This is one of the hidden Android hacks. You can set the desired download speed when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This way, you will prevent your phone from slowing down if the connection is slow.

  • Enter settings.
  • Phone information.
  • Click on the build number several times until you access developer settings.
  • On the main settings screen, select System and then Developer options.
  • Saisir le download frequency limit.

Among the options, choose the desired bandwidth for your mobile device when connected to a WiFi network.

12. Share Wifi

If you want to share your home’s WiFi, you can scan a Code QR you created. You also have the alternative of sharing the internet using Nearby. In both cases, enter the Wi-Fi network settings you are using from your cell phone and press share. The option to scan the QR code will open, and below it is the Nearby button. Select the modality of your preference.

13. Take advantage of the background app viewer

Another of the most useful Android hacks is quickly navigating between the apps you have in use. You have to slide the bottom point of your phone screen to one of the sides, and you will see the windows with the open applications.

14. Extract texts and images without opening the apps

Use the app viewer in the background to take photos without opening the app. When one of the preview windows contains a photo, an image button appears. Press this icon, and Google Lens will activate, allowing you to copy, capture, or save. To copy text, use the same background viewer.

Touch and hold the text you want to copy from the previewed app. It will open a pop-up menu with the options to copy, share, or search on Google.

15. Monitor the security of your phone

Security tips are one of the star Android hacks. You can choose between options such as hiding information on your lock screen by turning off notifications, keeping your cell phone unlocked in safe places by using the unlock option, and periodically reviewing the security of your device.

To do this, go to settings and then choose security and privacy. On the screen, you will see your device’s security level in colors and the steps to follow to improve your current status.

Advantages of Android hacks

As we have seen, Android hacks will allow you to make better use of your cellular device. Some avantages that you will obtain by implementing them are the following:

  • Device customization.
  • They increase the level of security.
  • They facilitate the use and execution of specific tasks.
  • Optimize battery performance.
  • They speed up the operation of the phone.
  • Implementation of a friendlier and easier-to-use interface on your device.
  • They contribute to user privacy.
  • They control the scope and operation of the apps.

The reason for Android hacks is to simplify your life. Put the tricks described above into practice and enjoy a better experience when using your mobile.

Discover and enjoy technological tools.

Developers may have already invented everything that needed to be done in the almost two decades that Android has been on the market. However, developers always surprise us with each new operating system or update. Our article helps you understand the range of your device. Please don’t waste it!

Stay with us if you want to learn new Android hacks or stay updated with the latest technology. We invite you to read another exciting installment titled Améliorez votre expérience avec les dernières fonctionnalités d'Android. Do not let them tell you! At Insiderbits, we are characterized by being one step ahead in the technological field. Follow us and find out first-hand.


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