How to Access and Use ChatGPT 4o for Free

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At the beginning of May, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT 4o – its latest flagship model in Artificial Intelligence – to the world, promising a series of new features and improvements.

Along with the enhanced chatbot news, the company announced that all GPT users would have access to it for free, making its use unrestricted to just paying customers.


We at Insiderbits compiled everything you need about the new GPT, including new features, steps to access it, and how it compares to previous versions. Read on to learn all about it!

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How can you access and use ChatGPT 4o for free?

ChatGPT users can experience the new and improved capabilities of GPT-4o at absolutely no cost. However, the model is accessible to all with a few usage limits.

To start using the new chatbot, users need to log into their ChatGPT account. It’s important to note that the model is gradually rolling out, prioritizing accessibility and user demand.

Another interesting point is that once access limits are reached, the chatbot will automatically switch to GPT 3.5 so that users can continue their interactions uninterrupted.

Free users can enjoy a series of GPT 4o’s advanced features, including faster responses and multi-language support, making both casual interactions and detailed tasks even better.

Requirements to use ChatGPT 4o

  • First, you need to sign up for a free ChatGPT account in order to unlock access to GPT 4o. There is no subscription or card information required for the free account.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to experience the full capabilities of the new model, which includes real-time interaction.
  • Get familiar with the free account message limits, which might switch your session to GPT-3.5 once the daily cap is reached.
  • Check for availability in your region and user category. This is because the new model is being introduced in phases to Plus, Team, and Free users.

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Key features and benefits of GPT 4o

ChatGPT 4o

ChatGPT-4o comes packed with improvements that are free to use (with limitations) to all registered users, inviting everyone to explore its expanded capabilities.

This version introduces cutting-edge features designed to enhance interaction and usefulness, making your digital communication smoother and more intuitive.

From improved language models to even more advanced integration alternatives, learn more below about the new features that can transform your user experience.

  • Enhanced Language Models: GPT 4o features significantly upgraded algorithms to deliver more accurate and factual responses in multiple languages.
  • Better Understanding: With better comprehension abilities, the new model can grasp complex questions and context in conversation, providing relevant responses.
  • Multi-Language Support: Users can now interact in more languages, making the new version an ideal ally in global communication, learning, and content creation.
  • Advanced AI Tools: Users can access sophisticated AI tools that broaden functionality, including image recognition and analytical capabilities.
  • Accessibilité : With improvements in user interface and experience, the 4o version is more accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that technology benefits everyone.
  • Voice Conversation: Some users can engage in conversations with real-time voice responses, creating an interactive user experience that mimics human interaction.

ChatGPT 4o offers resources that are both innovative and intuitive. Its features are designed to cater to all, ensuring that users can enjoy a richer, more engaging online interaction.

With the ability to harmoniously integrate into your routine daily tasks, the new chatbot version from OpenAI offers a glimpse into what the future of AI technology looks like.

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How does ChatGPT 4o compare to previous versions?

ChatGPT 4o

ChatGPT 4o introduces a new chapter in the evolution of AI communication, providing more palpable advancements when compared to its previous models.

This new version is designed to elevate interaction quality, equipping users with a more intuitive and efficient experience. Learn more about the evolution of ChatGPT next.

GPT 3.5: the stepping stone

GPT-3.5 enhanced the ability to maintain context over longer interactions, improving how AI understands and participates in conversations in an intuitive manner.

This model offers more natural dialogues, making digital interactions feel less robotic and more fluid, and is particularly effective in situations where ongoing conversation is essential.

Although not as advanced as later models, GPT-3.5 was a critical development in AI that helped bridge gaps in machine learning, and it’s free to use for all registered users.

GPT 4: superior performance

GPT-4 was a big leap forward, offering deeper understanding and more accurate responses, especially in complex scenarios, handling nuances in language better than GPT-3.5.

This version also focused on reducing biases and enhancing safety measures, making it a more ethical tool. This model generates high-quality content that is contextually relevant.

Its improvements made it a valuable tool for both professional and personal use, providing more reliable interactions. However, access to GPT-4 is only possible through a subscription.

GPT 4o: advanced features

Building on GPT-4’s solid base, GPT 4o introduces advanced functionalities that cater to a global audience with its multi-language support, enhancing user interaction.

The inclusion of real-time voice interaction capabilities can also transform how users engage with Artificial Intelligence, providing a more dynamic and engaging experience.

The new model also offers superior integration tools, making it easier to incorporate into existing systems and platforms users usually work with, streamlining the process.

This version is free to use for all ChatGPT members, but it comes with usage limits and basic features. For unrestricted access to all functionalities, users need to subscribe.

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ChatGPT 4o: a giant leap in AI technology

The new ChatGPT represents a significant improvement in AI technology, offering advanced features that are free to use, and enhancing interaction for users worldwide.

With better responses and understanding, GPT 4o makes sure that users enjoy a more engaging, dynamic, and accessible experience, setting a new standard for digital assistants.

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