Comment jouer de la musique sur Twitch sans enfreindre le droit d'auteur ?

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Suppose you want to play Twitch Music legitimately but need to learn how to do it. Well, this writing provides the answer. Copyrighted songs that are reproduced on different platforms must have the respective authorization.

Twitch has some legal policies that limit music playback with usage rights—misapplication of this or any platform concerning copyrighted music results in legal problems. But there is a way to play this music, and the best, in a legal way.

Let’s know more about Twitch Music


This app has a form in Twitch Music, which allows you to play music without violating usage rights. This application live streams different content, including music, and enables real-time visualizations of direct material from other creators. It is a trendy community that promotes interaction between people.

Soundtrack by Twitch option

All music in the soundtrack can be played without infringing copyright because the music has authorization, so this website can use it without problems.

This innovative Twitch feature is something you should try if you are a streamer looking for music. The creators designed the integrated tool in this app for content creators to use for live streaming. The feature has independent volume controls that allow you to adjust the sounds you like. Adding music legally is the best option.

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

L'application Twitch: Live Game Streaming plays diverse content, including games, art, and cooking. It also includes music without and without copyright. However, it has a unique library with a wide variety of royalty-free music to stream live.

This platform is a world of fun where you will find live games, chats, live broadcasts, and much more. Create an interactive experience and stream your live broadcasts. Interact, post, and connect with a large audience on Twitch.

Terms of Service

This platform can be manipulated from 13 years of age; you must create an account with essential data. And it allows you not only to create content but also:

  • Post
  • Interact
  • Convey

In addition, it allows you to store different content in your user account and offers promotions, contests, and giveaways. On the other hand, it does not allow the creation or publication of pornography, obscenity, abuse, or content that may be threatening.

How To use Twitch?

In this famous community, you should not ask yourself How To; you must enter and start interacting. In addition, you can follow others, create different content, and publish them live. On the other hand, you can also:

  • Find new communities.
  • Stay up to date with all streams.
  • Follow channels.
  • Receive notifications on live broadcasts.
  • Make noises in the different chats.
  • Join from anywhere, anytime you want.

The app is well-organized and very easy to use. You must create your account by providing some personal information, and then you can start viewing content. However, to create your content, you must make some configurations.

You will need to…

You must create a Twitch account to upload content and join the best-known creators. You should also have a constant internet signal and live streaming software. An updated console with a good camera and microphone is also required.

These pieces of equipment are essential to offering your followers an optimal quality experience. A good microphone guarantees a clear, noise-free voice; a good camera guarantees sharp images and intense colors. A good PC with a stable internet line ensures content without interruptions in a live broadcast.

Download Twitch and play the music you want

We hope this article has clarified your doubts about dealing with copyright issues on Twitch. Playing music on this platform without infringing copyright is no difficulty. If you are satisfied with this app’s features and want it on your device, download it now.

In the Play Store search box, type “Twitch” and tap the application; then click Install and accept its terms and conditions. The application will appear on your home screen.

Create your account, follow streamers, and publish your content using the Soundtrack by Twitch feature. We can teach you how to improve some sound settings on your device.


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